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Why Do People Love Learning but Hate Homework?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Its is very important for student to complete their homework, but the number of  people who dislike doing homework is much more than the students who like to do homework. In that case you need to think about its reason and it is also important to know why they get a lot of problem in writing homework. Now, this is very genuine that a lot of students do not desire to do their homework, however they learn. Let us know the reason behind this.

  • Learning makes the thing interested –

When you read something or learn something, then, it become interesting. Moreover, if you go through any story, then each line gives a strength on your brain to think about the next event just after it, but if there is a question of writing, then people think that how to write well. Moreover, at the time of learning you are reading first time or sometimes more, but don’t think that it reduces your interest, but in case you read the same chapter time to time you learn it in a proper way.

  • In writing you have to put your effort –

While someone does homework, then he needs to think properly according to the requirement of the questions. When anyone writes something, then he needs to arrange the words well. It means if you desire to do your homework well, then it is very important for you to go through the topic and do your work in a proper way. However, learning means you don’t have to put any effort. And if you desire to skip your learning time, you can do. You must know what are some good ways to get homework done?

  • Writing take much more time than reading –

It is very true that a person or a student when writes, then he need a long time for a topic that requires perfect description. However, if you read or learn anything, then it takes very less time. It means that writing homework means killing the time for a lot of students. Moreover, when they do their homework they need to concentrate always. It also explains that at this time you need to think about the words, spelling and the way of presentation properly, which takes a lot time.

  • Writing makes this boring –

Writing does not create any interest because it gets bound to a work, then you need it to work within a limitation. Now, think about a topic that has to explain in a proper way. Anyone cannot explain as much he hunts through any website or any other resources like book. So, there is a limitation that needs to be followed by every student. Always maintain that limitation.

  • Homework pressure diminishes the interest –

Reading or learning enhances the interest level and a person can easily read the matter interestingly for a long time, but if you do the homework for a long time, it will diminish your interest level. It means you just need to complete your homework anyways and student makes the thing boring.

  • Doing homework is essential while learning the things can be skipped for some time –

Yes; this one is a great factor that each student thinks about. It is always true that doing homework means the proof of your studied work and it does not allow you to take rest for a while if you have the pressure. However, in case you go to learn a chapter, then you can easily learn in own way. It means you don’t have to hesitate a lot while you learn or read something.

  • A lot of pressure on your hand while doing a lot of homework

When you write a lot, you can easily feel paining. Students really hate that and in case you don’t take any such effort, then you will not acquire the target. While in case learning, everything goes according to you. You can easily read loudly or your can learn in a low voice or in your mind. But, if you think that you can have any option with writing the matter, then it is not possible. Even if you want to complete your homework properly, then you just need to write the things in a proper way.

  • A lot of homework means spending a lot of time –

Not only you have to be creative, but in case you need to write essay or some imagination then you have to spend time. Moreover, a limitation of homework means a complete solution that can easily give you a perfect knowledge. On the other hand, tons of homework mean a lot of time you have to spend. This is why students do not have much time to enjoy their life.

  • Learning focuses more than doing homework-

Learning focuses on perfect explanation and if it is related to any science or other subjects that requires some practical examples, then students enhance their mindset to concentrate on different experiments, but in case of doing homework you don’t get much time to do that.

  • Change posture while learning, but you cannot do it while you writing always-

Another problematic reason for students that they often change posture while learning or reading, but it is very difficult for them to change their posture while writing. So, writing a lot means you don’t feel happy. Sometimes, your legs or body started ache and you cannot do anything. However, you just need to understand that learning is better than doing homework always.
Now, there are various reasons that clarifies that students do not love to do homework. If you understand that learning is better than doing homework, then you must request to the teachers to give time to learn the topics well. It is necessary to give the resolution for your problem. So, be careful while doing homework. Though, doing homework takes a lot of time, but you just need to give it a proper way to complete it positively. However it is clear that people always love learning than doing homework.