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Is Homework Harmful to Students? Are You Thinking the Same?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

Is homework harmful to students? Do you agree or not? Homework can never be considered as harmful to the students because homework is the crucial part of their studies. With the help of homework, students made themselves able to understand the lesson taught back in the classroom and to get the clear concept about the topic.
In most of the research studies that although the students feel overburdenedwith the homework it is also evident that without homework, not a single student will be able to clear his/her doubts related to any given subject. Even intelligent students in class also require homework, and it is crucial to mention that until and unless students are not doing self-study or homework they won’t be able to raise question.
In this regard, I would like to mentionan instance from my school days but before that I would like to submit that I was an average student in my class, and I am not ashamed of it.   When I was in 9thstandard, we were having our mathematics teacher who used to teach us algebra and trigonometry in those days. As I agreed that I was an average student, therefore, I was unable to understand the problem-solving sums.
Later on, my teacher observed that and one day he asked me to solve 50 sums on algebra and trigonometry each on daily basis. Initially, I was very much annoyed with him but after two to three weeks I found that I was able to solve the problems without any help of my father. The moral of this instance isthat don’t consider homework as harmful because you will get to know lots of thing through regular homework.
Why homework isreally helpful?
Often it may happen with you that the lesson taught to you by your teacher was not clear, or you just had a little idea instead of in-depth knowledge. In that case, two things will happen either you will leave the subject or else you will try to solve problems related to the chapter or subject. After doing so, you will get that you have more knowledge on that specifictopic, and you will also be able to raise questions to your teachers and to your classmates.

  • With the help of homework, you will be able to get closer to your teachers as you will ask questions to them related to the subject and it will also drive away your fear as I was having with mathematics in my school days.
  • Homework also enhances the participation of your parents because you can definitely seek help from them related to any subject.
  • Practising regular homework will also help you to prepare yourself for big examinations like Olympiads and much In addition, it will also help you to score more in your school examinations.
  • If you regularly stay in touch of your homework and gradually you will notice that you have developed a sense of responsibility. As most of the students tend to leave their homework incomplete for the day.
  • Another important aspect of doing homework is that it will take another two to three hours after the hectic schedule of your school. Always remember that those extra hours will be converted into study hours when you will be doing higher studies, and it will really help you in your future.
  • It is also crucial to mention that the spirit of healthy competition among your classmates will enforce you to get engaged with homework in order get good grades in your exams.

Therefore, you can see that homework plays a crucial role in student’s life and at this point it is must to mention the famous proverb that “Practice makes a man perfect.” Arguing in favour ofhomework CEO of Philadelphia’s Green Woods Charter School suggested that, “Homework is never too much for the students rather it strengthen the lesson that they have been taught throughout the day in schools.
Is homework harmful to students? What is your take on that?
It is true that everything has two different possible aspects so does homework also. It is evidently found in a survey that most of the students are irritated with the overburden of homework given to them by their teachers. In this context it is also important to point out, there are many arguments in favour of harmful effects of homework like Do more intelligent students benefit less from homework than other students in any given class?
According to the author of “The Homework Myth,” Alfie Kohn suggested that homework is actually the basic source of frustration for the students as most of the time they have to spend time with their homework apart from other curriculum activities. The author also pointed that homework also alienate students from their families and other activities related to their interest. Therefore the question might arise in the minds of the students like Is homework harmful to students?
Now let us see some of the cons of doing homework.

  • Due to maximum amount of homework, most of the students are unable to dedicate anequal amount of time to every subject.
  • Just because of loads of homework students fail to take proper rest and concentrate on their studies.
  • It is often seen that extra pressure of homework creates a conflict between the parent and the students as the parents want their children to complete their tasks but they face resistance from their child in doing extra work.
  • It is also found that just because of doing spending extra hours with the subject students’ start hating the subject itself.
  • Most of the students and even their parents have also complained that due to extra burden of homework they cannot focus on other activities. Even they also fail to develop their personal skills.
  • The most crucial and harmful effect of homework is that it enforce the students to copy the assignments either from the internetor their friend’s

So these are some of the basic arguments against homework, but it is also important to mention that you cannot stick with the ill effects of homework and just thinking is homework harmful to students? Students are required to take self-test at regular interval of time to check that how much they are prepared for their upcoming tests and in this regard homework plays a vital role.