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How Do I Get My Friends to Stop Asking to Copy My Homework? Get the Solutions over Here

By Phillip L'Hoette
8 Jun, 2016

It is often found that most of the students are over burdened with homework, and they tend to copy it from others. In this context, it is crucial to mention that it is very annoying for the students those are working hard to prepare the homework regularly. Moreover, copying homework from other doesn’t make any sense, and the student who is doing the same will not be able to understand the lesson properly.
If I divert the topic in another way, then it will be found that some of the students are copying homework intentionally, but there are some other students those are copying homework for extra burden of homework. It is evidently found in asurvey that maximum numbers of learners are unable to complete their homework on time, and finally they are forced to copy it from others.
Getting back to this topic it is very unfortunate that in some occasions you cannot resist your friends to copy your homework. But again it is vital that you have to resist them being aware of the fact that they might get offended.
Learn from instances
It is commonly said that we can learn quickly from effective instances, therefore I would like to mention a practical instance of mine from my school days. Before sharing the instance I would also like to submit that incident that took place with me is completely my own experience and it has nothing to do with other.
I was in 11thstandard, and I was very studious in those days. I was focussedwith the fact that I have to complete my homework on daily basis. I was also not bothered about the whole lot of time which was required to complete the assigned task to me. So I used to finish my homework before night. The interesting thing was one of my classmates used to copy my homework sometimes with my permission and sometimes without my permission.
One day our teacher was checking our notebooks, and he saw that in both the notebooks the contents are same. Our teacher gave both of us zero grades, and it was really a worse experience I have ever faced in my school life. The ultimate result was that instead of working so hard I failed to get good grades.
Therefore, you can also learn from this instance and if possible try to be very clear in your words while taking to your friend related to this matter. Below there are some points through you can tell resist your friend to copy from your homework.

  • You might be familiar with doing homework in your computer so tell your friend that if you copy my entire work, then it might get detected by different tools available in the internet like Copyscape.
  • You can also suggest your friend that you can take an idea from my homework but don’t copy it entirely as the teacher can give low grades to both of us.
  • Students like you can also use some practical instance as I have mentioned earlier.
  • The best way to stop your friend from copying your homework is to state him/her directly that you cannot show your homework to them. After that if they break friendship with you then it is not your fault.
  • You can also do one thing, and it is you can help your friends in doing homework through group study.
  • Set somefixed hours in which both of you will complete your homework, and both the assignments will be different from each other. In this way, you can also help each other, and it will also resist your friend form copying your homework.

So, these are some ways through which you can stop your friend from copying your homework. It is also crucial to mention that most of students are annoyed with extra burden of homework, and they are also puzzled with the fact that How to convince myself that homework doesn’t matter.

Find out the reasons behind to copy your homework

There might be several reasons for which your friend is copying from your homework. It is also possible that he/she is not proficient enough to complete the assignment on time, but to be honest,you will hardly get this motive in any student for copying your homework especially in recent times. Below I have mentioned some possible reasons for which your homework has been copied by your friend.

  • It might happen that your friend loves the way of presentation of your homework because “first impression is the last impression”.
  • Just because you are scoring good grades, your friend is also trying to get the same through copying.
  • It is also possible that you have a better grip on each of the subjects and it is reflected through your homework. Therefore, your friend copies your homework.
  • Another important fact is that your friend is taking the advantage of your innocence as you have never resisted him/her from copying your homework.
  • Suppose you are favorite student to your teachers as you complete all your homework on time and finish it off with excellent grades. Therefore,in order to be the same, your friend is copying from

So, these are some of the factors for which your friend is copying your homework. There are other reasons also, but it will be better if you analyze those reasons by yourself.
Tips to stop your friend from photocopying
First of all, I would like to mention that you must talk to your friend that you don’t like that someone is copying your ideas into his/her notebook. You must also inform your friend the ill effects of copying like he/she will not be able to score good marks in his/her examination as most of the time your friend is copying it from your notebook.
Follow these steps and see whether it world or not.

  • Try to make your friend understand that if he/she continues to copy your homework then you will not remain as friends anymore.
  • You can also tell your friend that if you continue with this habit, then it might happen that you will become dependent on me or to any other friend in order to copy homework.

If your friendship is very strong, then the best way to resist your friend is by stating the ill effects of copy and how it will hamper the study habits of both of you.

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