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How to Convince Myself That Homework Doesn’t Matter? Don’t Worry We Have the Answers

By Phillip L'Hoette
8 Jun, 2016

Do you really think homework doesn’t help you in your studies? Or do you think that homework assigned to you hardly have any implications? Well, there are lots of questions regarding homework, and it is evidently found that most of the students do not enjoy spending extra three to four hours for doing homework even after a hectic schedule of school.
Actually,home works are considered as anextra burden on the tender shoulders of the students because normally they spend seven to eight hours in school with their academics. If they have to put extra time for doing regular homework, then it might become unbearable for them.
It is argued by most of the parents it is very difficult to pursue their children to complete their homework after a hectic timing of their school. They consider homework as afrustrating element that has the capability to destruct to concentration of their child for doing other curriculum activities. It is also noted by some parents that their children are afraid with the fact that if they fail to complete the homework then what would be the consequences.
In my also homework also have some negative impacts on the minds of the students as it distracts most of them from concentrating properly on their basic syllabus. Homework also resists them from getting involved with their family member which is very important. Below I have mentioned some negative points through which students can convince themselves that homework doesn’t matter.

  • It is the homework only for which students are unable to concentrate on their subjects properly.
  • Homework also distracts them from distributing equal time to each subject.
  • It is also true that homework also restricts the students from participating in other curriculum activities like swimming, dancing, etc.
  • One of the most crucial and important points is that extra homework enforces students to copy it either from internetor from the notebook of their friends.
  • In a way, home works are just killing the crucial study hours of the students.
  • It is also observed that students those are overburdened with homework are frustrated, and they get irritated on very small.

The above-mentioned points can be considered as some of the important factors through which you can convince yourself that homework doesn’t matter. But in this context, it is crucial to mention that if students are planning their time accordingly then homework will definitelyhelp them in scoring good marks in their exams.
Points that strengthen that homework doesn’t matter
As I have mentioned earlier that now a days homework have become an extra burden for the students therefore in order to get rid of this learners can considered homework worthless. Although in reality it is not but when it comes to convincing yourself then you are not left with any other option.

  • You can consider homework given to you meaningless as it consume huge time and alienate you from any other valuable activities apart from studies.
  • In this context, your parents can help you because most of them are drivenwith the fact that homework only imposesextra burden on their children.
  • Always remember that you can be the best teacher of yourself in this whole world because you will definitely stick to the decision taken by you.
  • The best way to convince yourself that homework doesn’t matter to you is by interacting with the A grade students or intelligent students of your class. It is a common tendency of intelligent students that they are less benefitted from homework, and they are of no use.
  • Another way is that you have to work hard to get good scores in your exams so that you can prove it to yourself that homework doesn’t matter to you.
  • It is also found that instead of doing regular homework there are some students those are getting low grades. Try to take their references and implement it in yourself. Although this is not the exact way to get rid of homework but still for the time being, you can convince yourself that homework are of no use.
  • Apart from all these the best way to convince yourself is through self-dedication. You have to consider that homework really doesn’t matter to you.
  • Last but not the least, once if you have decided that home works are of no use then don’t get manipulated by anyone because in that case you have more difficulties.

So these are some of vital points through which you can consider or convince yourself that homework doesn’t matter to you.
Homework has some positive implications also

In the beginning of this section, I would like to clear that why I have mentioned this point while I am writing against homework. The fact is you have to agree that everything has two different sides positive and negative. Therefore, it is must to discuss about the pros of homework.

  • Homework not only helps us to deliver a clear idea about the context of the subject, but it also helps us to make questions related with the content or with the subject.
  • Homework is very effective while preparing for big tests like Olympiads or any other test because if don’t practice it beforehand then you will fail in your final presentation.
  • It is also crucial to mention that homework also helps us to engage ourselves with the studies and not to waste our precious time by playing video games.
  • Practising homework will broaden your skill and will also help to develop in-depth knowledge related to a particular subject.
  • In addition during the final hours of preparation, home works will help you to get the things easily revised because till then you will have the clear idea about the topic.

Therefore, it can be stated that you might be correct if you think that homework doesn’t matter to you but it is also evident that homework has some positive implications also those I have mentioned earlier. So, I would like to conclude with the fact that homework might be proven beneficial to the students.

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