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Why Do Kids Get Homework?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

Homework and kids don’t really get along. From time unknown, students have always avoided homework due to various reasons but primarily because it is boring, time consuming, frustrating and rarely help in any way. From the point of view of a kid, this logic actually stands since it usuallymakes them lose their childhood. It is filled up with monumental amount of pressure and a lot of tasks which stresses out the kids and robs them off their time at the playground, playing around with their friends. As, apparent and even as a students, many have often wondered, no doubt, as to why are kids assigned homework?
Well, over the years, due to the mounting pressure and the emphasis on kid’s studies, many teachers and experts have contemplated and argued over the presence of homework in student’s life. They have gone through a fine tooth and comb and thought over the pros and cons. And they have found a number of reasons as to why they should be assigned homework even though they have agreed upon the fact that they are living under a lot of stress which is hampering their childhood, and decreasing their interest in studies.
Reasons why kids get homework
As a kid, I have often times wondered over the benefits of homework. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about doing homework and thus, during those sessions I wonder why at all homework was even invented. This thought has persisted through ages in the minds of students and sometimes even parents who have to run after their kids to get it done. So why is it so important since it stresses out kids and makes them so reluctant to partake in it? Listed below is why.
To improve their Grades
One of the biggest impacts that homework has on is the grades. The only reason most schools assign homework to kids is to make them learn and to get their grades up. Grades matter a lot in the real world and the schools are pretty practical about it. It gets you through the right college, the right job and gets the life anyone would want. Thus, homework gets you get all that. It helps you to learn and be better at a subject which is possibly your Achilles heel and score better in it. Also, some schools attach grades along with the homework to help the kids out.
‘Grades do not define intelligence’
 ‘Practice makes one perfect’
This phrase couldn’t have been truer when it comes to homework. Homework gives the kids an opportunity to practice again and again what they have learned. It allows the kids to go through the study material again and again and practice until they perfect it. This is particularly helpful with grammar and maths and chemistry and physics. With subjects like maths, a kid can often not understand a simple step. This helps them remember plus understand what’s going on in it and learn and practice it better.
Revisit what’s taught in class
Assigning homework to kids gives them a chance to revisit what’s taught in the class. It is nearlyimpossible to retain whatever’s been taught in the class 100%. Thus, teachers assign homework to ascertain that the kids arepaying attention in the class to what’s being taught and can successfully complete the assignments given on it. Moreover, it gives them a time to go over the things taught in class and retain and recapitulate from memory. Thus, it helps with the retention power of the memory.
Homework gives them a chance to ponder over what’s relevant and what’s not. This is particularly helpful when you have to prepare for your exams at the end of the year. When I was a kid, whatever the teacher gave us for homework, usually came for the exams as well, only in a little modified manner. Thus, homework allows you to sort through what’s relevant and what is not, and helps you to prepare better for exams.
Homework helps the kids acquire a sense of responsibility. It prepares the kids for the real world. They have to work on their homework alone and also be responsible for their work. Thus, they acquire a sense of responsibility over time, at a very low age.
How to finish it?
Thus, homework is assigned to the kids for their own good, so that they can learn better.  It also prepares them for other grades as the amount of pressure along with the curriculum also increases with age. It is thus, essential to finish off your homework at all times, and submit it within the specified deadline. But how can you do that when you are the least bit interested in it and when you have to sort through so much of stuff? Well, listed below are the three steps that will help you combat this problem.
Step 1:
Step into your study room and prepare yourself to sit down and do your homework. Switch off all mediums of distractions so that you do not lose your focus when working on it. Make sure that you organize and accumulate all the study materials and keep it at hand. Also, keep the requisite stationary nearby so that you do not have to search for it when required.
Step 2:
List down the subject you have been assigned your homework upon. Decide which one you should concentrate upon and which ones should you leave for the last. Organize your schedule accordingly and sit down to study.
Step 3:
Once you sit down to complete your assignment, try and concentrate on and deal with the subject that seems to pose the biggest challenge to you. This way you can sort through the entire list quickly and efficiently. However, do not forget to take short breaks in between. This helps to refresh your mind and deal with the taskin a better manner.
Thus, kids are assigned homework for certain reasons which benefit them in the long run. It helps them to prepare better for the future and to combat the problems they will face in the real world. Moreover, it helps them practice a lot and combat their problems on their own. Thus, homework does have benefits.