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Do More Intelligent Students Benefit Less from Homework Than Other Students in Any Given Class?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

Are you annoyed with the extra burden of homework even after scoring almost 80 % of marks in your exams? Do you ever think that being a studious student you are hardly having any benefits from your homework? Well, these are some general and obvious questions, and they are coming into the minds of the students at regular interval of time.
The fact is you have to analyse yourself that what is your strength? If you think that you are intelligent and what makes you that. Try to focus on these areas then you will get the answers.
In a survey, it is evidently found that most of the students are just getting annoyed with the extra burden of home works. In this context, it is also crucial to mention that the students those are scoring good marks in exams think that they are less benefitted from the homework given to them.
In reality, this is not the fact; report says that home works are beneficial for both intelligent students as well as average students. So if you consider yourself into that group, then you might be wrong.
Importance of homework for intelligent students
As it is mentioned earlier that home works given by your teachers not only helps the average student in your class but it also helps you in doing well in your studies. You might be thinking that homeworks create additional liability for you, but it is not the fact. Rather it helps you to understand your syllabus more easily. Let us go through some important benefits of doing regular homework.

  • Regular homework helps you to stay in touch with your curriculum.
  • It also helps you to make priorities for your subjects.
  • Homework practice is the only way through which you can analyse that how well you have understood the lesson taught by your teachers.
  • The best thing about doing regular homework is that you can organise yourself and plan your studies according to the need of the hour.
  • More you will practice homework; more you will haveexpertise on a particular subject.
  • Apart from all these, doing regular homework will help you to engage yourself with studies.
  • There is a famous proverb that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, therefore if you are doing or practicing home worksthen it is obvious that you will excel in your studies.

So, these are some benefits related with doing homework for intelligence students. It is also important to mention that if you see properly, then you will get that homework always helps us to nurture our knowledge.
How homework is helpful for other students in a given class?
First,it is very crucial to mention that homework assigned by your teachers doesn’t know that how to benefit intelligent student or an average student separately. Rather the teachers those are assigning you the home works differentiate between intelligent and normal students. The important thing is that homework helps each and every student irrespective of their intelligence. Now let us check that how homeworkreallyhelpsother or average students.

  • With the help of homework, students can clarify their doubts because it requires a lot of attention.
  • By doing homeworkalong with self-study,only students can convert themselves into intelligent students.
  • With the help of homework, students can also motivate themselves to study in a planned manner.
  • The best part is engaging yourself with homework is the only way to revive the spirit of healthy competition among your classmates because the more you will practice the maximum you will understand.
  • It is the common tendency of average students that most of the time they elope from studies, so if they practice regular homework, then it might happen that they get the interest to study wisely.
  • The percentage of students is more in which they get diverted easily due to other forces, but homework might help them to bind together with the studies.
  • The other most interesting benefit of doing homework is that if you practice homeworkregularly, then it is quite sure then it will help you during the exams.

So, I have mentioned some of the benefits of homework for the normal or average students. Therefore, it can be stated that homeworkis not only meant for average students, but they equally benefit intelligent students also. In this regard, I would also like to mention that if you think that Is homework harmful to students? Then I will suggest that you are thinking wrong.
I remember that in my school days I was having a maths teacher, and I am glad to mention that I was very poor in mathematics. The teacher knew this fact, and I was given regular loads of mathematics problems to be solved at home. I was really annoyed with the teacher because I was the only student to whom extra problems were assigned.
Trust me after doing three months of regular homework of mathematics I scored 86% in the final exams. Then my teacher came to me and said, “I was not assigning you extra problems to put anextra burden on you. Rather I was hoping that you will cope with the fear of solving problems and will understand the basic things that how to score good marks in mathematics.”
On the very day, I realised the importance of doing homework along with that it was also observed that homework not only helps the normal students but it also plays a crucial role in the study life of intelligence students.
Does homework benefit less for the intelligent students?
I think you have understood very well in the upper section of this piece that homework not only helps the normal students but for intelligent students also. Now the fact is it really less beneficial for the intelligent students? The answer is definite that intelligent students are equally benefitted from homework.
Therefore, if you are an intelligent student in your class then never consider homework as less beneficial because always remember it is homework only that helps you to get in-depth knowledge related to your subject. In addition it also helps you to score good marks as you will have a clear concept of your syllabus.