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Why Do Chinese Students Have So Much Homework?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

“Nothing and no one can destroy the Chinese people. They are relentless survivors.”
Yes, this is absolutely true. Chinese people are inexorable and each and every one of China seems to possess a great love for that motherland. China itself obtains numerous worthwhile factors for which it is considered to be one of the most significant and discussed places around the globe. There deeds and achievements can be placed as examples in front of others. That’s why the education system in this country possesses numbers of positive facts or advantages.
Besides, the system is not quite easy and there are numbers of difficulties through which pupils have to go. Well, this is quite obvious from all these points, that Chinese students are given so much homework for not only the sake of their own but also the sake of their country itself. Do you want to know the reasons behind this? Check out the below-discussed issues. These instances will allow you to know more regarding this topic.
Why are the Chinese students loaded with homework?
Though it sounds weird, this factor is absolutely true and to the point. There are numerous noteworthy facts for which Chinese educators keep their students busy with numbers of homework. These noteworthy reasons are listed below:

  • Huge population

China is the second largest country in the world and Chinese population is the largest population throughout the globe. This populated country must possess great education system through which the future of China can be settled. Homework is basically provided hugely to make the students concerned regarding their deeds and responsibilities. Thus, future countryman can be created who may obtain all the qualities to rule the world also.

  • Limited opportunity

In spite of being a vastly populated country, China has insufficiency in educational resources and job sectors. As opportunities are limited, pupils need to be of extremely highstandard. To maintain the level of that superiority, teachers try to engage their students with loads of assignments. Their standard and capability may fetch the best outcome for themselves and they can easily shine in the upcoming days of their lives. Basically, they need to work hard to survive in the most efficient way and regular homework is helpful enough for making their lives.

  • A great goal setting

Chinese educatees need to develop their country and at the same time they are the only accelerative who can play significant roles for their homeland. They have an ambition and that is not just for themselves. Their concerns are bigger than that as they have to do some vital deeds for their motherland. Patience, bravery and wisdom; everything is required in that scenario and to meet up all these issues, they require to build themselves from the root. That’s why in student life, they are supposed to work hard and teachers put that much pressure so that they can achieve each and everything to a great extent.

  • Necessity top become perfectionist

Chinese people believe that practice is extremely necessary to avail perfection. That’s why they have to stay engaged with ample amount of homework. Homework needs to be done on a regular basis and daily practice helps the Chinese pupils to become unblemished to some extent.
Being a student, you also know that regular learning is of great significance and engagement with books will lead you towards the perfect zone. This concept is totally believed by the people of China and that’s why agreat amount of homework is given throughout.

  • Score in the examination

It has been discovered that in China, people are extremely concerned regarding the marks in the tests or examinations. They believe in the mark sheet and the numbers put on that. Higher scores help Chinese students not only to get ajob or great career opportunity but also to get achance to study in the famed colleges or universities. The door of higher education gets opened in front of them.
Basically, this process is not seen in the western countries but in China, the mark sheets of the students speak thoroughly. For having interesting future ahead, they have to work hard and homework helps them to get better scores in the examination.

  • Increase literacy rate

To enhance the numbers of literate people is the chief objective of the Chinese government and to do that, they can do anything which is required. Homework giving is considered to be one of the significant parts of that concern. Students’ caliber and efficiency can be noticed through this mean and this process generally helps the teachers to stay updated regarding the skill and capacity of their students.
If you are also a student, you can certainly realize this point as that’s completely worthwhile. However, some common factors can be listed out in that case and you can treat them as the most vital ones for which homework should be given to each and every student not only in China but also throughout the world.
Importance of homework:
As mentioned previously, homework obtains numbers of significances which can be summed up in the following way:

  • It may help you to stay engaged with your studies.
  • Regular practice can be helpful enough for making you faultless.
  • You can take a grip on the subject matter.
  • You will be able to understand things from the core section.
  • Complete understanding is beneficial for fetching high scores in the examination.
  • Unique marks are essential for having a positive career ahead.
  • Finally, it may enable you to create a good impression in front of your educators.

These are the key fundamentals for which homework should be given to the students and in case of China; these aspects should also be listed out. Like any other country in the globe, the Chinese are also anxious regarding the future of their children. After all, “Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history.”
Major numbers of pupils in China have remarked that they are provided amountainof homework which is three times than that of their counterparts. I think, these are enough to highlight what are the reasons behind having that much homework in China.