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Is Homework Harmful or Helpful: A Debate Persisting on from Ages?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

There’s been a debate going on for ages is homework harmful or helpful where a lot of parents, teachers and students have stood divided against each other. This debate is prehistoric and has been troubling both parents and students. Even the teachers are divided and stand to contemplate exactly how many hours devoted to the completion of the homework is enough and when is it too far stretched. Due to the changing times, teachers are contemplating its benefits and how does it affect the curriculum. Moreover, they are contemplating whether it over stresses a student out or not.
For a student, the debate is essentially pointless as we do not actually ever like doing it cause of its tediousness. However, we do oftentimes wonder whether it is actually helping us cope with the syllabus or not and whether we are learning anything from it. Thus, the question of how helpful or harmful is it comes forward into the limelight, which makes us ponder over it.
How is homework harmful or helpful?
When debating over is homework harmful or helpful, the first thing you need to consider is how exactly it is benefiting you. Well, for starters homework is helpful as it allows you to consider the applications of a certain theory that has been taught in class and makes you question whether you have any doubts or not. Also, it allows the students to go over the topics that have been taught in class and help them remember or recapitulate better.
It also makes you better in that particular topic as practice makes you perfect. It makes you more confident and independent with a particular topic or subject and allows you to handle them better with time. Thus, homework does have its benefits.
How is homework harmful?
For all those wondering how it is harmful (and for those students who are wishing it to be true), yes homework can really be the cause of all your worries. Here’s how it can harm you:

  • It causes dissension in the family. It causes tension, exhaustion and stresses out the students with the worry of completing these assignments. Also, the presence of a deadline causes the students to stress as well.
  • It takes up the time where you could have pursued other interests.
  • Overdoing it can result in a tense atmosphere persisting throughout the entire household and can disturb your life.

At the end of thedebate of is homework harmful or helpful, the advantagessupersedes its disadvantages and thus, makes it a necessity to complete it within the specified amount of time.
How to successfully complete any homework?
No matter how much you debate over is homework harmful or helpful, at the end of the day you have to sit down and complete it. However, I have seen and experienced it often times that completing an easy is not only boring but eats up your entire time that you have reserved for other activities. Moreover, it also stresses you out as there might be grades involves and within no time will you be overburdened with loads of homework. There is, however, some ways to ensure that you successfully complete each of them and that too within time.
Step 1:
Seclude yourself from the rest and seek privacy to complete your homework. This ensures that you are away from all sorts of distractions and that nobody disturbs you while you study and concentrate on finding those. Gather all the requisite materials and organize and prepare a list before you start attempting to finish this monumental task. Also, get the appropriate stationary so that you do not have to get up to fetch them again.
Step 2:
Once you have completed the list and got all the requisite materials, think about which ones you would want to target first. Target the ones which you are weak in first and then proceed to your stronger suits. Specify the time limit required for each assignment and then proceed. Estimate the time required and then motivate yourself enough to start with the assignments. One important tip: never leave anything for the last minute and especially do not think about completing anything at night. You will never get it done. Only after you have completed your homework will you find out is homework harmful or helpful.
How to make it seem less overwhelming?
Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you will be wondering how you can complete it all in one day and whether really is homework harmful or helpful. It is easy to get overwhelmed and thus you will start to panic. Once the panic sets it, it will crush you. Hence, it is important to oversee things and ensure that you do not get overwhelmed in any manner possible. How can you ensure such a thing? Well, listed below are some ways to do so.
One thing you have to ensure when finishing your homework is that you choose quality over quantity. It is of no use if you complete all your homework but the quality is absolutely terrible.  Plan it out in such away so that your quality doesn’t fall short of what is expected. Like for example, if you have to submit the maths homework on Friday but have to complete your English one within Wednesday, then complete the English one first.
Check the amount of homework the teachers are assigning. Sometimes teachers forget the amount they assign and even overburden the students with loads and loads of homework. If that is the case then inform and speak to the teacher immediately and make him aware of the fact.
Get a tutor:
Some subjects are not meant to be tackled alone. For such cases, it is essential that you get some help and ask for a tutor. A tutor will help you out with the problems and make you understand the subject better.  Wondering about who invented homework: a predicament for students won’t really help you much with the difficulty.
So, stop wondering about is homework harmful or helpful, and start implementing your plans and make them exist. If you are organized and have planned it properly, it is enough to successfully complete it all and if you encounter any problem, get a tutor.