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Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Essay? It’s a Question Every Student Has to Answer

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

The modern education system keeps putting enormous pressure on students, so much that we’ve reached a point where we now find whether homeworks are harmful or not is being considered as a common debate. There’s no dearth of “is homework harmful or helpful essay” once you search the internet. From all these discussions what we learn is that homework is both important for the proper development of the students while at the same time, it affects students’ study process and can even take a toll on healthy life.
Having done the researches ourselves, we are here going to create a “is homework harmful or helpful essay” of our own and state what makes the homework helpful or harmful.
Is homework harmful or helpful essay:
To begin with, here’s a bit of academic help for students. The argument has now become so widespread that even schools are asking students to write essays on the topic. If you’re ever assigned the same topic, here’s how you should go about it:

  • Firstly, know that homework can both be helpful and harmful and you must address both the factors. Of course, since it is an essay, it would be preferable if you’re biased towards either of the two opinions. But make sure that you point out the relevant issues about both the factors.
  • The second job that you’ll have while writing such an essay is to establish your point. You think homework is useful? Explain why and give sensible reasons. You think homeworks form the backbone of a child’s developmental process, well again, explain why and how.
  • Once you’re done with all the logical explanations, you should once again address why the other opinion is also true but end it emphasizing on what makes you hold on to your beliefs.

If you’re indeed working on an Is homework harmful or helpful essay, you’ll need factors to support you’re cause and here I’ll attempt to provide you with arguments that’ll help you whichever side you choose.
Pros of homework:

  • Helps in learning:

When students are introduced to a topic and then immediately asked to carry out homework on it, students pay true attention to the topic and in the process, they end up learning more and their knowledge gains depth.

  • Helps to stay on track:

Students have a tendency of putting the chapters off till the examinations. However, if someone is assigned homework, they’ll have to work on it beforehand and will in turn learn about the chapters and get prepared for exams without consciously trying.

  • Helps to stay ahead in class:

Students who do their homework on time are more knowledgeable than the ones who don’t and this way, they can also perform their class work better or do well in sudden class tests.

  • Makes the student self reliant:

Doing homework immediately after students have learnt about in it school makes them self reliant and this way, they can deal with their studies by themselves instead having to depend on tutors at all times.

  • Learn new things:

While doing homework, students have to explore the topics and therefore, they can also learn new things by themselves. This will only help their overall learning process.

  • Discipline and practice:

This is especially applicable for young kids. Regular homework helps in developing the habit of studying in them and also helps in making them disciplined. This is very crucial during the growing period for it has the potential to affect one’s habits once they grow up.
This points should help students to raise their voice in favor of homework while they are writing an “Is homework harmful or helpful essay”.
Cons of homework:

  • Too much work pressure:

The problem here is practical. A student learns several subjects in school. The subject teachers do not interact or consult each other while assigning the homeworks. Therefore, it often happens that a student simultaneously has assignments on 4-5 subjects. It is indeed impossible for any normal person to have an active school life and then work on so many assignments at once.

  • Affects the health of students:

The homeworks are often graded and these grades carry on to be added in the final papers. Consequently, students need to work on the homework, no matter how drained they are at the end of the day. They might even be required to spend sleepless nights working on them; this in turn hampers the students’ health.

  • Education shouldn’t be a burden:

Education is supposed to enlighten the learners and provide them with insight and understanding, but here it turns into a burden and nothing else. When a student stays up late at night, working on homework, he is certainly not learning anything for he is too tired for that. It only becomes a mechanical process at this point.

  • Derails students from their study plans:

A student might already have a study plan but the load of homeworks might prevent him from working on it. As a consequence the student fails to prepare the topics or subjects which might be of more relevance at that point, in order to work on less important topics.
Students who wish to establish their cause and state how affected they are by their homeworks, can make use of these arguments while preparing the “Is homework harmful or helpful essay”.“Is homework beneficial: an argument for and against” – this is what your approach could be like.
Can we stop doing our homework?
Students might surely consider this as an option every now and then and frankly, this is not the way out. Avoiding homeworks will get you in manifold troubles. Firstly, it’ll vex the teachers and secondly, if the homeworks are associated with grades, the student is sure to flunk. So for any sensible individual, avoiding homeworks in this manner is not going to be the solution.
What’s the alternative course?
Students can ask teachers to not assign homeworks altogether or they can request for extended deadlines. However, in many cases, either of these two might not be possible and under such circumstances, students can seek academic homework help online whereby homeworks are completed by professional experts on behalf of students. This saves the grades and also saves time and energy. And yes, you can certainly use such help to work on your Is homework harmful or helpful essay.