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Is Homework Beneficial: An Argument for and Against?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

As students, homeworks are an irreplaceable part of our lives and not to mention, our arch enemies. I mean who likes doing their homework, right? First you spend all your day in school or college, storming your brains and straining your nerves with one lesson after the other, and then as if to squeeze out the bit of patience and energy left in you, teachers assign homework. And at the end of the day, we find ourselves wondering: “what’s the point? Is homework beneficial at all?”
I guess we can all agree on this one point: we hate homework. But since we are all a part of this rat race and there simply is no escaping, we’d better make peace with this trouble because at the end of the day they affect our grades. And we don’t want them to sink like the Titanic, do we?
Now just to motivate you readers to pick up that pending piece of assignment and work on it, I’ll try to pin point a few things that’ll answer your question: is homework beneficial?
Homework is a pain and an unwelcome intruder in our lives, no one’s denying that. But there’s a reason why teachers put so much emphasis on homework. It helps in our development process and prepares us for examinations in ways which even we don’t realize. May be if I made a list arguing why is homework beneficial, it would be more convincing.
Is homework Beneficial?

  • Memory booster:

If you’ve just learnt something new in class and then the teacher asks you to finish an assignment on the same topic, doing it will help you to remember the thing better. Also, while you’re working on the homework, you’ll learn new things yourself and without even realizing, you’ll be prepared with the topic. I mean, practice can’t hurt your grades, isn’t it?

  • You can be the Teacher’s pet:

Are you one of those students who like being the teacher’s favorite? Okay leave aside the question of being the favorite, just think, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get your teacher (who doesn’t really like you much) to mellow down a bit and to stop him/ her from barking at you at every chance they get? Once you start submitting perfect homeworks right on time, the teachers’ impression is sure to change.

  • Be the smart one, impress your pals:

Have you ever wondered how it feels to have all your homework completed while your classmates are still struggling with their’s. Firstly, it’ll make you popular for they’ll come to you asking for help and secondly, this in turn will give you star status since you’ll have the teachers impressed.

  • Brilliant grades, less academic pressure:

Students need to focus on their homework especially when they add up to the overall grades. Also, if you consider from a different perspective, homeworks do help in pulling up the grades, because if someone already has an A+ here, they’ll be less stressed about having to score the highest grades in exams to keep their grades afloat. Examsare an immensely stressful process, but while doing the homework, students can resort to various kinds of homework help and this makes scoring the grades easy.
So, now if we consider: is homework beneficial? We have to agree that yes it is, in certain ways.
Why we still think homeworks are a drag?
However, we’re the students’ squad and we know that no matter how beneficial the homeworks are, for us, they only make our lives hell. The common problems which all students would agree that they face are:

  • Lack of time and stamina:

After working all day at school or University, students are drained anyway and they often do not have the mental strength to learn or focus on new things. Moreover, since all subject teachers tend to assign homeworks simultaneously, the work load piles up and it becomes almost impossible for a student to complete all those works at once. Time management is also an issue, since a student cannot be expected to work out all of the assignments overnight. Academic institutes can really be insensitive at times.

  • Hampers individual study process:

A student might already have a planned study schedule and when homeworks suddenly crop up, this schedule gets affected. In such case the student might be forced to work on subjects which are less important rather than on subjects or topics of graver concern. Is homework beneficial under such circumstances? Absolutely not!

  • Inadequate class teachings:

Another problem that students commonly face is when the teachers are irresponsible. It is not an unusual instance for teachers to explain only a part of the topic and then to ask the students to figure out the rest by working on the assigned homework. This can land students in real trouble because they do not know about the topic in details and learning things on their own isn’t always easy. If considering such prospects someone questions: is homework beneficial? We have to say that’s a ‘no’!
The Ultimate solution:
So what’s the solution? One might ask. Is homework beneficial? Affirmative. But does it ever affect the students’ development process in a negative manner? That again would be a ‘Yes’. So the only way here is to figure out a solution that helps the students to retain only the benefits of homework. Either they can ask their elders or private tutors to help them with their homework or they can make the best use of technology.
Is homework harmful or helpful essay? It’s a question every student has to answer but that doesn’t mean they have to deal with the hazards of homework. Nowadays, online homework help is easily available to students. This is what I personally prefer because the help offered by these websites is immensely flexible. Here, not only can students get all their doubts cleared and queries answered by professional tutors but they can also expect these professionals to complete the assignments for them. Now how cool is that?
Your homework gets completed, you get to study at your own convenience, you get to submit the assignments right on time, and since these sites ensure perfection, students get to submit perfectly flawless homework. This way, the homework becomes a vehicle just to score high grades, without any disturbance. Is homework beneficial now? Certainly yes!
Right now this is the kind of help that we students need. Any way you see, it’s a win-win situation!