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Funny Excuses for Not Having Your Homework – Bombard Your Teacher with Crazy Explanations

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

“Oh! I accidentally emailedthe homework sheet to my parents yesterday.” Sounds comic, right? Well, this was what my friend Karentold in class. And guess what the teacher said? “I want that by tomorrow, anyway.” Relief, I saw, onher face for the time extension. To draw a conclusion from this experience, you should know some funny excuses for not having your homework. Youmight be in need of them sometime.
Here’s my collection:

  • By being sympathetic:

This is a common excuse for most students. “I didn’t do my homework as my friend might feel inferior.” Suddenly, a pupil has a strong feeling of sympathy for his pal who has also not done his work. He joins him for the day.

  • The old lady next door:

The crazy old womanwho came the previous day took away the homework thinking that it might help her daughter. And later denied having committed such a cunning act.

  • A spiritual belief:

Being highly spiritual, a foreteller advised not to do assignments on a day that ends with ‘y’.This can perhaps be the most absurd, funny excuses for not having your homework.

  • Helping the poor:

A poor man was in need of something to block a hole on his cardboard shelter. Homework sheet was the only solution at that time. It’s better to help the needy first.

  • Oh! The rain:

I got drenched in the heavy shower, and that tore off my assignment project. There was no place to hide. None did approach with an umbrella even.

  • Mom’s carelessness:

Because of mother’s daydreaming, the homework got washed along with school bag in the washing machine.It needs to be started all new again. Your teacher is surely going to get puzzled at the funny excuses for not having your homework.

  • Pickpocketed:

Though of no help to him, but the pickpocket stole it in bus. There’re lesser chances on his part to come over and return it. Should one lodge a complaint?
Want some more hilarious and funny excuses for not having your homework?

  1. Innovations were eaten up:

Trying a new way of assignment turned out to be trouble.The cake for representing a human cell structure was eaten up by cousins. No more creativity with homework now!

  1. Crows are the troublemakers:

A crow sat on the window pane and flew away with it. Heaven knows, what knowledge he is going to acquire from that!

  1. Alien intrusion:

An invisible alien sucked up all the ink from the project paper. Perhaps, the Martians they were.Astronomers must have, by now, gone in search of them.

  1. Betrayal from pencil:

Due to low blood pressure, the pencil was unable to stay between the fingers. “How on earth could I do a homework without holding the pencil?”
Apart from these, you can also innovate new ideas on funny excuses for not having your homework. Even if they don’t express, yet teachers love to hear some really crazy and absurd excuses that students use in their defence.
However, some justifications are quite common:

  • The pet’s excuse –

The most commonly used excuse is that the pet dog ate up the homework.Teachers may have got used to with this explanation, but if you really have a dog, there are chances of the situation to be true!

  • Poor memory –

Your teacher may understand student psychology to some extent, but she cannot get into your brains, right? So, it’s nothing impossible to forget about your assignment. I, however, preferred; “Oh no! I left it at home.” The professor is surely not going to send you home in middle of school hours to fetch it. Atleast, that didn’thappen to me ever.

  • Innocence –

The professor has asked you do from section 1 to section 7. He didn’t ask you to bring them, did he? How are you, then supposed to carry them?

  • A weapon for fight:

This morning, during anargue with a schoolmate, the assignment paper served as the best weapon to prove that he was wrong.

  • Mishap during shower:

Once you get soap into your eyes while bathing. The eyes were blinded for the night and you could finish your task. That was an accident! You won’t be verified for these funny excuses for not having your homework.
Excuses can, however, save you for a moment, but cannot cancel your assignment entirely. Today, with the changing education system, students are over-burdened with the pressure of assignments and projects.They struggle with workloads and have less time to explore their other interests. Many debates have been conducted in this regard – should homework be banned pros and cons? The both sides of homework coin. No doubt they increase intelligence, yet that should be limited letting time for amusement.
If your excuses are for an incomplete project, then you should immediately drop that habit for good. Remember, it’s always better to finish your work within the deadline, or beforehand instead of finding out reasons to get an extra day. Whatever work you leave for tomorrow, that’ll only keep on piling up things, increasing your to-do list. What you have to do anyway, do it right away. The pressure will be reduced to half.
Excuses can be temporary saviours, but in the long run, one has to be punctual and disciplined.Students can also take help from homework help services that are easy to avail online at minimum rates.If you be punctual, you will not require funny excuses for not having your homework.
The strength of truth
Truth has the power to defend any situation. Unlike the lie, it has all its legs to stand on independently. The point is that,it’s better sometimes to speak out the truth in class. Your teachers will appreciate the fact you have guts to be true. Your reality may turn out to be the best ever funny excuses for not having your homework.
So, are you ready with your creative reasoning? Wish you all the best!