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Here’s a Compilation of All Kinds of Excuses for Late Homework

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Have you spent days and nights trying to finish your homework but at the end you just couldn’t meet the deadline. Did you try acting ill and getting your parents to let you stay in bed all day? If they didn’t listen because they knew it wasn’t your tummy that hurt but the homework that wasn’t complete; you need excuses for late homework.
Now teachers have become more alert and strict, simply because there is so much competition in the real world that even something like a homework and meeting deadlines for it prepares you and helps your grow. But every story has two sides. While homework is good for you, you have so many other things to do. Study for your other subjects, participate in extracurricular activities and spend whatever little time you have with your friends. So after so much, you need excuses for late homework.
The familial list of excuses for late homework
Family is the first to help no matter the emergency. Well obviously not being able to complete your homework is an emergency. Here is a quirky list of excuses for late homework in which you can let your loving family take all the blame. They wouldn’t mind, would they?

  1. The father– “we ran out of rough paper in the house and my dad had to finish his accounts!”
  2. The mother– “she was so impressed by my handwriting that she framed my assignment and shipped it to nana! Can’t submit that now, can I?
  3. The brother– “he wanted to feel smart in his class so he took my homework to show his teacher. He’s two classes younger but well, what can I say?”
  4. The sister– “can you believe it that she ‘felt’ like drawing but ran out of art supplies so she used my homework and those new sketch pens I bought last week. My mum is so mad at her.”
  5. The hamster– “my nana wanted some shredded paper for her hamster’s bed. She can’t see very well at her age. You have to excuse her.”
  6. The cousin– “my cousins had come over for Christmas and we were watching a movie. She just wouldn’t go to bed without proving to us that she was just as good an archer as the girl in the movie. Of course she wanted to use my homework as aim. I don’t think she likes me too much, do you?”

The creative list
A lot of times these funny excuses might not work on your teacher. Well what do you do then? You must have a list of creative excuses for late homework. You have to agree- your teacher might not appreciate your late submission but she will be very impressed by your creativity!

  1. The guests– “I was at my desk just starting with the essay but then I saw something outside my window- green light shining upon a tree. Before I could make something of it I was inside a UFO having tea with the aliens! When these extra-terrestrial creatures invite you for tea, how do you refuse? After all you taught us to respect everyone.”
  2. The copycat– “so I gave it my sister’s mates because they wanted inspiration for their work. Those copycats took it home and never returned it! How rude.”
  3. The homeless– “remember how you keep telling us that we should care for those less fortunate than us? Well I saw a homeless man, and he looked very sad. He said he was missing his mum’s bed-time tales. What’s next? I gave him my essay and said I hoped that would help. I really think I should get an extra credit for helping the society.”
  4. Inspiration– “I just couldn’t gather enough inspiration to sit at my desk. I watched some cartoons that taught me one should never quit. I did not quit looking for inspiration. I read a book about Mandela’s life and by the time inspiration dawned upon me the sun was shining.”
  5. The high– this isn’t what you’re thinking. “my friends were over and we had a paper plane flying competition. It got really intense and we learnt so many intricacies about flying a plane. I don’t think I can handle being a pilot. Anyway, I had to use my homework when I ran out of paper or else I’d lose. And you told me to never quit.”
  6. Soap– “when I got the assignment yesterday, it looked a little difficult to be honest. I didn’t give up. Instead, I want for a nice bath to clear my head. Then I got soap into my eyes and I couldn’t see until this morning. How was I to finish my homework blind?”

The serious, almost genuine list…
When all else fails you have to give the true story, or not. Here you’ll find seemingly genuine excuses for late homework. Use them with the most innocent expression you’ve got and your teacher has to fall for it.

  1. Illness– “I was down with a stomach bug. You can ask my mum if you’d like.” Make sure your mother is an accomplice!
  2. Tests– “I had two papers in my other subjects I just couldn’t miss. I spent all day yesterday prepping for them.”
  3. A gathering– “my uncle has come down specially to meet us after two years. We had a very big family gathering and I had to help mum prepare the food.”
  4. The computer– “my computer crashed in the middle of my homework. I couldn’t even save it!”
  5. Printer- “I had asked my dad to refill the printer ink but it completely slipped his mind. My homework is ready; it’s just not printed.”
  6. The accident– it’s nothing that serious. “I was up all night finishing it and got up really late for school. I must’ve accidently left it on my desk in a hurry. It is ready, I promise.”

It is always good to finish your homework in time so you don’t have to make up excuses for late homework. But if you can’t, don’t fret. Now you have a long list of excuses for late homework.