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Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics That Can Help You with Your Project Scores

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

Delivering a persuasive speech can be difficult since the speaker has to convince the audience to think from their point of view. Thus it is extremely important to stay focused and speak about the main points which alter the views. The speech should be arranged in such a way that the speaker finds it easy to believe the points presented.
This form of delivering speeches can be seen in the sales pitch when the salesman tries to sell an item. It depends completely on the salesman’s point of view and the way he/she is speaking. Interesting persuasive speech topics can come in handy when a speaker is wanting to speak about a current or a fun issue which can raise awareness among the listeners.
The subject matter and the content of the speech determine the type of speech which is to be delivered. Here are some of the types listed below in points.

  • Factual Persuasive Speech

This is the type of speech which is based on a factual issue. The evidence should be concrete during a presentation and convince the audience about the existence of this information.

  • Value Persuasive Speech

This is the type of speech which is based on an evidence which is right or wrong. The questions arise about the ethical aspects of the issue.

  • Policy Persuasive Speech

This is the form of speech which is delivered to the audience and made them convince about a certain policy.
How to write a proper persuasive speech with interesting persuasive speech topics
The audience who are receiving the information should be convinced about the idea presented by the speaker. Persuasive speeches can be difficult for the students if they are not pre-planned. There are certain elements which go into drafting a proper persuasive speech. Here are some of the following given below in points.

  • Research your topic

It is extremely important to invest your time and research on your topic which you are going to produce. No one wants to hear a speaker who stumbles on their own words. Try to find the relevant information about the article. Don’t overlook if your article is based on a controversial topic. Always try to search for Interesting persuasive speech topics on the internet for help.

  • Know your goal and stay focused

If your goal is to convince the listeners about your topic then you should be focussed on your content. If your topic is based on current matters then always remember to input the updated information. Try to practice so that you won’t have difficulties during the final presentation.

  • Know your audience

This is the prime point which should be kept in mind while drafting ideas for persuasive speeches. If your audience knows nothing about the topic which you are going to produce then it might be difficult for them to grasp the ideas. Look out for Interesting persuasive speech topics which can engage the audience and keep them interested until the end.

  • Choose the right way or presentation and provide concrete evidence

Outlining the points and keeping the important points in bullets can save you a lot of time. Your audience might lose interest if you keep on speaking about a fact for a long time. Keep your speech simple and gather enough evidence to support your point of view.

  • End with a good call

The ending is the prime part of any speech and can make or break one. Try to persuade your audience and let them know why you think in that way.
Interesting persuasive speech topics that can help you with your projects
If you are struggling to find Interesting persuasive speech topics for your project work then here are some lists which can do you justice. They are organized in certain categories for selecting them individually.
Culture and Arts

  • Should arts be mandatory for the students in universities?
  • Should the national and architectural museums be free of charge for students?
  • Should classic literature be modified so that the students can understand them better?
  • Should kids be required to learn to play different instruments?
  • Is the study of arts relevant for the students?


  • Should bullies be expelled from the schools?
  • Should the school allow the students to wear their own choice of dresses as uniforms?
  • In the modern world, exams do not match a student’s ability and their performance.
  • Should schools provide more safety rules for the girls?
  • Should schools or other systems allow mediation and other forms of relaxation to increase a student’s performance?
  • Should students be allowed to carry their cell phones?


  • Should self-defence be taught to increase safety?
  • Is society too dependent on the use of technology?
  • Should the minimum wage structure be increased?
  • Is the society too harsh for single mothers?
  • Should the use of harmful medications be banned?
  • Should married couples seek professional counsellors to maintain their marriage?
  • Should society shun the basic code of ethics?


  • Will robots replace humans after a few years?
  • Is the modern world too dependent on technology?
  • Will technology rule everyone after a few years?
  • Do violent video games encourages the students for false means?
  • Is technology really a blessing or curse for the people?
  • Does technology really bond people or isolate them?
  • Cyber-attacks are a vital form of intelligence for every country.


  • Should humans be more considerate towards the use of harmful chemicals and gases?
  • The best forms of renewable energy.
  • The adverse effect of animal testing and the cruelty faced by the animals.
  • Should vaccination be made more affordable for the common people?
  • Should fracking be banned?

Always remember the dos and don’ts while writing about Interesting persuasive speech topics. I will always recommend avoiding topics which are politically overwhelmed. Always choose a topic which can yield you the right information and makes you passionate about presenting it.
So what are you waiting for? Go for the right Interesting persuasive speech topics and ace your project marks for your semester. And always recall that you have to excel when it comes it academic scores so don’t go for average choices.
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