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5 Ways of Finding Interesting Essay Topics That You Did Not Know Before!

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

Writing a good essay essentially begins with finding a good topic to write about. If you have been given a topic beforehand, it is a different thing. However, if you are looking for something new to write about for a blog or for a competition per se, how do you find a topic that is both interesting to read about and fun to write?
These days, you can literally search up anything on the internet and find what you were looking for. That applies for interesting essay topics as well. Just a simple Google search will land you millions of results! But you do not want the million topics isn’t it? You want that ONE topic which will prove to be the deal maker for you.
Most of the times, the internet proves to be unreliable in such sensitive scenarios. As such, you need to know a few things yourself about generating essay topics instead of depending on other people to do it for you. From my experience, if you remember 5 simple tips, you can always find something good to write about, be it an essay, a blog, an article or anything similar.
And that is exactly what I want to discuss here. Here are some efficient methods of finding the most interesting essay topics that I have been following for years, without fail. Perhaps, they will prove to be just as fruitful to you as well.

  1. Focusing On Your Own Talents

This is something that most people figure out intuitively. However, if you are still unaware, it is always best to go for something that you are good at. You may have a really juicy topic in store, waiting to be researched and written upon, but alas! It is something you have never written about!
Now do keep in mind, I am not asking you to not take up new challenges. If you find something worth writing that you have never written on before, it is always advisable that you rise up to the occasion and do enough research to be educated about it. Only then can you grow as a writer.
However, if performance is at stake and you need to provide something of real high quality, isn’t it best to write about a thing you are familiar with, or very good at inherently? After all, you will find plenty of interesting essay topics which also happen to be within your scope of knowledge.

  1. Writing on Odd Topics

While this may seem like a pretty weird thing to do, just think about it! Why are some topics labelled as too off-putting to write anything about? Most of the times, it is because no one has been able to write something constructive about said topic in a manner that makes it seem normal to other people.
Stuff like this can spark controversy but what good is a writing session that does not spark the odd debate or two?
“What do I do if someone doesn’t like it?”
“How do I cope with the heavy subject material at stake here?”
“What if my reputation goes to the gutter due to this?”
These are all questions that people ask themselves when they choose to write on such a topic. But do not back away from it. There will be several times when some insight into queer topics is appreciated. It is your job to make it presentable after all.

  1. Jumping on Current Trends

This is also pretty intuitive since by nature, humans tend to jump on the biggest bandwagon that the world has to offer right now. As such, if there is a hot topic that is doing the rounds on the internet, the newspaper or the TV, it usually means that it counts as one of the interesting essay topics that you are looking for.
Yeah, it may seem ‘cheap’ or ‘easy’ at first, but with a bit of research, you may be able to bring a new viewpoint into the matter. There might be something missing that no one else has talked about yet. You can be the one to introduce such a thinking line.
Also, because such things are the hottest topics of current debate, you will be able to learn something from everyone around you. This helps you come up with new ideas without struggling too much. After all, discussions are usually the best sources for new information.

  1. Targeting Possible Topics

Now this can get pretty tricky. And for the most part, it is. But if done right, it leads to some of the most interesting essay topics that you can possibly find for yourself.
There is usually always a situation in any given field of the world which is just waiting to blow up into a huge story. If you can catch it red handed, you are sure to write something extremely catchy.
Obviously, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before you can even think about finding something similar to this. You need to be well familiarised with all of the happenings going on in the world and that can prove to be a difficult thing to do.
Just keeping up won’t do either. You need to have some solid knowledge about what you are trying to make into some interesting essay topics. In order to provide quality insight, you should have quality information about it to begin with.

  1. Pick Analysable Topics

Last but not the least, in your quest of finding the most interesting essay topics; make sure that you end up with something that has information about it. Most of the times, people think “Oh I can do this no sweat!” only to find later on that they actually cannot.
While I mentioned above how picking a different topic from everyone’s else’s can prove to be vital, at the same time, if you yourself cannot find anything to write too, just drop it. There is no point beating a dead horse is there?
The most you can do at such a point of time is to let it go until there is enough information to dig in. But then again, finding out stuff about something that no one else has any idea about is part of the thrill. In general, however, if you want to play it safe, make sure that you are writing about a topic which is readily available.
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