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Finding the Best Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

The idea of finding persuasive speech topics for college students is very exciting for teachers in general. This is because it allows them to have a better look at their students and understand them better. It also shows their thinking skills and ability to convince others.
As such, picking a good topic for such a discussion is vital to the well being of said discussion. Now, there aren’t any formal rules that you need to follow for finding a good topic of discussion. However, there are some tips that I can recommend.
Over the years, even as a teacher and as a student, I have been able to successfully implement these tips to find good meaningful and interesting things to discuss with others. As such, here are some of the things I used to do in order to find the best persuasive speech topics for college students.

  1. Your Interests

The first and foremost thing that all students are told is to speak about something that they are genuinely interested in. No matter how you are as a person, there has to be something that you like and dislike. Using those traits, you can definitely make a speech topic out of it.
You can also take help online if you feel like you are not making any sort of progress. Just pick a topic of your choice and you will find tons of content online. Whether it is about debates, articles or anything else, there is always something to be had.
This applies for persuasive speech topics as well. Take some extra time researching the things you want to say too. Simply finding a good topic is pointless if you do not have anything meaningful to say.
Many people think, “I will make up something on the spot”
While that seems like an efficient way of doing things, it is very difficult as well. Unless you are a really good speaker, you won’t be able to make everything up instantaneously. That said, even the best speakers prepare something beforehand.
That is why persuasive speech topics for college students need some form of care before their potential is fully realised. This directly leads back to what I was saying earlier. If you are speaking about something you genuinely care about, putting effort into its research will not feel like a chore.

  1. Topics of Grave Importance

It is also equally important to pay attention to issues worldwide which need some love and care from people. There are plenty of issues that need attending to. As such, if you happen to stumble upon such a topic, take some time to find more information about it.
Spend some time understanding it all instead of just mugging points up. It will help you form your own opinions about said topic, thus allowing you to give your two cents on the matter. It may not seem important but your opinion forms a major part of such a discussion.
As much as it is important to state essential points related to your topic, it is of equal importance to get your point of view out there.
And the thing about that is, if the topic of discussion is very well known or of very high importance, forming your own opinion is not that difficult. Constantly hearing others talk about it allows you to gain knowledge about the subject automatically.
That is why persuasive speech topics for college students are such a great thing. It raises awareness about things, all the while educating people who already knew about it even more.

  1. Historical/Political Issues

These 2 things are the pillars of any persuasive speech competition. The best kind of content for such a discussion naturally comes from the field of history and politics. Obviously, there is just so much to talk about and so many viewpoints to be considered.
Not to mention the sheer amount of convincing that you can potentially do. There are plenty of issues in both these fields which polarise people into different groups. As such, there is nothing spicier than a topic from either one of these fields.
But that is not all either. The reason persuasive speech topics for college students tend to shift a lot towards politics and history (politics especially) is that there is an unlimited amount of things to talk about.
The world of politics is ever-changing and ever-growing. This directly contributes to its use as a medium to spark debates and arguments. While a persuasive speech is neither of those, it can still derive content from it. That is why, in my opinion, if you ever feel lost about a topic, just look here and you will find something worth your time.
Now keep in mind that this can overlap with both of the points I have mentioned above. But that is not a bad thing per se. I would argue it is a good aspect. After all, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. That is also something the judge for your persuasive speech will definitely consider.
To Sum It Up
If I had to sum up the overall methods, I have employed in my lifetime to find quality persuasive speech topics for college students; it can all be summed up by one phrase:
“Everything Around You”
Take that exactly as it is. Things to talk about can never end as long as you are aware of everything going on around you. Even if you think your world is pretty small, it can always be expanded.
Ask other people about stuff you do not know or understand. That is how people learn after all. Just looking around at everyday life and listening to other people talk will allow you to come up with exceptionally good persuasive speech topics over time.
This is also something that happens better with experience. More the maturity you gain, better will be the topics of your persuasive speech topics for college students. That is definitely a given.
As such, just start out small and you will grow bigger with confidence eventually. Take it from someone who used to be really bad at public speaking;there is no replacement for first-hand experience.
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