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The 3 Best Easy Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

It is not a simple task finding easy persuasive speech topics for college students. If you are a beginner at persuasive speech, people will tell you to pick a topic which is simple or easy. But what is an easy topic really? Can there be something really so simplistic that anyone can talk about efficiently?
The short answer to that is no. However, there are definitely some discussions ideas which are easier compared to others. The main reason why that is so is because usually, these are talked about a lot. You will hear people talk about them over a cup of tea, during debates or basically to start a conversation.
As such, picking up said topic and finding something meaningful to say is not really a big deal, or very difficult for that matter. From my experience, there are 5 topics which can prove to be the deal maker for those who are in need for something like this.
These are general topics and something anyone with a brain cell can casually comment on. As such, here mentioned are the 5 best easy persuasive speech topics for college students that you can use for yourself as well.

  1. Do Aliens actually exist?

This seems like a crazy thing to talk about right? But hold your horses because you will find plenty of things to talk about on this subject. There have been so many researchers conducted in this field, it is impossible to stay silent.
After all, there have been plenty of reported alien sightings all around the world in different eras. For instance:
The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the best documented UFO sighting incidents the world has ever known. A security guard was reported to have seen some strange lights descend upon the forest floor. When he went to check in closer, he saw that the lights belonged to a metallic object.
According to the guard, the object was sort of spherical in shape and had a bunch of strange markings on it. On getting further closer, the object simply accelerated up and away never to be seen again. There was even evidence found on the floor later on, when investigations were trying to be made.
The point I am trying to make here by stating this little story is that there are a lot of things to go by if you want to make this the topic to speak on. Most of it is speculation without solid proof, but that is how your persuasive skills will be tested to begin with.
Sure, I am trying to state some easy persuasive speech topics for college students but it does not mean you won’t have to think.
You can use Wikipedia to find a comprehensive list of all the different UFO sightings that have taken place in all of human history. You may also use other sources which are reliable and provide detailed info.
But make sure that the way you present it all is believable. I mention this again; alien existence is completely speculative but most of the proof that is there can be used to make for a speech that is both interesting and convincing to listeners.

  1. Technology – A blessing or a bloom?

This is another one of my favorite easy persuasive speech topics for college students. It is a topic that is raised in question in every era after a decade or two. Anytime science makes a breakthrough which was seemingly impossible to start with, this is the thing people seem to ask themselves.
In the current scenario, the effect of technology on our lives is unprecedented. There is no doubt regarding the use of cell phones and computers in our day to day lives and how awful and inconvenient it would be without these things.
The instinctive answer to this question is that it is simply a blessing provided it is used in the right way. However, you can always play it the other way around as well.
Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer here. Whichever one you pick; you have to back it up the best you can. That is the main idea behind providing easy persuasive speech topics for college students. The backing up process gets easier if the topic itself is accessible to all.
If you want to go with the negative mindset, you can provide information about the number of people suffering from weak eyesight, sore fingers and severe back problems, all of which can be tracked back to the use of computers.
But why limit yourself to computers? There are plenty of people every year who suffer from hearing problems due to over use of cell phones. There have even been cases of severe addiction as well, all emanating from the same thing.
Whichever route you pick, just ensure there is solid evidence in the form of stats behind it all. More objective your speech, better the chances for you to impress.

  1. Are IQ tests a valid measuring tool?

You have probably seen a pattern to all the questions I have mentioned here. These are all topics that can be talked about in general without social or timing restrictions. These have been debated over time and again and as such, is the main reason why I consider them as easy persuasive speech topics for college students.
A human being’s IQ has also been a hot topic of debate ever since IQ was a thing. Does a number on a piece of paper really tell you everything you need to know about yourself? Is that all you have to offer to the world?
Can the enigma of human creativity and intelligence be quantified by a single number? Your instinct will tell you otherwise.
However, if you want to go for the motion, you can. The thing is, these tests are made with specific questions in mind meant to test a person’s several qualities like speed, common sense, instinct and even general knowledge.
A lot of research is done before making those questions. As such, there is no reason to not believe that these tests are inaccurate. All you have to make sure is that you are taking a legit IQ test and the rest should sort itself out.
This wraps up my top 3 list of the most interesting yet easy persuasive speech topics for college students. Hopefully, you get a lot of help with your own speeches and can take ideas from my advice.
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