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Importance of Chemistry Lab Work

by Sep 27, 2016Chemistry

Chemistry has a great importance in life. So, it is very important for the student to understand lab work. A student can easily develop his ability of understanding the chemical experiments. So, you must understand it in a proper way.

  • Understand the different compounds and their function properly

It is very important for a student to know how a compound works optimistically. How the property of a compound gives suitable result in practical way. Moreover, use of an element to combine with other elements in lab gives a perfect compound.

  • Reactions and its product in real way

Till now you have studied everything in your book, but when you go through the lab work in a proper way, then you get an experience of live reactions and its product. So, what you have studied in a book will be there in front of you through lab work only.
Some experiments and laboratory work take less time or some experiments take long time. But, with the help of a lab work, you can easily understand it in a proper way.

  • Precaution of using acid and base

Acid and base are very important part of Chemistry. A lot of students are there who do not able to understand its exact solution. So, they should think of the matter in a proper way. Acid and base both need to be used in a proper way. But, if you use it without having proper precaution, then you may get a lot of problems. You have to be careful and wear suitable apron if you are going to use acids.

  • Use of exact quantity of a chemical in the reaction

Quantity of a compound or element is very important for getting the perfect outcome according to the need. If you add less or more amount of an element or a product, then you will get a lot of problems. So, what is the exact quantity can easily be known only with the help of chemical reactions in the lab.

  • Understanding an exact method of chemical reactions in real life

Suppose you have learnt different chemicals reaction, but it is not clear to you. In the same way if you go through the reactions, then you can easily complete it in a proper way.
For example sublimation is a nice chemical reaction and if you take care of this with the help of chemical reaction, then you can easily know this in a proper way. Be careful as there are different chemical reactions. Colloidal solution, true solution, suspension and many others get clear through lab work.

  • Enhance the interest of experiments

Lab work helps in many ways and one more important thing is boosting up the interest in different experiments. Now, after going through one or more experiments you can easily understand that how must perfect to demonstrate this experiment in a proper way.

  • Proper ability of explanation an experiment

Do you think with the help of learning a chemical reaction you can easily explain it properly? No, it is not possible as you have to learn it. However, with the help of lab work you do the exact experiment and work everything properly. Now, if someone works in the lab, then he can easily make everything in a proper way. This will make you an experienced one and you will never forget it.

  • The exact way of using catalyst

Many students forget about the exact use of catalyst. This is basically an element or compound that does not take part in chemical reaction directly, but they can boost up the reaction in a perfect way.
However, with the help of lab work you can easily understand its exact action and how to use catalysts in different reactions. Only more thing is all elements and compounds are work as catalysts, but what are the different elements and how to use will be get clear with the help of Catalyst.

  • Use of different apparatus in a practical way

How to use a test tube, know about tripod stand and how to add the chemicals from the bottle of a compound into some other chemicals are important for students to know about. If they do not take care of apparatus, then they will not get a proper way of understating and using this.

  • Understand the exact relation with biology

Photosynthesis and other chemical reactions in the body known as biochemical reactions are very important for students to learn. But, with the help of proper work of the same chemicals in the lab, they can easily understand the matter in the body and write formulae. You can easily understand this with the help of 5 reasons why knowing biology is important. This will make your vision clear about the relation of biology with chemistry as they are related to each other.

  • Clear the view of a student  

Through various observations students can easily clear their view. They understand tis exact use in real life. Unless a student go through the experiments, then he cannot get proper way of understanding it in a real life. This enhances the concentration level of a student as they need to describe it whenever asked by the teacher.
Moreover, the ability of different elements and compounds are different and with the help of practical in lab they can easily understand the use.
Now, you can easily understand that how chemistry lab work is perfect for students from their initial stage.