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Learn About the Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing

by Sep 27, 2016Test Help

Essay writing is an art which can only be mastered by practicing several times. Writing good essay needs patience, analytical thinking and good sense of grammar. Essay writing is a mandatory academic assignment and you tend to excel in it by the time you reach senior school or college year. However, you may want to improve your writing skills so start learning from your own mistakes.

Learn about the do’s and don’ts of Essay Writing:

You can solve a lot of essay writing complications by going through the typical do’s and don’ts of essay writing.

What are the do’s of essay writing?

  • Make sure to keep your essay simple and easy to read:

Instructors need to go through numerous essays for grading. They prefer to read simple essays written in easy languages and must be to the point. It is important to maintain the essay writing style and their guidelines. Whenever you are writing an essay, keep in mind about all the key points and apply them effectively. The core message which you want to adhere must be mentioned clearly.

  • Stop using unnecessary phrases and words, use only clear construction:

Do not make your essay too boring by writing extra phrases and bombastic words. It will only make your essay a tedious job for the instructors.

  • Try to use a thesis statement within the introduction:

If you can write a good thesis statement remember you have definitely been able to create a good impression among the readers. Do not neglect this part. This part is supposed to reveal the core idea of an essay. Do not keep this sentence as the opening sentence, but is always good to keep as the last sentence of your first paragraph.

  • Keep transitions between each paragraph:

Whenever you intend to write an essay, try to use coherent and smooth way of writing. It will help the reader to maintain the order as they move from one paragraph to another. It actually serves as a bridge to connect your writings. Some transitions which you can use while writing an essay are mentioned below:

  1. Speaking about this…
  2. Despite the previous arguments…
  3. With regards to this…
  4. Regarding this…
  5. As has been noted…
  6. To put it briefly….
  • Remember to cite examples while writing:

You can cite examples from your own experiences, but that shouldn’t be the only things. If you want to enrich your writing, then mention some phrases or experiences from other books. You can use direct quotation or you may mention the source of the reference book as a part of your writing or you nay consult with different professional websites for examples. In this way, your examples can look more convincing, reliable and more intriguing.

  • Always use present tense while discussing literature:

When you are asked to write about any literary reviews then it is best to write in present tense. It will enable the story more real and engaging and will generate a real feeling of presence.

  • Always increase the level of your vocabulary:

The main aim of writing good essay is not only to show your knowledge, but it also meant to show the usage of appropriate vocabulary. It is also important to express your strong language skill. You need to reveal that your range of vocabulary has effectively improved since high school. For instance you can replace the words like “nice” and “good” to show your ability.

  • Always use simple sentences:

Avoid using complicated and long sentences in your essay. It will be confusing for both readers and to you.

  • Choose appropriate style, type and format:

Your teacher and professor would first observe your style, format, sentence construction. To improve your writing skills you need to read other people’s essay also.

  • Always select the correct language:

Do you want to improve your writing? Then concentrate on knowledge of grammar, syntax, language proficiency and building up a rich vocabulary.

  • A thorough revision is a must:

Before you go ahead in printing your final essay, make sure to check it thoroughly.

While encouraging your child to write good essays you must also inspire your child to turn their creativity into career.

What are the don’ts of essay writing?

  • Don’t profuse your essay with too much facts and information:

You may wish to include all information to make your essay look holistic and complete. Too much inclusion of facts may make your essay boring, so stick to the main points only.

  • Do not neglect while detailing the format:

You must pay attention to all the formatting requirements like

  1. Size of the paper
  2. Font size
  3. Page numbers
  4. Margin
  5. Space

  • Stop using too much clichés:

Too much of clichés can turn your essay unreal and a replication of a scientific thesaurus. A particular level of formality is needed while writing an academic essay.

  • Stop using typos:

Typos are meant to be used only for informal language or chatting with friends. Using of typos fails to upgrade your language proficiency, vocabulary or grammar knowledge. It will create an adverse impression among your teachers.

  • Stop trusting spell checkers:

Although spell checkers are good way to detect your mistakes, but do not rely too much on them. These software programs often give a miss to a number of errors, which a human eye can detect. Take enough time to recheck and proof read your essay.

  • Don’t plagiarize:

Plagiarism is not only a mere offence but is a punishable offence. Do not plagiarize your work as it is another form of cheating.

  • Stop using phrases like “my essay”, “in this” types of phrase:

Using phrases of “my essay” will make your essay look very childish. Your motto should be in writing an effective introduction which will include the thesis statement also.

  • Stop using negative language:

Negative language doesn’t necessarily means the use of vulgarism.  You should focus in the use of positive synonyms. For instance you can use comfortable or pleasant instead of using painless.