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How to Write Essay Like a pro – Learn the Techniques in No Time

by Feb 23, 2017Writing

In the words of Shakespeare – “the pen is mightier than the sword”

Indeed a pen is a very powerful tool to create anything, it’s an image maker of our mind. Essay on the other hand is the image of our mind.

Many of you might be thinking how to write essay? What to learn in it? It’s pretty easy, yes you are right it seems easy for many of you, however writing essay like a Pro or Expert is quite a task, it requires hard work and most importantly practice and more practice to generate an impressive essay.

Not only in literature, a good essay is needed in many aspects these days, for example- to apply in an university you need to write an essay of yourself, your objectives etc. and your admission depends on howproficiently you conveyed your goals and presented yourself in the essay.

Now hold on I am not here to scare you or put you through nightmares, I am here to make things easy for you and present some common guidelines on how to write essay more efficiently and impressively.

Basic essay structure:

First thing first, the basic structure of an essay is same, for various types of essays something extra added to this basic structure, with some alteration within it.

What is this basic structure?

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

This is how it goes for every essay, this is the basic. It can be portrayed as the basic elements of essay writing as well.

Example on how to write essay;

Let me explain you with an example, let’s say you want create a 5 structure essay, here is how it should look like

  1. Introduction
  2. And
  3. Both 2 and 3 should be the demonstration of your idea or thought
  4. Here you should fabricate in your viewpoints, in the basis of informations, quotations etc. and it should be the longest part of the entire essay, here avoid adding anything new.
  5. Last but not the least conclusion

Map your essay ahead and decide what you are not going to put in.

How To:

How to write essay asks for some research work, to start writing your essay follow these rules below:

  • First and foremost brainstorm, now you must be wondering what brainstorming is, very simple, you need to note down or jot down some ideas, your readings and do some groundwork.
  • Systematize yourself, write an essay plan organize your ideas. This going to help you in making the outline of the essay.
  • Start the introduction, what should be the introduction? How to write the introduction? This type of questions must be juggling in your mind by now,

To catch the eye of the reader and make the reader read your essay, a good and interesting intro is a crucial, so introducefascinatingly,

Begin with a “hook”, you have to think what question might come into a readers mind for reading the introduction, the first question should be “what”, in your intro you have to answer that “what” and give an idea of what your essay is all about.

Now what will be the hook?

  • It could be a question to start with
  • Could be a quotation
  • An confrontational comment or proclamation
  • Some shocking statistic
  • May be a exciting anecdote

It could be anything captivating which will attract readers to glued to your essay

  • Next comes the body or paragraphs that you want to include, to begin this part you first need to stack up your developing points, a body should contain all the fine points of your ideas, arguments , examples , explanations, quotations etc, and you need to demonstrate them as well, here the question which might come to readers mind is “how”? You need to answer this with support of your evidences.
  • Last but not the least, conclusion. Summarize the entire concept of your essay here, restate the main idea and remind readers about that, add some finishing touches.

Dos and Don’ts of how to write essay:

The Do’s of how to write essay

To give your essay writing an remarkable boost, so that it can put an impact on the reader, you may keep in mind some do’s and don’ts, here are the do’s

  • Your essay should answer one or more questions or tasks
  • It should enclose a thesis report
  • Your essay should discuss or present something
  • The essay should consist of relevant examples

The don’ts of how to write essay

While developing and stacking up your ideas try not to do the following understated points

  • Avoid any passive voice or statement or I or my in the introduction
  • Do not generalize too much in the body writing
  • Do not copy the primary paragraph in the conclusion, summarize.

Quick tips to trail while learning how to write essay

Visual checklist is easier to understand and follow, so I decided why not give you some of them, which you can quickly surf through when needed.

  • Pick a topic
  • Closely read your topic
  • Outline the essay
  • Write a thesis
  • Write the body
  • Write the intro to describe the body
  • Write conclusion
  • Revise the draft
  • Verifygrammar, punctuation, style etc.
  • Have parent or a friend or colleague or a mentor to give feedback of your writing
  • Edit and modify
  • Finalize references
  • Complete your ultimate draft

Essay writing or any sort of writing for that matter require some touch of creativity, as the painter or artist put his thoughts and imaginations or ideas on a white canvas or paper through colors, likewise a writer conveys his ideas with the colors of his research on a piece of paper, and you need to master that artistic distinction in your writing to write like an expert or pro, which will be your exclusive touch.

How to write essay like a pro is a continuous process, which involve practice, so grab your paper and go for it and practice practice and more practice, hope my little contribution in your learning journey served some purpose for you, keep writing.