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7 Easy Steps to Learn How to Write a Synthesis Essay

by Feb 23, 2017Writing

Scratching your head over on how to write a synthesis essay that your teacher or professor has given to you? Finding yourself in nowhere and getting more and more confused? Pause for a moment and take a deep breath, you are in the right place, so stop worrying and find out more.

What is Synthesis Essay?

Before getting into how to write a Synthesis Essay, you need to know what it is, I am trying to make you understand it in simple words, a synthesis essay is a form of thesis which asks you to portray information from a variety of sources and synthesize or build an analysis of what you read.

In other words, compiling or synthesizing confrontational essays in single with your own reasoning and ideas, it is about how well you understood the sources or arguments and put across or explains it in your essay.


Let me give you some examples so that you can understand it better

Let’s take the topic of “spending time on Smartphone”

  • As we all know it’s a controversial subject that many people may disagree or debate on, you can find lots of information on this.
  • Now to write a synthesis essay on this topic you need to study a lot of diverse sources, you can read some articles, view some graphs, images and charts, theories, causes and effects etc. all are these are subject related to the topic you can research on
  • Now your work is to select the one that interests you most, and getting ideas about to carve an essay constitute of numerous body paragraphs.
  • Once you have your idea clear, you need to come up with a thesis statement which ought to have two parts first the topic and second the scheming idea. You should compriseexclusive and original statements by putting in something that not already known to everyone. The thesis is the part you are going to construct for reader.
  • Make use of some examples to back up your thesis, may add some speech marks as well, and try to have at least two quotes in each body paragraph. Be watchful about not adding too many quotes in your essay

Let’s present another example on how to write a synthesis essay

Say Mr. Smith given you to write a synthesis essay about the derivation of rats, what would you do?

Would you use quotes written by a rat enthusiast?

Would you utilize an article written in the Washington post?

Or would you simply go and watch the movie Stuart Little?

You have to carry out all three, evaluate your sources and get the idea

  • Here is a Formula on how to write a synthesis essay, supported argument = Ideas + any and all sources.

Follow these 7 simple and easy steps:

Step1- Study your subject matter, Read and understand the prompt and textsminutely, underline the directions and find the core idea.

Step2- Choose a topic with reliable sources, choose your sources, you don’t have to use all sources but should examine them before creationof your outline.

Step3- Develop a thesis, write a main idea that contains point of view on the topic, the point of view should retain its originality , do not just sum up the sources, make your own points.

Step4- Write a draft including the thesis and theinformation backing it, draft tentative thesis.

Step5- Look for ideas that support the thesis, do some research on this using different sources.

Step6- Assemble the structure of the essay, a synthesis essay combines different sources to illustrate themes or ideas.

Step7- Verify it and write the actual one.

Key Factors:

To make your synthesis essay stand out and have a stronger impression there are few factors you should follow:

  • Scrutiny of a given text or prompt
  • Figure out all the arguments of the sources and then fabricate your personal claim
  • Pick a text that might containcontrasting viewpoints
  • Put supporting evidence, definite points, and sub-arguments in the suitable sections
  • If any information goes in opposition to your fundamental claim, then acknowledge it
  • Argue your own idea using your own logic backing up with evidences from sources
  • Bring the piece to a thoughtful conclusion, be idealistic and illustrate your insight.

Tips and Suggestions:

Hope by now you have anapparent idea already in how to write a synthesis essay, still having some doubts? Here are few more guidelines and suggestions for you

  • Write in 3rd person
  • Apply transition between paragraphs
  • Use appropriategrammar and punctuation
  • Select your sources and put in quotations
  • Choose one visual source

Things to keep in mind:

How to write a synthesis essay, the theme line will be incomplete without adding the essential things you should memorize while writing your synthesis essay.

  1. Use at least three dissimilar sources to back up your argument or statement.
  2. Do not use more than four sources.
  3. Correctly introduce, punctuate and mention your quotations.
  4. Do not use too many quotations.
  5. You should address the counter-argument; you may paraphrase a source that goes against your argument and give explanation why the opposing one is weaker than yours.

So no more scratching head and taking stress , take another deep breath and with all the above tips and tricks, right jump into writing your own unique synthesis essay,

to summarize the how to write a synthesis essay, as we learn in school and colleges that A+B=C, similarly in easy words synthesis essay is combining or compiling two or more ideas to create one, here A is a source or idea which added to another source or idea B and created an unique new idea C.

Wish you find all the data useful in how to write a synthesis essay, and once you turn into a pro in writing synthesis essay, you can share your tips and train somebody else who is in a similar position like you, as we all know sharing knowledge enlarge knowledge. Good luck!