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How Knowing How to Write a Scholarship Essay Can Help You

by Feb 23, 2017Writing

How Knowing How to Write a Scholarship Essay Can Help You
When you want to study in the University of your Dreams, or when you need to carry out that research that may be ground breaking for your career, you need to apply for a scholarship. And most scholarship programs require you to write an essay. This essay has to be error-free, impeccable, and absolutely convincing.
If this is the first time you have to write something like this, this is the right place. Here, we’ll guide you and educate you on how to write a scholarship essay.
What the essay should be about?
The essay for a scholarship is about you. You open about your life, your qualities, and most importantly why you deserve this scholarship. Since there will be thousands of other applications for the same scholarship, your essay will have to stand out.
Just mentioning what everyone else is will not be beneficial. The essay needs to be clear on why you what the scholarship, what the goals are. DO NOT beat about the bush. Keep it concise. You can use online help to know more about what to write.
Ask important questions

  • Am I suitable for this scholarship?
  • Why do I deserve it?
  • What makes me stand out from the rest?
  • Am I willing to go the extra mile?
  • Can I do justice to the scholarship?

These basic questions are those that need to be asked before you apply. They need to be answered in the essay too. This helps the ones making the decision.
Understanding the readers
In almost all cases, the essays are evaluated by a committee of highly experienced people. They have immaculate understanding of what they want from the essay as well as the candidate.
Recognizing what the committee wants from you is another vital aspect. Try and understand what they are looking for in the winner of the scholarship. Think from their perspective; would select you yourself if you were in their place.
You need to accept that the readers of your essay will also be reading hundreds of other essays. So being original is of the essence. You will have to make an impact on the reader.  You can look for educational blogs so that you know more about how to write a scholarship essay.
Tell them about yourself
This part should give them an idea of the kind of person applying. Tell them about hobbies, and passions. This could include your love for pets, the love for music, even food. This is the part which makes them aware of what to expect from the candidate.
This part is opening up as a person, letting them know about the kind of human being you are; the personality you possess. Open up to the committee, but remember not be too informal; they are the panel you ought to impress and convince, and not your friends.
Highlight your qualities
You need to tell them about why you are ahead of the others. Leadership qualities or ability to deliver under pressure; talk about any good quality you possess. Or maybe you’re a great team worker. The valuable experience garnered in some related field can get you recognized ahead of others.
This is an even more important part of the essay, since these qualities are the ones that will be in direct relation to the scholarship program. The facts mentioned here are the reasons they choose or reject you.
Mention those qualities you possess. They understand that candidates are humans, so there’s no need to overstate things. Do not become a narcissist all of a sudden. That will tell them that you certainly don’t know how to write a scholarship essay.
 Make a passionate plea
As stated earlier, there will be numerous other talented, hungry applicants pitching in with their essays too. So making a passionate plea informs the committee about how badly you want it. Hit the right notes, but again, make sure you do not stoop too low. You are an applicant, so do not beg!
Talk about the organization
A candidate who knows thoroughly about the organization he or she is applying for is always at an advantage. Knowing about the organization, be it a university, college, or a research centre, provides an idea about what it wants from the candidate, or the winner of the scholarship.
Also, this convinces the organization that they have been in your mind for a long time; that you aren’t just applying because you couldn’t get through somewhere else.
Conclude the essay by reminding again about why you deserve the opportunity, and how you can do justice to the scholarship. Be natural; remember this is an essay for a scholarship essay, not a marketing letter. So do not make a sales pitch.
Check for mistakes
This is one place you do not want to make silly mistakes. No matter how many degrees you have, a scholarship essay with incorrect facts or even grammatical errors leaves you exposed. This conveys the message of insincerity, and the damage can be irreversible. In case of genuine help, take help online whenever you feel the need.
If all these points are kept in mind, there is a good chance you might be accepted for a scholarship. Just make sure of the points stated above, and you have a knowhow of how to write a scholarship essay.