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How to Get Your Assignments Done and Say Confidently,” I Am Done Doing My Assignment”

By Sarah J Mitchell
9 Apr, 2017

“I am done doing my assignment. Now I can go out and play.”- do you wish you too can say the same thing? Homework is indeed time taking and can be too burdensome if you do not approach it the right way. Let us admit it- we all have at one point of time or another faced a homework stress, when we do not feel like doing our homework even a bit, but as homework submission is a must, we somehow reluctantly do it. The question is- is doing homework without enjoying it can be beneficial to you? The answer is NO. In order to turn this NO into YES, we need to follow the following steps:

  • Do not put things off till the last moment:

When you reach home from school, you feel exhausted and obviously do not feel like sitting down for doing homework immediately. Obviously, that is understood. So, quickly have a meal and take a short nap. When you wake up, you will feel energized. Do not waste time after that. Sit down with your homework, finish it and then engage yourself in other recreational activities.

  • Make a timetable and organize your subjects:

When you are sitting for doing your homework, decide which subjects you are going to cover for that day. List down the topics which you have to cover and answer questions accordingly. Not having a plan will make the situation messy and you will be clueless about your approach.

  • Take help from libraries and internet:

If you are clueless about a topic, and you are not getting any reference about it in your text book, then feel free to go to your library and take help from the reference books. When you take the help of internet for your research, you are sure to get advanced views on that topic. Internet will provide you with the latest news and developments related to that topic.

  • Be enthusiastic about doing homework:

When you are doing homework, you are learning new things. Be enthusiastic about it. Knowing about new things increases your smartness quotient.

  • Proper planning and efficient time management:

When it comes to attaining success in your academic life, you need to keep these two things in mind- you need to manage your time efficiently and you need to have a plan for which ever activities you are doing. When you are managing a lot of homework in a short span of time, it is evident that you have made a plan in your mind and you are utilizing your time judiciously. So, it can be said that homework teaches you qualities of time management and proper planning.

  • Keep all the things handy:

Keep this fact in your mind that the more you leave your place to bring things like pen, paper or other stationary, the more you get distracted. Getting up every now and then will irritate you and in frustration, you might want to say, “I am done doing my assignment. I am not going to sit down again for completing my homework.” So, make it a habit to keep all the necessary stationeries near you so that your concentration does not break and you are able to finish your homework in one go.

  • Take occasional breaks:

Take breaks to alleviate the boredom. Staying focused for a long period of time especially when you have a lot of work to do can be a difficult task. Don’t forget to include breaks in your timetable. If you have a long assignment to complete, breaking it down into small chunks and taking super-short breaks in between can prove to be helpful. Be careful not be over-indulge yourself in that break. If you have allowed yourself a break of five minutes, stick to that and do not exceed that period. If it is essential, set a timer in your mobile when you are utilizing the break. Go back to the work at hand when you are finished with the break.

  • Maintain a routine:

Whatever time you are setting for doing your homework, adhere to that. Make it a habit to follow it every day so that it gets imprinted in your mind that, that hour of the day is your homework hour.

  • Have confidence in yourself:

When questions like, “Am I capable enough to be done doing my assignment?”, “Will I be able to finish my homework on my own?” starts haunting you, maintain your calm. Be confident of your abilities. Even if you don’t have the necessary materials to assist you with your homework, talk to your parents and take online help. Do not feel under-confident if you get stuck in a question.

  • Be patient and have perseverance:

“Will I ever be done doing my assignment?” Does this question bother you? Have you ever felt helpless and feel that the never-ending homework will continue forever? Yes, I agree that homework sometimes can be too time-consuming but you need to be patient. Even if you fail in one or two attempts, you will definitely succeed after repeated attempts. Have the virtue of perseverance.

  • Reward yourself when you have finished your work:

When you are finished with your assignment, reward yourself. This will keep motivating you. Feel like you have achieved something when you have finished doing your homework.

  • Keep the long-term goals in mind:

Have a clear vision of your long-term goals. Keep yourself motivated. If you feel that your homework will not help you in any way, try to think about the long-term implications of homework. Even if you are not understanding your homework now, chances are there that these topics will help you in future. You can motivate yourself with this fact. Homework will also help you in improving your grades.

Complete your homework with the above mentioned steps and do away with your worries. Take a backseat and enjoy your free time with the thought, “I am done doing my assignment and now I am free to enjoy my time’.

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