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Will You Do My Homework? What Should Your Answer Be?

by Apr 9, 2017Homework Help

Any discussion regarding education cannot end without talking about homework. It is one the most discussed topic among parents when they discuss their child’s study pattern. The school assigns homework to the child in order to continue with the topic discussed in school. But any professional or educator would never like to bring work to his home. A teacher would never approve of practicing to write on board or adjust his volume so that he is audible to the class. So why we should not hack homework and try to relieve the kid.

A lot of innovations and techniques are being introduced to relieve the burden.On class group discussions and to work on projects and infield experiments are introduced to outcast the home task concept.

A lot of self-doubt is raised for the students. How to finish my work, am I doing well with my work or will I be able to find someone ‘will you do my homework’ are the common mind boggling questions for a scholar. But as it has continued the concept of home task must be benefitting the students. We just cannot dismiss the concept without knowing it. So in order to understand better lets once again understand the concept.

What is homework?

Nothing to explain as universally known by all of us that it is the task given by school or university to students which they are expected to do at home. The history of home bound is as primitive as the concept of school in education system. But we should focus more on the intentions of the idea. The intentions are listed below

  • To understand the topic better. Irrespective of how good the topic has been discussed in class, a child needs to comprehend on his own.
  • To get into the habit of doing his work on his own, to learn time management and above all to become independent enough.
  • The parents apprehend the curriculum followed in school and are aware of the ongoing topics.

So the basic essence is to make the child realize his job getting into the regime to do his work independently is what the idea is all about.

Is the method foolproof?

Nothing is flawless and the idea of homework too has certain fundamental indents. At home mostly the child is the most important member and a lot of helicopter parents do not want to burden the child with the monotony of the task. So resulting the parents helping extensively the kid and sometimes doing it themselves too. Many a times I have heard that a parent has to cancel an important family dinner or movie as the child had asked them will you do my homework? The parents under moral obligation feels proud are doing so and the essence of the work is lost.

Will you do my work homework?

Is the question asked to the home tutors as well, as the kid gets fed up of the same topic which has been chasing him the whole day. To break the monotony, he is bold enough to ask will you do my homework? Sometimes the tutorials are especially assigned to help a kid to do his work which they end up doing it for the kid.

A lot of voices has been raised against it. The technology has given wide options to the education system where it can be very well said that the sky is the limit. Online quizzes, practice on different topics, self-attempted tests something a lot more meaningful is being offered. The audio video medium too makes comprehending easier. So now online study has totally abolished the concept of will you do my homework? Even the parents feel that online study or research is what the new age definition of home task. Many parents snub back when asked by their peers on the amount of time a kid spends online and say what do you mean my kid doesn’t have homework.

A child is always smarter who can browse for his topic rather than a child who asks will you do my homework? So the new age concept of online tutorial is picking up fast. But as said earlier no system is flawless, and we cannot miss to point out the negative aspects. As known by most of us, technology can be boring, repetitive and not tailor-made for the individual kid as we know every child is different. Some comprehend visually better, some find discussions and written work better. It is a mechanical and robotic method where a fresh mind is to comprehend a new concept.

So next time when a kid asks that will you do my homework instead of labelling him as lazy or demotivated parent or tutor should analyze what is the actual problem with him. What is the reason behind that he wants to shrug off the job. Then after it is a better idea to continue with appropriate technique to finish his task.

Homework can be renamed as assignments, projects, research and so on but the intrinsic reason behind it cannot be dismissed altogether. Working towards one common goal and that is to bring out the best of a kid and shape his academic career is what the system is all about.

Make the homework interesting and meaningful so that a kid doesn’t need to ask will you do my homework?