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How to Finish Homework Using Digital Aid?

by Oct 1, 2016Homework Help

Being a teacher with a similar course to teach for years together can become quite a tiring job. After four years of teaching in the same mode, and helping students garner the same piece of information, I was quite depressed.
Apart from the fact that my mission of being a mentor cum teacher was reaching no standard level, another important factor was students were losing out their interest. This factor was clearly evident from the manner in which they had a complete disregard in completing their homework on time.
Post a board meeting regarding this falling rate of interest amongst students, as faculty members; we were to attend a refresher course. As one of the best workshops that I had attended, I was introduced to the usage of digital platform in ensuring that we could provide students with a new dimension towards their studies.
Digital platform: A new aspect to explore:
Though I had heard quite an uproar regarding digital platforms aiding students in their studies, yet on a personal note, it was still left for me to check out. When I did finally find out, I was truly amazed at the help that was available via online techniques to help students garner a better knowledge of the subject in concern and on an extension help them in completing their homework.
Another very important factor that I checked out was the manner in which students were adapting to this new technology. On the latest check, close to 96% of the teachers who have actually started using this technology agree that students are enjoying this new mode of learning, and most importantly, unlike previous times have opened up to a varied audience.
Benefits that has made digital platform such a necessity:
As I mentioned previously, it was only via this refresher course that I was introduced to this technology at a greater level. Post my introduction, the first and foremost aspect that I checked on was how to make homework an easier process via this mode.
Since homework has always been one of the greatest concerns for students, and to a great extent, it has been a domain that has been most detested by them, a drastic change was necessary. In leaving this domain out, the major aim that was losing was a chance for student’s to recapitulate what had been completed in class.

  • I have checked out as per recent data that teachers associated with National Writing Project have reportedly found an increase in close to 57% to 69% students enjoying the learning process via technology.
  • Also, close to 92% teachers have seen a recent upsurge in regards to student’s enjoyment in class.

Clearly, as a teacher, this was quite a booster for me to actually check out its usage in real life, and place them as per requirements.
Hence, I decided to conduct an experiment on a personal note on my batch of students. Here I would like to share that I was extremely happy to find out how my students were benefitted from usage of technical and digital platforms, and there was a marked improvement in their standard of homework.
How homework got a better start with digital aid:
With students always complaining about the increasing burden of homework, I decided on checking out what the available options were there on digital platform that could help. Here are some of the options that I found suitable, and you can surely take help of these to ensure that your child actually recapitulates the contents of the subject while completing their homework.

  • Usage of tabs and mobiles

In case you thought that mobiles and tabs were only present for fun, then let me introduce you the various sites that are accessible via this platform for helping students in completing their homework.
As part of the experiment, I had named certain specific sites and asked them to complete their work using their tabs. More than half the class had not only completed the homework but also ensured that data that was being placed had correct origin.
As a teacher who has tasted success, I would surely ask you to try out this process with your wards as well for best results. These professional websites truly have helped students in numerous situations and therefore are extremely trustworthy.

  • Availability of online homework completion service

Since completion of homework was a major issue amongst children, hence I came across services that were charging aminimal amount to complete a student’s homework and that too on time.
Initially, it was quite shocking for me to learn that students were being left out from completing their work, thereby defeating the primary process of learning a chapter in a deeper manner.
However, there was a bright side to this aspect wherein, after completion of homework, students were given an analysis of the chapter, and the key points were highlighted. In this way, they can get an idea of what the topics were.

  • Online tutors available at your service

These digital platforms have a number of professional teachers who are available 24×7 at your service to help your ward in completing their homework. Since, there are high chances that doubts regarding certain points may arise due to certain complex questions, and hence immediate relief is provided by such online tutors.
Most importantly, for students who are shy, such methods as using Skype, text messages, graphic tools, shared files, contacting on Whatsapp are truly some of the greatest means in which they can clarify their doubts without losing out patience or feeling shy.
In case you are planning on hiring a private tutor for your child, it is important that you keep in mind certain important points. As your child’s academic career as well as primary thinking would be moulded by him to a certain extent, hence, it is best that you check out Top 5 things one should check before hiring a private tutor as I had done. It was a really helpful search for me.

  • Video lessons for better explanation

Have you ever tried teaching your child via video lessons? Well, in case you haven’t, it is high time that you take help of such video footages to help your child in giving a video description of the subject as I tried doing in my class.
In this you have my complete support, wherein I have seen students respond in a better manner by visually seeing how the actual process takes place and thereby trying to understand the concepts by themselves.
Another very important fact that you may notice is that it is much less time consuming, thereby allowing a student some amount of time to understand and analyze concepts by themselves. On a personal note, this has been a huge success.
So, now do you know how important technology has become in present times? Do you have any other ways to help you in bettering this process of understanding? Do mail back to us!