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How to Tackle the Challenges of Online Essay Writing?

by Oct 1, 2016Test Help

Let me ask you a question first. Do you love writing? Do you enjoy writing essays? Well, even if some of you answer the first question as yes, I am sure that most of you will have a no in answer to the next one. No matter how good a writer you are, writing essays is something very challenging. Even if you are aware of the basic idea and facts, writing an essay requires great potentiality.
Writing essays can be best described as a river of ideas and thoughts. It has to be a smooth flow of the well-researched ideas and content which you need to incorporate in your writing. ‘‘A good essay is 10% inspiration, 15% perspiration, and 75% desperation.’’ Unlike other subjects, ‘‘there is no rule on how to write an essay. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.’’
Essay Writing:
Writing essays can be very difficult for a student no matter how excellent he is in studies. From schools to universities, students need to write essays at every sphere of their academic career and professional career. Essays are assigned on various topics in relation to the subject. No matter how much you hate writing essays, these help students like you to get an insight into any new field. However, the problem arises when students are assigned essay topics on which they have absolutely no idea. Students often have no interest in such topics and they are unable to do the essay as per the expectations of the teacher which results in poor marks.
It is during such failure in writing a proper essay when students and their parents seek to take help from online essay writing. Through this online essay writing not only do the students gain knowledge about a new topic, but they even get motivated to write on topics which they don’t posses much knowledge.
Why students face difficulties while writing?
The reasons why students face difficulties in writing are-

  • It is not easy to handle essay writing. One needs to consider various things while writing essays. It is not possible for all students to handle each of these aspects.
  • Someone who is new to essay writing will not be able to understand the depths involved in essay writing. There are points which need to be emphasized while there are points which need to be considered first. Not every student is capable enough to understand this importance.
  • There are certain techniques of writing an essay. A lot depends on the way you present your essay. A student needs to understand the structure of essay writing. Presentation of an essay accounts to be an important aspect of essay writing.

Online essay writing:
As discussed above, students often face problems while writing essays. This results in obtaining poor marks. However, essay writing forms to be a major part of the academic curriculum. So, when their individual efforts result in failure, students seek the help of online essay writing services. There are various professional writing agencies that provide online essay writing services to students in exchange of a nominal rate.
This online essay writing helps students gain knowledge about new topics as well as generate motivation to write better essays. To get motivated about online essay writing students must follow the 7 ways to make your online essay writing interesting.
Challenges faced during online essay writing with their solutions:
Challenges make life a lot more exciting and thrilling. While some challenges mould and train us, there are some which take the life out of us. Writers too face challenges while writing online essays for their students. I have listed some of these challenges with their solutions below-

  1. Writer’s Block- Among all the problems that a writer faces, this accounts to be the most difficult one.These are the times when a writer fails to generate new content. Writer’s block arises when the writer is in no mood to write or he doesn’t know what to write. The solution to this problem is-
  • Take rest- Take adequate rest while doing your work. Do not overburden or overstress yourself.
  • Read as much as you can- There is no end to how much you can read. The more you read, the better will be your knowledge. And the more is your knowledge, the better will you be able to produce the essays.
  • Don’t write- At times; it happens that you have been writing for so long, that your brain is unable to generate any new writing. In such a case, try not to write an entire day. Instead have the enjoyment of your life. This will help your brain getting refreshed which will help in getting productive while writing.
  1. Lack of Ideas– Like every other human, even you may suffer from lack of ideas at times. In spite of being sure that you can write the essay, you somehow fail to develop ideas and points to write on the topic. However, the good part is that even this has a solution.
  • Observe the nature around you- By having a look at the nature around, you can have new ideas generated in your mind.
  • Read something good- Whatever comes your way, read it. Reading forms to be the best solution to lack of ideas.
  • Research what to write- Take the help of internet and try to find out what you can write.
  1. Lack of Productivity– For writers living in a busy environment, this can be a huge problem. The solution to this is that you need to find yourself a comfortable place where you can completely focus on your work. Ensure that the place is free from all sorts of distractions.
  1. Lack of Confidence– One of the most dangerous problems a writer can ever face is having a lack of self-confidence. No matter how efficient you are as a writer, it is one of the most common challenges to face. There are writers who are aware of their writing skills but are somehow afraid of asking for the right fees. Do not hesitate as it is your moral right to get paid as per your worth. The solution to this problem is that you need to drive away the fear of ‘What Ifs’ from your mind.
  1. Getting the real clients– This is one of the most common challenges which writers face. In spite of having the adequate skills there are writers who do not get proper clients. They do not get clients who are ready to pay them what they are actually worth of. The solutions to get such clients are-
  • Aim at group of people or organizations that need your service- Make a list of people or organizations that you can approach for availing your service. Now contact these hundreds of business people with the right offer which will result in having enough clients so that you can negotiate and have only the better deals.
  • Look for services which only few people offer- It is always better to excel in fields where you have less competition. If you have specialized services, you will likely to have more clients than before who are ready to pay you your actual worth.

With the demand of online essay writing services rising day by day, you are sure to excel in this service if you have the necessary skills and willingness. And with these basic necessities, you can face any challenge if you are determined enough!