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How to Check That Your Child Is Doing Well in His/Her Academics?

by Oct 1, 2016Assignment Help

Do I see a tensed parent browsing the internet wanting to know the ways to keep a tab on their child’s academic progress? Well, now that is not quite uncommon. As a counsellor with the number of queries that I get every month as to searching out ways by which a child’s success can be monitored, looking up the internet is quite a common affair.
Being in the position of a counsellor, I have seen certain parents quite unnaturally being concerned of the manner in which their child is faring in schools. At times, this concern is much required given the necessity of preservation of bond between parents and their children; there are certain moments when this concern can get pretty suffocative.
Understanding the child’s needs:
As a counsellor, I have been quite surprised to handle certain cases, where I have found that certain children find it quite difficult to cope with the fact and accept it that their parents keep a tab on their regular work. Also, there have been parents who would be so paranoid that they would want details of every minute of their children when they would be in school or college.
Here, I would like to state that a balance needs to be drawn and also parents need to understand that there are certain measures that help in garnering knowledge regarding the child’s progress and stick to those. I would surely like to take this opportunity to suggest certain measures for parents by which they can keep a check on their child’s progress.
Steps to check the academic progress of your child:
Before you have to come for a professional suggestion class with your child in tow, it is better that these suggested steps are followed to ensure that you are well aware of what your child is doing in school, yet not interfering too much in their daily lives.
As part of the board that forms the school curriculum, I have always made sure that there should be specific modes to conduct to parents regarding their child’s routine academic progress in school. Also from the opposite end, I have received equal support from the parents who unlike previous times were very interested in knowing about their child’s progress in school.

  • Keeping in touch with their teachers

This is something that I have always emphasized on for parents to follow.  The best way to ensure that you monitor your child’s academic progress is by having a connection with his or her teachers.
There are certain specific steps that you need to follow to ensure that this combined relation actually yield results as I believe are:

  • I always suggest parents attend parent teacher conferences and actively participate in it.
  • Also, I would suggest that you be a part of those sessions where the terminal performance of the children is being discussed. In this way, you will be able to understand what performance the class has yielded and place your child accordingly.
  • Volunteer in your child’s school programs and try to understand what kind of atmosphere that he is getting and his reactions to that.

By following these two ways, you can surely get to know exactly which position your kid is in and guide him or her accordingly. Academic progress is integrated to a great extent into the career that your child will take up in future, and hence this bud is to be nurtured at the very start.

  • Performance in class tests and terminal examinations

As a parent, it is expected of you that you know how your ward is performing in class as his or her academic progress is an important measure for his class ranking and career. However, as a counsellor, I would surely suggest you to not go rash regarding this, as I have seen most parents do. While keeping a tab on performance of exams, you need to check out certain important issues only.

  • Being a parent, you need to see how your child has fared and in case of any discrepancy question him softly on the reason.
  • Also, you need to be aware of the general class performance to know where your child stands.

These two aspects will help you in noting the academic progress of your child.

  • Knowing of the friend’s circle that your child is in

As it is said that a man is known by the company he keeps, quite similarly, a child’s class performance is to a certain extent dependant on the crowd that he mingles with. In case you want to know in details as to why your child has performed poorly in a particular exam or test, make sure that you know about his or her friend’s group in detail.
As per surveys and tests, I have seen that this knowledge to a great extent helps in monitoring your ward’s academic progress.

  • Personal observations

This is a combination of a number of factors that as a parent you must take note of. You are a parent and it is imperative on your part to see how your child is behaving towards his studies, what is the level of seriousness that he has towards his academic career.
By keeping a note of this, you will be able to understand why the academic career of your child is shaping in a particular manner and what as a parent you can do to help him out.

  • Helping your child in studies

Take out some time and help your child in studies and assignments. As a counsellor, this is something that I would surely ask you to focus on as this is the ideal way to know where the academic career of your child is headed.

  • There are a number ofprofessional websites available from where you can seek help to enhance the assignments and homework given to your child.
  • Also, in case you are not aware of the manner in which such digital platforms are helping students, you can definitely check out How to finish homework using digital aid?

By taking some time out for your children’s studies, you would know what subjects are close to his heart and what his fears are. This will help you in understanding your child’s academic progress level.

  • Have an open discussion with your child

A must I say! Talk with your child about various things and know what he or she feels. I have seen in most cases; parents take help of us counsellors for making a gateway talk with their children. This should never happen since this will only mar your chances of knowing what his or her position in academics is and not help you.
Being in the position that I am I can surely guide you in a particular manner, but ultimate path as a parent you have to decide.
So, do you have any queries? Mail us back then and also send in your suggestions. We are waiting!