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How to Choose the Best Chapters in Biology Before Exam

by May 29, 2019Biology0 comments

When you are preparing for an exam, the foremost thing you have to look into is the strategy of choosing what to read and what not to. You have to be scoring high in that exam and the ways you must adopt to reach your target should encompass the every part of preparation.

How should you plan for the exam?

If you gathering your study material and sitting just to give an exam, the main thing to do is to check what is effective syllabus. By effective syllabus we mean that your syllabus may include the whole book of biology or every chapter in your book has been mentioned. But possibly you do not have to go through them all. Because all chapters are not that important in for the exams, you must go through selective ones.

How to be wise in judging the matters?

The best way to judge is to check which chapters bear good marks in the exam and the most important chapters that are easy to handle and you can easily grasp them.

Then the most important part how should you be aware?

You have to go through the questions of previous years and make out that these are the chapters which carries good marks in the subject and the others a bit less. Then you have to sit down and make a list of them and prepare question on those chapters. But only this may sometimes be not enough to get a good score. Planning your whole day and taking up a good schedule helps a lot in this regard.

What chapters in biology you can go through when you are studying for the exam?

The chapters in all are very important but the most important are biological classification, inheritance and variation, morphology in flowering plants and the cell the unit of life. These chapters related to biology carry more marks in the exam. Firstly, the chapter biological classification deals with trends how biology developed over years from the Whittaker’s classification to modern taxonomy all should be at the tip of your pen. These chapters are difficult to keep in mind but whatsoever you have to enlist them as they fetch more marks and they are important. A good revision can put them in your memory for a long period of time. You tend not to forget them before exam.

Then we have the inheritance and variation. The chapter is solely based on genetics and is very interesting. You need a good understanding and then this chapter becomes so easy before exams. You need not give much revision as the understanding is must for going through this chapter.

The basic unit of life is the cell and it makes all your body. Biology is all concerned with the cell and the interior fundamentals which make it the basic building block. The chapters connected to this portion are much interesting and fetches much marks than it appears.

The next portion is parts of flowering plants which draws much marks than it can really appear. Flowering plants have parts which are difficult to memorize but easier to recollect

How these chapters are very appealing to the students?

They are connected to the merit and understanding ability of the child. As they go through the chapters they come across the interesting sectors of biology which fetch marks.

They are key chapters which can make the preparation of the student complete and he can easily get into the main stream of practice of questionnaire. The help they would receive from these chapters are worth mentioning and the volume of the content is soothing to read as they can easily be memorized and brought to the copy during examination.

The next which comes is the chapters on ecology and genetics. Both these context carries a good amount of marks and students gets much interested to read these chapters as they are much interesting and fetches a sound marks in the exam. They are easy to memorize and needs less revision before the exam as the chapters demand a good understanding skill. The more a student concentrates on these chapters, the more they would require less revision and practice before the exam.

The chapters are interesting too as they deal with the ecology which is that it involves us too. When you have the intention to read a particular topic and you are also a part of it, you get more interested to learn the subject.

 The most important thing about ecology and the adjoining chapters is:

They are of much demand to the society and at a large scale important to the upbringing of the child’s future. It focuses on the population growth and its effects on the human society. In some context it says about the biodiversity and the ecological balance of the nature. These contexts are much important for the student as well as their basic understanding is very important for the development and outcome of the student.

Plant kingdom and plat morphology are the sections which also draws a good quality report in the marks distribution. They carry a lot of marks in the exam and are very helpful for the student to do this activity and then go in the scoring of marks in the exam.

Why plant morphology and kingdoms are very essential?

In biology the basic study involves the animal and plant life. In this two the most important being the plant life as they have originated on the Earth at much earlier time than the animal life. They are much important for the development and sustainability of the plant life. Thus, we may say that plant study is much important for the students as it helps the pupil to have a better understanding of the ambience just around him.

The plants are nowadays not looked after as their importance has shrunk to a much less size than it should have been. But this importance among the future generation is important and to maintain that you need to put them in the curriculum. But only putting them would not make a good output thus you need to give a full support to bring the chapters in focus.

How is animal kingdom important for the exam?

They give the classifications to the nomenclature and the different classes and subclasses present. As student with the preliminary knowledge in biology would require basic understanding in this field as this both fetches marks and is important for the syllabus. It is also important for a student’s understanding and carries a good amount of marks in the exam.

The next small and big chapters which bring marks to the exam are chapters on the human physiology and the anatomy of the human body. These serve the most important part of the chapters or sections as they bring in the scope that is well beyond the reach of good questions.

How this happens?

Though they are important part of the human being and your pupil may also get interested to listen and learn to these topics but they do not carry a good amount of marks as the most important part of biology. But that can never wipe out the importance of the chapters in the study of biology.

So, the basic necessity lies not only in the chapters but also in the student who is on the part to give the exam. This seems that the chapters are then important according to the students. To an extent it is almost like that for every student a particular chapter may not be important. In the other way, a student may find that particular part say plant anatomy difficult.

So, this would make the study of the particular part easy or difficult depending on the student. Now this may prove to be the most important part of the preparation. A preparation begins from the viewpoint of the student when he/she selects a particular or a set of chapters before he sits down to study.

How can one student asses that these chapters in biology carry more marks?

This is not easy but is possible through careful observation of the questions of the exam. How is this possible that you go through the question and put an assessment on the type of questions that would come in the exam?

This is possible only through the professional viewpoint on the questions that comes in the exam. You have to check whether a given topic is asked frequently and whether it comes in alternate years. So, this might be the basis of our search when you are looking for the subject.

But a chapter may sometime not be wholesome for the question setter to make on it. It may be that a part of it is very important and the other is not. This very precisely determines what a student has to follow when they have to gear up for the preparation.

This is very essential for the important understanding of the student. Hershel should have the essential knowledge that he has passed out from the mere study field to some areas where he has to give importance to only the essential parts.

The chapters of biology may seem very important and you might intend to learn them all at once. But this is not the case when the pupil sits to mug them up. As this may not be the important way to score good in exams.

And for scoring good in the exam you might need to gear up and learn only that is needed. Like when you are sitting for an exam and the main thing you must focus is that you have get the questions and make important assessments regarding the exam patterns.

Finally how you should prepare?

All you need to do is that get up and be bold and stop not till the goal is reached. In the words of this famous man you have to reach the greatest heights and make certain preparations which would make you get the easiest guide to difficult exams.

Thus what is main thing you must do?

You have to set up a true assessment of syllabus where the key chapters would address and the remaining would be just a rigorous practice of yours. The chapters which are important for the exams are those which require proper understanding of them and so that the people can set important questions on them.

How would you address them?

You have to get a set of chapters which have served the main part of the exam. This is the most important part for setting in the exam. This seems quite irrelevant when you are doing an exam preparation and you have not gone through the questions. Thus, the main thing about studying in the exam is making self preparation and not depending on the questions set by others.

This is quite irrelevant if you do not take measures and read everything just to get good marks. Because if you have get good marks in biology and answer all questions you have to be strategic.

By strategy we mean that you have to make measures that really count. Like you have set the important chapters which will be just needed to take revisions before the exam.

 How do you have to plan?

The planning is extremely your area where you have the greater dominance than any part. This area is your sole discretion as whether you have to go through the part or not. This might seem quite to the point when you sit for the exam and you have the basic and the important chapters ready for the exam.

The most important part of the examination is thus you have to make certain preparation which is apt for the exam. Thus, you must hold on before the things set in. as when you take certain preparation you have to give your whole in doing the job. Thus, you have to be quite strategic and have wit to judge the correct chapters.

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Michelle Johnson is an MBA from Harvard University and she has mastered the subject well. You can easily get help for the topic and apply to her. She is good guide to help you in these matters and is important part of the curriculum. Thus, her experience would be of much importance to the fields.