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Influence of Modern Technology on Edification of Biology in United States

by May 29, 2019Biology0 comments

In order to develop a complete idea about how modern technology has cast its influence on Biology, one has to develop a clear conception of Biology subject first.

Biology can be delineated in various ways. It can be defined as the study of living organisms which in turn is divided into numerous specialize arenas that cover up their physiology, morphology, behaviour, anatomy, distribution and origin.

To be more precise, Biology is that chapter of Life Science which focus on the study of existing organisms encompassing a detailed observation and learning thus developing a clear idea about their origin, growth, structure, function, distribution as well as evolution.

Again, Biology can be explained as the process of life or distinctive phenomena relating to a group or a category of living existing organisms.


The procedure of gaining knowledge (on Biology) includes not only studying those creatures which are one-celled but also encompasses the study of human being, the most complex of all breathing organisms on Earth. Biology includes in its syllabus the study of cells and genes that provide living creatures with their individual characteristics.

The suffix ‘ology’ signifies words ‘the study of,’ which are much familiar. In addition, the word ‘bios’ means ‘Life’ thus providing you with the real meaning of the expression ‘Biology.’ Nobel Laureate Walter Gilbert has stated that Biology will deserve special means by relating every human gene to other animals’ genes and the gene of bacteria, to the great chain of human being.

Biology and its sub-disciplines

Biology upholds itself as a branch of science that explores life and various existing creatures which include their evolution and development, bodily structure, physiological mechanisms, chemical procedures and interaction of molecules.

Biology plays an exceptional role in recognizing Cell and considering it as life’s fundamental unit. It considers genes as the central unit relating to heredity. It presents evolution as a unique engine that is the driving force concerning the creation as well as extinction of species.  Any living organism is an ‘open system’ that survives by transformation of energy and by decrease of its limited entropy thereby maintaining a vital and stable condition known as homeostasis.

Biology’s Sub-disciplines are defined by methods of research (employed) and the sort of system (studied). Theoretical biology is the method which one is accustomed with the usage of mathematical techniques in formulating Quantitative models.

Experimental biology serves special importance in testing the validity of theories proposed and in understanding the mechanisms that are essential regarding life.  It also explores the fact that how life first appeared on Earth from a non living substance about four billion years ago through a procedure of gradual development determining the complexity associated with the system.

A knowledgeable leap on revolutionary terms

Now the discussion goes forward focusing on Education relating to Biology in the United States. Since the year 1964, a popular journal named Bio Science has catered to reader’s demand thereby providing them with each and every detail regarding contemporary researches on the subject of biology. As one enters 21st Century, one will observe that biology has a leap relating to knowledge on revolutionary terms.

Although a remarkable progress is observed in case of cell and molecular biology, past records may come up with the fact that contemporary advancements were merely on the brink of one’s understanding concerning livelihood systems, right from molecular level to global height. History also upholds that several advancements were associated with social as well as ethical issues.

Again, because of the technological advancement, mainly in the cases of travel and communication, condition of World has effectively became akin to a community whose denizens immediately almost come to learn of important events. Such eventual information whether good or bad news may relates to the progress of technology relating to science. Again those incidents may highlight natural disasters, or may focus on cultural conflicts and civil strife.

Awareness concerning international issues is nothing but the primary step taken in understanding plus managing yourself in a universal community while you strive for better global agreement.

Role and achievement of TIMSS in uplifting education

In US community, which may be better defined, as a community of Science and Mathematical Education, the main thing which is especially noteworthy is the Third International Mathematics and Science Study or in short TIMSS. TIMSS is renowned for its contribution to increasing of Science and Mathematics edification in a global society.

Although most people discuss that focus should be laid upon achievement, ultimately one can and have turned to the curriculum questions, philosophy relating to teaching, role of teachers and students in participating nations. One of the special achievements on the part of TIMSS is its extended international perspective that it developed through the scope of scientific education.

This is indeed a lovely consequence determining the significance of TIMSS. The community in discussion is the basis for one’s own expression concerning connections between scientific education and self-governing ideals, which communicates to one’s observation on 20th century.

Historians who have reviewed the 20th Century must be aware of the ascending Constitutional Democracy. This idea has extended relating to visualization of few thinkers on political ground. The idea has been converted to a reality in several countries that initially had diverse forms of government which were noted for denying political liberty concerning the rights of citizens. Again, some of the fundamental liberties need scientific and technical enterprise.

According to Rodger W. Bybee, 5 themes are essential in providing modern perspective for education of Biology in United States.

  • Improved recognition of advancement in the Science of Learning
  • Execution of technological novelty and scientific ideas
  • Amalgamation of Science and Technology and issues relating to the same
  • Amplification of global point of view
  • Community focusing on profession and civil discourse

The Science of Learning

Educators of Biology are generally supportive of the target concerning literacy relating to biology which favours the students on a whole. Achieving higher rank on Biological literacy will confirm understanding and observation regarding the process of learning science on the part of students. As reported by the National Research Council, a clear understanding is observed regarding how individuals get involved in the process of learning.

The process presents a major fusion of research concerning brain, mind, experience and school. It is also related to gathering of knowledge on biology and awareness with the basics of teaching in advance.

The answers relating to learning process of people have both a research having a solid base and clear implications concerning education of biology. Students enter their classroom having preconceptions about the way the world works. If they doesn’t emphasise on their initial understanding they may fail to grab innovative information and concepts taught in class.

To expand competence concerning an investigating area, students should emphasise on the following things.

  • Developing a profound foundation of factual knowledge
  • Understanding ideas and facts in a conceptual framework’s context
  • Organization of knowledge in distinctive ways thereby facilitating retrieval plus application

The curriculum of Biology must incorporate basic knowledge and its contribution to the progression of the students (i.e. development of a strong conceptual framework) is a must. A strict research which has been conducted by comparing the performance of experts to that of novices has resulted in conformation of the fact that experts plan upon abundantly structured information. Although the necessity of factual information arise, it’s not satisfactory.

To be an expert in Biology, a deep understanding is essential. Such an understanding guides students to re construct facts into practical knowledge. Development of a conceptual agenda allows them to arrange information into significant patterns thereby storing it capably in memory.

A metacognitive approach to education on the part of students can guide them to take direct their own education by defining their goals concerning learning and observing their progression leading to their success According to researches held, the proficient students deserve special means in monitoring their understanding of a scientific analysis.

According to experts the requirement relating to further information, the alignment of novel facts with what is knowledgeable and analogies that may give insight as well as advancement regarding their perceptive. For those, who are proficient and skilled experts there are frequent internal conversations stranded in the procedure of inquisition.

The biology instructor assists them in monitoring their understanding, incorporating extra information, reviewing the consistency concerning innovative information with what is previously acknowledged and then explaining innovative ways of opinion that will guide their understanding.

If you carefully examine the scientific advancements of preceding 100 years, you will be provided with essential ideas that deserve special importance in explaining the world of nature. For instance discovering the structure associated with DNA or in cases such as developing an understanding of any key idea, for example the ‘germ theory of disease’ is applicable to a modern-day problem or the Penicillin’s discovery or AIDS identification.

 Domains of research forming the frontiers of biology

If a question (bearing a ring of relevance and rationality) arise as to what are the domains or realms of research that form the frontiers of biology? Shouldn’t each and every student be conscious of recent scientific advancements?

The answer is definitely positive. But, researches conducted on learning and understanding on the part of students enable the researchers develop a profound conceptual outline concerning the discipline before giving lessons in a complex way (often abstract) which is essentially required to develop a deep knowledge regarding the frontiers of  the discipline of biology.

A modern prospective relating to biology education includes those processes and procedures that falls in the arena of science and which represents inquiry. Inclusion of such scientific basic thinking in educational programs concerning biology develops a scope in helping youths gaining not only a knowledge of inquiry but also developing in them cognitive skills relating to scientific investigation.

Thus students can enhance their reasoning and thinking abilities that according to biologist’s results in development of fresh knowledge. A perfect blending of experiences that students gather at classroom and scientific inquest provides insight to the arena of science. It also guides students to distinguish science from various other practices of gaining knowledge. It also reinforces several sensible abilities like communication and crucial thinking.

Again, helping students in formulating those abilities and understanding should rely on certain things that form an integral part of the subject of biology. These are laboratories (that can vary according to the nature of experiments conducted), investigations as well as field experiences. Activities based on inquiry provide the students with enthusiasm to get involved in difficulties which include the necessity of carrying out any investigation.

They become recognizable with hurdles one has to undergo in obtaining an accurate, reliable and valid data and also can face challenges necessary for the establishment of relationship of cause with effect. They also get accustomed with great intellectual effort concerning the usage of evidence in forming explanations.

Majority of the public should have expectations that education of the subject of biology will provide students with an introduction to the basic distinction that separates technology and science. Learners are also taught how they are mutually connected. You are thus aware of the role of modern technology in edification of biology and the impact of modern Science on your life.

Invention of Penicillin, the Polio vaccination, the pill for controlling birth and warning on smoking definitely upholds the affirmative effects of technology and science, health and biology. Maintaining democracy with the significance of Science with Technology as well needs a public who has a clear understanding of both the above disciplines both on social and personal contexts.


Author bio:

Michelle Johnson is a versatile genius who obtained a degree in Master’s of Education in ‘Learning and Technology’  which was gifted to her from WGU’s Teachers College. At her youth she developed interest for teaching. She earned fame in inspiring the youths at a high school in Kennewick. Johnson is the Yearbook Advisor. She holds excellent leadership skills being an inspiration for teachers also.