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How to Become a Chemistry Tutor and Earn Well Online?

by May 6, 2020Chemistry0 comments

Chemistry, one of the essential subjects at any academic level, along with Biology and Physics, forms the three pillars of science. Hence, as is evident, Chemistry is needed by students all over the spectrum – from schools until the most advanced levels of science at the university level.

With the whole world getting more digitised every day, it is evident that students do not follow the archaic model of tutoring any more, which was to travel far and around to find the right person to mentor them. Like so many other things we get to do online, sitting in the comfort of our homes, tutoring too has undergone the same fate. Online education is the trend now, and if ‘how to become a Chemistry tutor’ has been in one of your recent searches, you have arrived at the right place.

The following blog is a guide on how to become a Chemistry tutor that students love while making a substantial earning at the same time. This blog is also for all aspiring tutors who want to impart their hard-earned knowledge and obtain the right earning for it too. So, without wasting any time, let’s move over to the next section.

Necessary qualifications to become a tutor

Just as they are necessary for teachers in schools and colleges, online tutors too should have all the necessary qualifications and must prove that they have the required knowledge to be a trainer. Firstly, if you are looking to tutor online, you should at least have an elementary graduation degree, which is a compulsory qualification to be a tutor with My Homework Help.

After completing their primary graduation degree, many students opt for higher studies. If you have such a degree, then you are in luck because tutors with higher educational qualifications have a more definite and more precise grasp over the subject and hence, are generally more valued. They are usually given the responsibility to teach higher standards and are also paid more for their services. So, if you are looking to tutor students at the college or university level, online, you will have a better chance with a Masters or a PhD degree than students at the school level. The latter usually choose tutors with Bachelor degrees.

Other than academic qualifications, an online tutor should have excellent communication skills, such that he or she can easily convey the necessary knowledge and also, be able to manage a class full of students. A tutor or a teacher should also have a balanced personality, who is both respected and loved by students in his or her class.

Tutors should also have a coherent and crystal-clear grip over the subject they are going to teach so that they can answer any question which arises in the minds of students and clarify their doubts, whenever required.

Average salary of a Chemistry tutor

Let’s be honest here, some or the other time in all of our lives, we have dreamt of being a teacher and imparting our knowledge to a class of students. But before learning more about how to become a Chemistry tutor, you should also have an understanding of the remuneration it fetches.

Basically, like every other profession, the salary of an online Chemistry tutor is determined by focusing on the following factors.

  • The highest educational degree or qualification you possess
  • The years of experience which you have in teaching
  • The overall depth in Chemistry which you have

Going more into each of the points mentioned above, first, as is pretty apparent and oft-repeated, you should have a proper Chemistry degree. And as explained earlier, too, a higher academic degree will fetch you a higher salary. Secondly, salaries tend to increase if you have more years of experience – which goes for every profession – and tutoring is no different. If you have taught Chemistry at some school or college before, it is best for you. And last but not least, you should have a decent knowledge of Chemistry yourself, which will probably be tested before you join as a tutor.

Surveys indicate Chemistry tutors usually draw a salary of around 30 to 50 thousand dollars per annum, depending on all the factors which we mentioned above. But other than teaching in colleges and schools, keeping up with the recent trends, many tutors have started giving online classes to groups of students on web platforms. These platforms are specifically designed to act as virtual classes, where there is a proper two-way interaction between teachers and students and students can even ask their doubts, much like offline classes.

Such web platforms for giving and taking tuitions also tend to provide a surplus income to teachers and teachers can quickly increase their salaries manifold, collaborating with these websites and doing the same thing which they do in traditional schools or colleges. Also, online tutoring is advantageous to both students and teachers, since both can get what they need, sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Working Format of a Chemistry tutor

When you are learning more about how to become a Chemistry tutora well-organised working structure is another point you should concentrate on. Though the essential secrets of being a tutor cannot technically be listed, we have compiled a set of crucial know-how to help provide a holistic approach on how you can set out on your own as an online Chemistry tutor.

  1. Along with all the educational material you procure from books and the Internet, you should prepare a specially personalised and curated content with time. This material will make the whole teaching process easier for you and can also be shared with students for a better understanding of Chemistry.
  2. You should devote special care and attention to all the doubts and questions which may arise in the minds of your students. And you should also remember that all the students in your class are not equal, some may be quick at grasping new topics while others may be slow. As a tutor, you will bear the responsibility that at the end of every topic, all the students are on the same page.
  3. You can also make your classes interactive via a number of ways. One such example is you can conduct brief quizzes after each topic, and you can also introduce interactive games or MCQs for each of them to solve. This will substantially increase the efforts students put to studying, and you will also have a clear picture of their progress.

How and where to apply to become a Chemistry tutor?

As with all other professions in the world, knowing the hows and whys before applying is of paramount importance when you think of how to become a Chemistry tutor.

If you have an advanced educational degree like a Masters or a Doctorate, you should start with tutoring students at the college and university levels, since such students prefer teachers with higher qualifications. You should also keep certain other factors in mind like other jobs such as the average remuneration the students are willing to pay and how well-versed you are with such concepts. When you have found a suitable choice after scurrying through all the options, do not wait and apply for that opening.

But, if you do not hold an advanced degree and have a Bachelor’s degree in your resume, school students are the best option for you. All the other factors remain the same. But you should be ready to deal with younger students and also to teach basic concepts from scratch such that those students do not find any difficulty when they progress to colleges and universities.

Online tutoring is a significant source of income for many tutors nowadays. Being an online tutor curbs most of the restrictions which you may find while applying to schools and colleges, the most important of them being transport and location. You can stay at your home in New York and can teach a class full of students scattered all over the world. This portability and an increasing average salary for online tutors have attracted people around the globe and will continue to do so.

And if you are in search of such a web platform, go to My Homework Help today and register yourself at https://myhomeworkhelp.com/work/. My Homework Help receives hundreds of such student requests every day and is one of your best options when you are looking for a position as a Chemistry tutor online.

How does My Homework Help accept new tutors?

All web-based online tutoring services, much like colleges and schools, impose a very stringent set of rules while selecting new tutors. Some of them include:

  • You have to provide your credentials initially, which mainly includes your identity proofs and educational certificates, which they verify for authenticity.
  • You are also asked to provide your experience letters if you have taught at some institute before.
  • You also need to take an examination, which will decide your eligibility. My Homework Help organises such examinations with the help of other tutors, and the tests are designed to test your depth in Chemistry.

Steps to become a Chemistry tutor

After you have passed the examination conducted by My Homework Help, there are a fixed number of steps which ensures you become popular and successful at your new job.

  • Set up a tutoring profile

My Homework Help has already accepted you. Now you need to create a profile of your own such that students find it easy to discover you online. It is also advisable that you make your qualifications and previous years of experience visible to all so that everyone can know your expertise in Chemistry.

  • Get tutoring requests

After you are done setting up your profile, you will start receiving student requests. You can accept them if your conditions, such as timing and hourly rates, are met.

  • Introduce yourself to new students

Whenever you are starting a class with new students joining intermittently, make sure you introduce yourself to all of them, so that they do not find it difficult interacting with you while the lessons are ongoing.

  • Start getting tutoring jobs

This last step depends entirely on you. The better you teach, the more students you will get, and the more your earnings will be. You can also ask your previous students to refer you to others, such that your exposure increases daily.

So, now that we have covered the topic of how to become a Chemistry tutor from scratch, be sure you follow all the steps and become a successful tutor.