Here’s How You Can Become a Physics Tutor Online and Earn Well

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Schools and educational institutions around the world are laying increasing emphasis on the STEM subjects, especially physics as a subject, to equip children and students with the necessary scientific knowledge to find their way in the world. Physics as a subject helps put focus on the world around us, the things we see, hear, touch or smell. It is more than merely a bunch of rules, logic, algebra and mathematics.

Studying physics is now all the more necessary as we move forward in this century, the so-called ‘information age’. As students grapple with complicated formulae, equations and concepts, the right tutoring and coaching seem to have become an indispensable part of their routines. If you are someone who loves teaching, and tutoring students on tough physics concepts sounds great to you, you have probably come to the right place.

Online tutoring is all the rage these days, with students preferring to study in the comfort of their homes, rather than venturing out. ‘How to become a physics tutor’ is one of the most frequently searched for queries on Google, and it’s no surprise that tutoring portals are mushrooming everywhere to help provide students with the right kind of assistance.

Here are some pointers on how to become a physics tutor online.

What are the qualifications you need?

It is a well-known fact that tutoring, especially online education, is a flourishing industry, with as many as five in every ten Indian students and one in four UK students opting for private online tuitions. This is not a global estimate but reflects the fact that a significant number of educated professionals are now shifting towards online tutoring as a means to earn some steady income.

Although there is no strict regulation or minimum educational qualification required to tutor students online, it is advised that you are qualified till at least one or two levels above the standard of the students you are looking to teach. An elementary graduation degree is a must if you are looking to tutor with My Homework Help.

Furthermore, if you are hoping to, say, teach GCSE standard physics to students, it is wise to at least obtain substantially good grades in your Physics A-levels. Some tutoring sites, students and clients can even expect you to have a graduate degree in physics, which is a good idea, because the more qualified you are, the more students you get to teach online and that way, you get to earn more.

Besides having a degree in physics, an additional teaching qualification such as a Bachelors in Education, some other proof of Qualified Teacher Status or even a PGCE could come in handy. Such a qualification reflects well on your ability to teach and demonstrate your skills, as well as gives you an edge over other tutors.

In addition to these, what makes a physics tutor stand out are communication skills and a hard-wired intuition that helps you to understand your students well.

What is the average salary you can hope to earn?

As the previous sections demonstrate, physics is, currently, among the subjects most in demand, and thanks to its complicated nature, which includes tons of hard-to-solve equations and formulae, it is also one of the most satisfying and highly-remunerated subjects to teach.

If you are a private physics tutor and teach your students online, you can hope to earn anything between 30 to 50 thousand dollars per annum. So that now you know that tutoring physics online is a very giving experience, both emotionally and financially, learning how to become a physics tutor becomes all the more urgent and necessary.

The average salary of an online physics tutor depends on several key factors. These are.

  1. The educational degree or qualification of the individual in question
  2. Years of teaching experience or proof of teaching ability such as a QTS
  3. An overall understanding of key areas in physics
  4. Teaching methodology and how deeply intuitive it is

As mentioned above, the higher your qualification is, the more likely you are to attract students and fetch a great salary. Your salary is also determined by the years of teaching experience you have, which is a pretty good way to judge how good you really are at tutoring. While it may sound like a pretty old-fashioned statement to make, the truth is, your experience reflects how well you have been able to make your students learn concepts on physics.

If you are young and have never taught before, now is a good time to start. You can learn by voluntarily signing up to tutor your friends, your siblings, family members, your friends’ children or even the neighbourhood kids. You can ask them to give you an honest opinion, or positive criticism, which will help you further hone your skills. You can also work as a student mentor, ESL teacher, or volunteer for a teaching assistant profession before you set out in the vast world of online physics tutoring.

To make sure, you earn the right amount of remuneration as per your qualifications, ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of physics as a subject, how it is taught in different schools and boards, the various syllabi as well the diverse formats and curricula that students are made to study. If you are someone who’s just starting out, specialising in one specific exam board, such as the GCSE or AQA is perfectly alright.

What is the working format you are expected to follow as a physics tutor?

As you ponder over how to become a physics tutor, consider the fact that a well-structured schedule, format and work ethic, go a long way into making you a great physics tutor. Before you set out to become one, familiarise yourself with all that there is to know, including the various exam boards, past and sample test papers as well as grading specifications, so that you are well-prepared to face your very first student.

Here’s our holistic guide to help you set up your career as an online physics tutor.

  1. First,as a private physics tutor, is to look out for all the educational material out there on the Internet, as well as in books, and create a compendium of specially curated notes, study material and sample papers, well before time. This will help you get acquainted with the subject beforehand as well as familiarise with any changes in the exam patterns if any.
  2. Lay special emphasis and care on your students’ needs. Make sure you clarify every doubt and try to answer as many questions as possible. You will learn that fanning your students’ curiosity is the best kind of experience, being a tutor can possibly yield.
  3. Make sure that your students completely understand every concept, equation or formulae. Without an adequate grasp of the concepts, your students will not be able to solve tough assignments or answer complex questions, no matter how good a tutor you are.
  4. Conducting pop quizzes and making online classes interactive will help your students understand and learn while piquing their curiosity and making them spend more time studying.

How and where can you apply to become a physics tutor?

Before you set yourself up as a physics tutor, the key step is to first effectively market your teaching skills to potential clients, tutorial sites and students. Several online tutoring websites offer positions as physics tutors, and My Homework Help is a great choice when it comes to teaching students online. Register your details at today, and see your dreams of becoming a physics tutor come true!

Online services such as My Homework Help enable students to look for a tutor that best suits them, which means, that when you sign up on the website, you are practically advertising your skills and qualifications to hundreds of students. My Homework Help requires you to hold a minimum Bachelor’s degree in your subject to be able to apply, while the qualifications above it are more than welcome.

If the next time you find yourself wondering how to become a physics tutor and if it’s a viable career option, you know you are in the right place with My Homework Help.

As you will slowly observe, tutoring physics or any subject online has its set of advantages. For starters, most of the restrictions that come with schools and colleges are absent here. You can teach students flung far away in Singapore from the comfort of your home in Brooklyn. Also, a higher average salary, as opposed to offline teaching, makes this an all the more lucrative career option.

How does My Homework Help accept new tutors?

With My Homework Help, you can be assured of getting students quicker than you thought. As a student or client makes a new request for a Physics tutor via a job advertisement or site posting, an instant alert is sent to the team of tutors, making the process of finding a suitable tutor, swift and easy. When you sign up as a new tutor on the website, you are subjected to a series of procedures. These are:

  1. The first step is to provide your initial credentials, which include identity proofs and educational certificates.
  2. You are then asked to provide a set of experience letters if any.
  3. The final step requires you to write an examination, which will further determine your eligibility. Such examinations are organised by My Homework Help with the help of other tutors and are designed to test your understanding of concepts, your intuition and knowledge.

What are the steps you need to follow to become a physics tutor online?

So now that you know how to become a physics tutor, quick and easy, here are some steps you need to follow to make sure you are good at your new job.

  • Create your very own tutoring profile

Once you are accepted and inducted into the team of tutors at My Homework Help, you need to set up a proper tutoring profile of your own on the site. This will help students easily discover you on the site and also go through your qualifications to gauge if you are a perfect fit for them.

  • Receiving tutoring requests

After setting up your tutoring profile, you will be bombarded with student requests. Make sure you read through each one of their requirements and accept them as per your convenience and salary needs.

  • Interacting with new students

As your lessons begin, make sure you know all your students, and interact with them so that they can warm up to you and the teaching process feels fun and healthy. Introduce yourself to new students, if any.

  • Getting more jobs

With time, you will get more and more requests to teach, and all of this depends on how well you teach and how much you can communicate with your students. You can also request past students for references to help keep a steady flow of new students.

Prepare yourself with all these tips and ace your career as an online physics tutor, with My Homework Help, right away.

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