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How Can Students Minimize Homework Challenges with Ease

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

How often do you hear students feeling so lethargic about their homework? I know, pretty often. It’s like a cycle of 3 phases. One- when students get their homework, two- when they have to finish it on time and three- when they try to understand what to do then turn back to “I never had a homework” kind of reactions. Do you realize what makes them feel so? Well, I think it’s the time to observe and act now.
What areall problems the children might have?

  • If they have ADHD disorder

It’s not their fault when they cannot concentrate on their homework. Because of the stressful day all together in school and tuitions, after coming back to home, when they sit to complete their home works, even a slight sound can distract them.

  • Differentiate between ADHD and learning inefficiency

You might be confused with both the terms but they are slightly different from each other. ADHD is an Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In this case, the instability lasts almost for more than 6 months, whereas, learning inefficiency is a term where even if they want to, their neurological system doesn’t support them much.

  • Involvement and execution problems

It’s very important that children understand how to plan and organize things so as to manage their home tasks better. There’s something called priority and necessity. If they are finishing off the homework before time, that’s fine. But they must plan which one to choose first. If they don’t, there’s always going to be a time issue.
What are the solutions to those problems?
Well, answers for how can students minimize homework challenges with ease can be google or studied.
If you really want your child to be good and punctual about their studies and basically homework, these are the basic building blocks you will need to apply to help them tackle their home works:

  • Always encourage them:

A wrong way to treat your child when they do not finish homework is when you scold or abuse them for not completing their home tasks. Do not do that! This can hamper your child worse. They go through some problems. So, all you need to do is be available and make them understand when they need help. When they ask you some questions, tell them, “Impressive that you asked that question”. Trust me, nothing better than encouraging them can make them be punctual about their work.

  • Talk to the school teachers

There’s nothing better than this solution. Losing contacts from the teachers will always be a great headache for both the kid and you since you will never get to know what is actually happening with your child. Don’t be ignorant and try discussing your child and what problems they are facing.

  • Allow them to relax before homework

After awhole day of the schooling, it’s obvious that your child is tired and their nervous system and senses do not work properly. Do not push them to do homework before they feel like they are ready to work.

  • Schedule setting

You are the parent of your child and you know them better than anyone does. Observe and understand how they can actually be happy. Research shows that children’s brain work better when they are happy. So make it strict that they follow some schedules and before they go for home works, they are relaxed enough. Avoid screens.

  • Hunger problem

A brain can never work properly when a person is hungry. They only know that they want food. So, make sure that they are not hungry before starting their home works.

  • Break a full loaded task into pieces

It’s so obvious that anyone will get frustrated when it’s the last moment work and they have hell lot of things to do in that. Ultimately, they cannot complete the task on time. Make them understand that setting tasks in smaller pieces everyday is helpful for them. It’s better to have some hours than sleepless nights regularly.

  • Focus on their learning style

Not everyone can grab letters or numbers. Some children’s nervous system responds the best in some parts like graphics, drawing, graphs or any fun things related to them. You can always make them connect to some sorts of incidents happening in their lives to make them understand better. Know how they can remember things the best.

  • Tuitions can help them learn better

It’s true that when in school, there might be aproblemfor a teacher for a bunch of people responding to everything to everyone says. And some children need special care and attention to improve. If you feel like they are lacking attention and you are not being able to give them time, seek for a tutor who can love and caring and can handle your child well.

  • There must be a break

5 minutes! Yes, it’s just 5 minutes that the average human attention span is. But they can stretch to 20 minutes if they try to focus more and put this on habit. Let them talk a walk after 20-30m minutes and then get back to their home works again. This short 1-2 minutes break can help them concentrate better. However, take care of the timing.

  • Learn to forgive and appreciate them

When a child listens to everything that you say and follows them but fails in some cases, you need to be much tolerant of handling them. Get back to them from the first and appreciate them for their hard work. Appreciation can increase the will power of your child to do better the next time.

  • Bribe them

I know that sounds so funny, but that’s effective. At the peak time, bribing them is the most happening thing. Set a goal of like- if you finish your homework by this time, you will get a chocolate or maybe anything that you like. Lucrative things make people get to their goal faster and better.