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How to Motivate Students to Do Their Homework?

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

‘Motivation’ is a very significant and strongly essential term in any aspect of life.In order to perform any kind of work – does not matter even if it is a simple one, one requires motivations. Without any motivation, doing a job becomes a burden and even if one finishes doing that job, it will notbe perfect or appropriate.Lack of passion and motivation for a job cannot be hidden even by hard work. So, it is evident how important motivation isin our life. It gives us strength to do our tasks perfectly and sincerely without feeling tired or worn out.
Naturally, motivation is required in student lives too and perhaps to a much greater extent than in other cases. We very often hear students complaining about too many lessons to prepare for or too much pressure of studies and home assignments.We also hear about students who refuse to do their homework and play or watch TV all the time. The simplest answer to all such questions like, ‘how to deal with the immense pressure of studies?’ and ‘what to do when students do not do their homework?’ is ‘motivation’. So, if you are a parent or a guardian and your child is having those usual troubles which most students face regarding studies, then you need to know the right tricks and ways to motivate them. There are some of those ways which will help to bring some motivation in a student’s life and any troubledparentor even student can adopt them for making life easier and interesting.
Before getting into the details of these tricks of motivation, it must be understood very well that if you are a parent then you are dealing with a very sensitive issue. These tricks may not be highly effective since day one and it is suggested to hold your patience. If you lose patience, it might spoil the entire situation. This must be kept in mind.
Improve workspace
Workspace is an important factor when it comes to serious work.No person wishes to work in a poor work area, where there are lots of problems like shortage of working ambiance, poor ambiance, little space, etc. A similar feeling works forstudents too.

  • So to motivate them, their workspace must be upto the mark.
  • Make sure that your child’s workspace, i.e.their study desk is sufficiently lit up.
  • It should not be tugged in a damp corner of the room; rather it should be wellspacious and should be swept by fresh air from doors of windows.
  • There must be places at or near their desk for keeping accessories and supplies for studying i.e. their desk should be well supplied with stationery supplies like pencils, pens, eraser, sharpeners, notebooks, rulers, etc.
  • Their study room should be peaceful and quiet with least external disturbances.

This kind of a setup to the workspace of your child really does have an effect on their mood, which is usually towards a beneficial side.
Deal with distractions wisely
Distraction is an ageold enemy of students during their studies. Most people, including parents believe that distractions draw attentions of students and destroy their concentration on studies. This is true in most cases, but not in some.

  • Some students, especially adolescents claim that they can learn their lessons and do their homework better while listening to musicon radio or TV.
  • Suchclaims are true in certain cases but not always.
  • Audio inputs like music from instrumentsor sounds of natural environments e.g. as of waterfalls, bees, cicadas, crickets, etc. are useful distractions. They have proven to be helpful in increasing concentration.
  • However, visual inputs and audio of songs, vocal music, speeches, etc. are enemies of concentration and act as real distractions from studies and they must not be indulged while doing homework.

Although distractions can sometimes be useful and beneficial, however, it is better to leave them aside while doing tricky and troublesome assignments and give full concentration on your homework.
Help to be organized
Being organized is a very beneficial way todo gain motivation in doing homework and studying.

  • Help your child to make a daily as well as weekly schedule for studyingand also other activities.
  • This schedule should consist of not only studies but also entertainment and recreational activities like playing games and watching TV.
  • It is also helpful ifthe tougher tasks or assignments are sandwiched between easier jobs and entertainments.
  • It would also be bettertodivide all recreational activities into smaller slots in this schedule.

Involve wisely
A parent should involve themselves in homework and study of their child, but wisely. If you are a parent then you must know when and how to get involved.

  • Be positive towards your child’s studies and homework. Show them your care and confidence.
  • Criticismand offering punishments fortheir mistakes are poortools for educating your child. They may provide temporary motivation, but will not be helpingthem in the long run.
  • What your child requires for their motivation is your support and encouragement.
  • Encourage every small effort of your child and give them enough support when they are troubled with homework.
  • It is to be remembered – do not do their homework yourself. Rather help them to find their way to a solutionand to deal with their assignments.

Modify studies
Your child will be mostly motivated in doing their homework if they find it as interesting as the games that they play.

  • Turn this task of doing homework into a game that your child may like.
  • You may tell them to attempt questions in their homework as in a quizcontest, solving each in a limited time period.
  • Set simple rules for this homework game, like declaring English questions as level 1 and maths questions in level 2.
  • You may also offer certain privilege to your child like they can only ask for your personal help twice during this so-called quiz.

This kind of an atmosphere during studies can hike up your child’s interest a lot. You can even see the same enthusiasm in their eyes as when they play their video games.
Reveal actual truth
No person likes to do a job or a task without knowing anything about why they are doing it or what will be its result. Same goes with a student. If they find no reason or cause behind whatever they are studying they are bound to lose interest. It is the job of a parent or a guardian to explain what education means and why one should do it at all. Project light on the basis of each and every subject, which your child has to study and allow them to feel the depths of those.
These are a few major ways that can help a parent or guardian motivate their children to do their homework sincerely. So, if you happen to be a parent anxious about your children’s education or if your children are not studying properly, you can put these tricks to good use.