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What Are the Steps for Proper Management of Both Studies and Extra-Curricular Activities for Students?

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By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016

Management skills are essential for each and every person to be successful in their respective field. It is evident that most of the students start their new session with new hopes and aspirations. In order tofulfill those desires and targets, it is important to have proper management skills. In other words, it can be said that without proper management skills they will not be able to do well in the entire session or semester.
In addition, it is also worth to mention that extra-curricular activities are equally important for the students because study only can lower down their energy level. Thus, both studies and extra-curriculum activities are equally important for the students, but management of both the aspects is not a cup of tea for everyone. In this post, the readers will get to known about the different steps for the proper management of both studies and extra-curriculum activities.
Students have to follow certain steps in order to manage their studies, and they are mentioned below:

  1. Prepare a Term Calendar

Just at the beginning of the session students must make a term calendar in which there will be different activities to be undertaken for the entire session. It is essential because the calendar will help you to work accordingly. Makes sure that your calendar must have all the essential details like:

  • Different exams with their dates
  • Different activities to be undertaken in school
  • Assignment submission date with their deadlines
  • Project assignments to be submitted in school


  1. Always plan your activities after school work

It is one of the most important and crucial management steps through which students can easily manage their studies. Never consider that you will complete the work related to your study after all the activities those are not pre-planned. Doing this might hamper your entire calendar and flow also.

  1. Try to use effective and helpful resources

It’s better to use the most effective and helpful sources that would help you in the smooth process of your studies. It is evident that because of lack of valid and helpfulsources most of the students face difficult in their course of study.

  1. Sleep in plenty, eat more and get light exercise

Often it happens with the students that they fail to concentrate on their studies generally when they are not at their peak. So in order to counter this problem, it is recommended to most of the students to eat in abundant, sleep more and yes do little exercise. Doing all these will help the students to maintain the proper metabolism of their body that will, in turn,help them to concentrate more on their studies.

  1. You have to flexible

It is true that you can plan everything because it happens that something wrong goes with you. In that case, the students must be prepared with a contingency plan or they must be flexible enough to complete thedue work after the well-being of the condition.

  1. Try to get into a dedicated study space

It is often seen that most of the students are unable to focus on their studies properly. The main reason behind this inability is the kind of distractions which is present in the place chosen for the purpose of study. It is always recommended that the students should choosea placewhere there is no distraction and where they can study peacefully.

  1. Make priority of your assignments

This is the most important and crucial part for better management of studies. Homework or assignments are the most crucial part of our education system where the ability or competence of the students is being tested. So it is important to prioritize the assignments given to you, and you can do this by organizing the tough one later and convenient one before.
So these are some of the important steps for proper management of studies that would help the students throughout the academic session.
Moving on to this post the readers will be able to go through different steps for the management of extra curriculum activities. But before that, it is important to mention that extra curriculum activities are very important for the students because it allows the students to get involved in several activities apart from studies like singing, dancing, music, sports, athletics, etc. It is also true that extra curriculum activities help to be fit and active, and this is directly relatedto good performance in studies.
Now steps for the management of extra-curriculum activities for students:

  1. Don’t run in every direction

As I have already mentioned earlier that there are numerous activities to be undertaken in extra-curriculum activities but the students are required to fix their particular field. They cannot run after each and every activity because that will restrict them for learning a single sport or anything with its basics.

  1. Schedule your extra-curriculum calendar

It is true that most of the schools are having a list of extra-curriculum activities to be performed throughout the session. But students have to keep in mind that they will not perform in every activity except the one of their interest zone.

  1. Commitment is the key to success

It is true that without proper dedication and commitment you cannot gain success in any given field. So the first step is to choose your interest zone and then give 100 percent commitment in that particular field or activity.

  1. Never combine studies and extra curriculum activities

You must be aware of the fact if you combine studies with curriculum activities then the result will be devastated because on that time you won’t be able to any single side. So it’s better to keep both of them separately.

  1. Don’t involve yourself in CCA activities most of the time.

Make a proper time schedule and work accordingly as I told earlier also that management is very essential to be successful in any given field.
So these are steps for proper management of both sports and extra curriculum activities for the students in order to successful in both the field.
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