Are You New Into High School? Check out Challenges of School Work and Ways to Effectively Deal With It!

By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016

From the time my niece has crossed the domain of middle school and taken her steps within the doors of high school, she has been on a high. Giving a detailed description of her high school mates, new teachers and a variety of new subjects, she is simply at a far reaching level. Meeting her at the recent luncheon was a matter of great joy for me.
However, if there was just one thing that was tormenting her nights, were the challenges associated with the school work, and how different it was from the elementary levels of school work. This sudden change in levels of studies was not something unheard of, but surely that moment of sudden gloom that overcame her spirit amongst that tone of enjoyment showed the gravity of this situation.
‘’Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself’’
The true value of education:
It is very important to note, that true education does not add up to the standards of learning. Rather it is the building up of a character that is more important. When I saw this problem faced by my niece herself, I did realise what were the major goals that most of the educationists or teachers tend to forget. They rather find it easier to concentrate on rote learning that is more into streamlined procedure.
As a counsellor myself, I have found very many students who have just entered high school, come down with this problem of sudden change in level of studies. The school work that was moderate in previous cases, suddenly seem to increase and they are simply not in a position to deal with it.
It is here that I would like to put forth, what the major challenges that occur before students, and how they can combat it in best possible manner.
Challenges associated with high school work:
Unlike middle school, challenges of high school work is quite different and to a great extent quite difficult.

  • Introduction of new subjects:

The students till lower and middle schools have a set of subjects that call for intense studying. However, since they are accustomed to this kind of studies, they do not face much difficulty.
With introduction of new subjects, newer concepts and ideas are introduced. Though, those subjects have a base that is already present in lower schools, yet students need to get to much deeper levels of that subject. This can get problematic for students as they are not so acquainted with these details.
Hence, streamlining students in regards to understanding of a subject can get quite problematic. In this regard, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the extensive concepts of this subject.

  • A host of activities within school domains:

At high school, as I have seen on a personal note and have been described by my niece, the activities within domain of schools become wider. Since, minimal school records are not enough for students to get into proper professional domain, hence participation in all these activities are of utmost importance.
This could lead to a lack in basic studying and hence complications may arise on the academic front. Thus, students have to face this challenge as well.

  • Submission of assignments and practical work:

With entrance to high school, there are a bevy of assignments that are placed before students that require their utmost concentration. So apart from regular homework these assignments and regular practical classes add on to the pressure of students, and they tend to lose out heart.
This extensive change in school work is a major reason for initial excitement associated with school to vanish within a short span of time. Hence, as a counsellor, it is part of my job that calls for suggesting certain measures that could help students relieve the major issues that are associated with this school work.
Ways to combat with this sudden change:
Getting a somewhat positive response from my niece in this regard, has given me confidence to share these strategies with others. I sincerely hope that they too will get some help out of it.

  • Attending classes on a regular basis:

It is very important to understand a subject in a proper manner, students should attend classes regularly. Most students, once in high school, tend to take classes lightly. This could spell disaster for them, as they tend to miss out on a lot of practical activities. So, students should attend classes on a regular basis, for making sure that high school work becomes comparatively easier for them.

  • Taking help of assignments:

Rather than homework and rote learning, it is more effective that students check out assignments that have been done on this topic. There are certain topics that require complete rote learning. However, certain other topics deal primarily with conceptual clarity and detailing.
With projects, students can get a better viewpoint in regards to a specific subject. While further consulting those they will be able to complete their homework as well. These projects make sure that students get a conceptual clarity of a specific subject, and hence they can deal with it post that.
My niece, rather than concentrating on homework notes and extra books, started consulting assignments that provided a detailed analysis of any particular subject that added on to level of understanding for that subject. In this way, stress level can be lessened and students can get a better understanding of that subject.

  • Consulting video classes:

‘’Be drawn to visual arts for it can expand your imagination’’
Visual explanation of a particular topic is far more effective in comparison to general modes. There are a number of online videos available on various subjects and their branches on YouTube for students to check out. These videos make sure that students get to see actually how a subject is progressing and gain further knowledge in regards to that subject.
So, make sure that you try out this technique with your ward for best results.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Most of the students, the moments they tend to enter high school, seem to throw discipline out of their lives. This is surely one of the worst situations, and can pull the best of students down.
With a number of new subjects being introduced and concepts being meted out, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that would help the brain function in a proper manner. Healthy lifestyle is a must for reaching heights of success and students need to include nutritious particles in their food and maintain a healthy body and mind that would help them in combating difficulties of the high school work.
With these techniques followed to core, one can surely get best of results in regards to combating challenges presented by high school work.
In case you have any queries or suggestions, you are welcome to get back to us!

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