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Homework Is Bad Quotes: Use Some Tricks and Overcome This Situation

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”- John Dewy. It means that education is very interesting. But in present time, it becomes a matter of tension to the students. They feel that homework is bad quotes. Students think that this is a burden to them because they have several projects or homework to do. They say, “Who has created homework.” Students express their feeling in depression, “Oh no, not again.” This is a complicated situation that they have to face regularly. Every day they go to the school and return with a burden of homework.
In this situation, they want to come out from this condition. It creates negative thoughts in them. They feel afraid to go to the school. Homework is important, but teachers have to think that they should not create aburden on the students.
Negative effects of homework burden:
Students have lots of assignments and they are bound to complete it on time. If they cannot finish their tasks they will get punishments. This is a common situation that students face every day. There are several negatives effects of this homework burden:

  • Fear of study:

Students have the tension of completing their tasks. They take tension because they will get punishments if they fail to submit their tasks on time.

  • Tension:

They gradually start to dislike their teachers and this fear of punishment increases their tension. This is not good for health. As a result, they lost their confidence.

  • Avoid classes:

This is natural that students find more interest in doing other things than homework. So, when they fail to do their tasks they start to avoid their classes. In this way, they cannot learn their subjects and their skill gradually decreases.

  • Decrease interest:

Students do not attend their classes because they cannot complete their tasks. If they do not attend the classes, they will not learn the subject and they will not find any interest in the subject.

  • Low marks:

If students do not learn the topic because they have no interest in it and their idea about the topic is not clear. It will reduce the percentage of the score. In this way, they fail to develop their career.

  • Depression:

Homework burden creates tension and over tension and fear create adepression for the students. If a student lives with depression, they will not be able to perform well in the exam. As a result, they cannot improve their career. In this situation, it is very natural to think that homework is bad quotes.
Tricks to solve the homework fast:
Students have to do their homework. There is no way to avoid it. On the other hand, if they do it properly with concentration, they will get benefits. So, they should know some tricks that will help them. I have used all thesetricks and I have overcome this situation. So, I want to share these with others. If you are in the same condition and you think homework is bad quotes, you can use all these tricks.

  • Find a perfect place:

Before starting the homework, you have to choose a perfect place where you can do your all tasks peacefully. For this, you have to find a serene place. You can also read like Quotes on homework should be banned: know how to overcome. In this way, you can know more about homework.

  • Arrange all important study materials:

Arrange all study materials that you may need at the time of doing your homework. If you do not sit with them, you have to walk around the room.

  • Study on the study table:

Students should avoid sitting on the bed while doing tasks because it makes them lazy and reduce the interest in the subject.

  • Remove all distraction:

Students want to ignore homework. In this situation, this is easy to distract their mind. So, they have to avoid all those things that can distract their mind. If they follow my suggestion, they will not think that homework is bad quotes.

  • Inform your parents:

Before going to the study room, you should inform your parents and siblings that you are going to do your homework. If they call you, you will lose your concentration in the subject.

  • Make a list:

You have to write down the name of all assignments in paper so that you can easily find out how many assignments you have to do. In this way, you can stop thinking that homework is bad quotes.

  • Make a plan:

Students should make a plan when they will do your homework. They have also to decide which assignment they will complete first.

  • Choose perfect time:

You can do your tasks anytime. So, you have to select a time according to your choice. You can do it in the evening, in the morning or at night.

  • Divide your free hours:

Divide your free time and note down when you will do which homework.

  • Set a timer:

For completing your tasks very fast, you can set a timer and try to finish the work by that time. It will help to do your assignment quickly.

  • Understand your subject:

If you want to solve your homework quickly, you have to understand your topic first. You can take the help of your teacher, parents or internet.

  • Play a song:

For keeping the interest in the studies, students can play their favorite music. It will improve their concentration.

  • Take some snacks:

They can keep some fruits or snacks with them. When they feelhungry, they do not have to go to the kitchen.

  • Take a break:

This is very important to keep the interest and concentration until the end. So, they have to take a break after an hour. This break should not more than 5 minutes.

  • Talk to your friends:

At your break time, you can call your friends to know what they are doing.

  • Marks on the list:

After completing one task, you have to mark on the list. It encourages doing more tasks.

  • Do something interesting:

Make a plan that after doing the homework you will do something interesting.
So, all these tricks are great to concentrate on the homework and to overcome this situation. If you follow all these suggestions, you will never think that homework is bad quotes. I hope these will help you. If you have any queries, you can ask me.