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Excuses and Famous Quotes about Not Doing Homework by Students:

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Students often make excuses in doing homework. Parents and teachers find many quotes about not doing homework by students.If students are not willing to do homework, then this becomesan argument and daily battle between students and parents at home. You believe it, or not many students need unnecessary arguments and scoldingto start their homework.
Homework is not something that will kill you. Students have to do the homework regularly. Instead of doing the homework students start thinking how much they have to do. Sometimes a lot of work at home makes it impossible to finish it in time. Many students find homework is an unhealthy process and have no use.
Some of the favorite quotes about not doing homework that is presented by students in schools are:

  • I donot remember to do my homework:

Many students often give this excuse to their teachers in school. Perhaps students do not bore to do homework regularly. Many of the students ignore doing homework for the day and invent some excuses to avoid getting more homework.

  • I thought the homework was in my bag, but it looks like I forget to put it in bag, and accidently I left my workbook at home:

This is one of the greatest excuses. Students are genius in creating multiple stories and quotes about not doing homework at home. This works good many times, but students should remember that teachers are much smarter than you think. Teachers have the ability to take the truth out from your mouth.
“There’s always that student who will tell the truth to the teacher and make your statement wrong.”

  • I did not have enough time because yesterday my cousin came to my house:

How often can a student make asingle excuse? You have to change it from time to time to make your teacher fool. It is just like hide and seek game. But you always want to win the gameon every play. It is better to know that teachers are familiar with many of the excuses. Students should perform well to make the statement genuine and authentic.
“Good teachers know how to bring out the truth from students.”

  • I did not understand the homework, could you please explain it to me. I will do and bring it tomorrow:

Many students are smart actors. This statement becomes more effective for mathematics problems. Many students feel it difficult to solve the problems and make some smart quotes about not doing homework at home. Teachers then help students to understand methods how to solve these types of problems.

  • I do the homework, but unfortunately, the workbook fall into the mud:

Many students make silly statements to avoid scolding and punishments from their teacher. Teachers have enough knowledge to judge your statements. You may think that you are smarter, but teachers have one foot forward. This statement works if you are able to show the workbook with mud to the teacher.

  • I think I was absent when you gave the homework:

You may give any excuse but if you make the above statement then remember your teacher can check your class register. If ateacherfindsyour attendances tick on the register, then this will become an awful day in school. You may be punished for not telling the truth.

  • I was ill from last few days that’s why I am not able to complete the homework:

To make this statement does not imply that you are safe from doing homework. Your teacher may ask for the medical certificate or a written statement from your parents. You are trying to avoid homework, and your teacher is sending you towards your parents. Remember, if you have to bring written statement from the parents, then this will become hectic for you.You have to make reasonable efforts to convince your parents to provide written statement. If your parents say they would notdo, then you will be on thestack in school.

  • Tell your teacher the truth:

The telling truth will create a significant impact on teacher’s thoughts. Your teacher may appreciate you for telling the truth on the occasion.This will make a positive statement and show your sincerity towards homework, study and teacher.
Many students make some unusual steps and reach the teacher before class. If you say in advance to your teacher can make the process flexible. You should talk in such a way that you can convince them.This may help in increasing the time period to submit your homework.
How do teachers make students engage in doing homework in time?
If most the students start making quotes about not doing homework, then this will lead to putting a serious impact on other students. Teachers have to take some serious and practical steps to deal with these problems.

  • You should ask the Dean of the school about student’s activity.
  • You have to make the things understandable to the students why homework is important in school life.
  • You have to teach the value doing homework in time. This reveals the value of time in everyone’s life.
  • You can arrange meetings with the parents and tell them the need of homework. This will also help in understanding how much homework is enough for early students.
  • You should ask parents to keep the focus on students and help them to concentrate on studies.Some quality hours of themeeting can definitely solve the problems.
  • Teachers can share those excuses with the parents to make them understand about student’s activity during class hours.

“Connecting home and school makes a great community of learners.”
Parents are the greatest teacher for every kid. You have to put theeffort from their childhood to understand the value of time, study and education. Many times it is impossible to make aserious impact on few students. You can hire mentors and separate tutors for help.Several professional experts are also helping students to understand the topic and enhance their existing skills.
Parents can hire online academies for homework help to avoid telling unnecessary quotes about not doing homework in school. This will distribute the load and students can focus on studying their subjects more thoroughly. Students should keep in mind that you have to check the homework and understand it careful before submitting in school to avoid any mishappening.