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Quotes on Homework Should Be Banned: Know How to Overcome

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Are you feeling exhausted about the thought of homework? Do you think that homework should be banned? All these are negative thoughts and such thoughts can create anxiety in students. But, this is also true that there are several students who think about all these questions. Among many other thoughts, quotes on homework should be banned are very common. When we do not like something or we feel disturbed by something, we want that to be banned.
Students always live a life of tension. They have the burden of doing many assignments by the time. The most important fact is this journey of doing homework will not end till a student completes his/her study. They have to do it in the school and also in the college. Homework is good and this is necessary, but students are told to do several assignments. It creates a burden for them. So, teachers have to understandthat they should treat their students in a proper way. They have to pay proper attention to at the time of giving the homework.
What students think about homework?

  • Pupils do not like homework and they always want to avoid it because of the burden.
  • Students do not want to attend the class because they have not done their tasks.
  • They tell a lie to their teachers because their homework is incomplete.
  • After doing the homework, they do not get time to learn their subject. It reduces the skill of the students.
  • They gradually lose their interest and attraction to the studies.
  • They feel that they want to leave the place so that they have to do their homework.
  • They start to dislike their teachers and say many wrong things to them.
  • Their negative thoughts towards the teachers reduce the interest in the subject. Theythink that their teachers are their enemy and they cannot pay attention to their subject.
  • Continuous tension leads them to depression.
  • A kind of fear gradually grows in them.
  • As a result, they do many negatives activities.

So, students face these kinds of situation. If they cannot enjoy their studies and they live in the fear, they cannot get agood score in the exam. In this situation when they are under huge pressure, think quotes on homework should be banned.
As a teacher, I have noticed that in present time students are not happy and they are under several mental pressures. So, teachers and parents should understand their condition and treat them with care and love.
How to overcome this situation:
Students should understand that they have to come out from this situation. It is very harmful to take tension. In this way, they will not be able to learn anything and they cannot improve their career. So, they have to find out some solutions that can help them to do their homework and they will not think quotes on homework should be banned. Motivation:
When students are under tension and depression, only proper motivation can work. Otherwise, they will do their task with tension. So, you have to overcome this situation and you have to motivate yourself. You cannot reduce the number of assignments, but you can make this entire process interesting. There are some processes to do this:
Understand the importance of doing the homework:
You are not interestedto do your tasks because you feel bored and you want to do some other things. In this situation, you have to clear your ideas about homework. There are several benefits of doing assignments:
Homework makes a habit of learning regularly.

  • It reduces the burden of the exam because regularly doing homework prepares the students for their next exam.
  • It helps to develop the skill of the students.
  • If they do their tasks with proper attention, they will be able to remember the topic for a long period.
  • In this way, they can clear their confusion before the exam. It helps to get a good score in the exam.

So, they have to understand and remember all these benefits. These positive thoughts will encourage them to do their tasks properly.

  • Do your tasks with your friends:

Students have to make their process of doing the task interesting. For making it interesting and decreasing the boringness, they can arrange a group study. If they do their homework with their friends, they will not feel bored and they can easily solve all difficult questions. You should know some students search like Homework is bad quotes: Use some tricks and overcome this situation.

  • Do it in the school:

It is natural that doing homework is time-consuming, so they have to make a plan that can help them to do other things. For doing this, they can do their half tasks in the class when they get free time. So, they do not have the burden to complete it at their homework.

  • Make a perfect plan:

You have to make a perfect plan for doing your all tasks. You can divide your time. You have to select a time when you can do your tasks. If you follow this plan, you will be able to complete you all assignments by the time and you will net feel tensed.

  • Listen to music:

For making the homework process interesting, you can listen to soft music. It will change the atmosphere of the room and it will remove your all tensions. Within few minutes, you will feel energetic and can concentrate on your studies.

  • Take some snacks:

Students can take some snacks with them. If they sit with some interest and tasty snacks, they find interest in their subjects. At the same time, they will forget their tension and burden. In this way, they can change their mind and can stop thinking quotes on homework should be banned.
After knowing the importance of the homework and knowing the process of motivating yourself, you will find interest in the matter of doing homework. In this way, you can avoid quotes on homework should be banned. I have tried to show these ways to motivate the students. If you have any question that you want to know, you can comment here.