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Healthy Tips to Motivate the Competitive Spirit in Your Child

By Sarah J Mitchell
17 Sep, 2016
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Competition in today’s modern world is increasing day by day and thus it has become necessary to develop a competitive spirit within us in order to cope up with the pace of competition. Competitive spirit will help you achieve your goals and reach great heights in your life. Without a competitive nature a person always tends to lag behind and get diverted from their goals. Competitive spirit will help you fight away all your problems.
Competitive nature separates a person having a never to lose attitude from a person who delays his work for next time. The next timers lose the opportunity of achieving their goals while the person with a competitive nature wins over him in everything. You should never have a mindset of delaying things as it brings failure in life.
Parents should help their child to cultivate competitive spirit within them from the childhood so that fighting away everything with a competitive behavior becomes their habit. Competitive nature is the only thing which will help them stand high in the crowd by helping them focus on their goals and targets. Students having a competitive nature will never be dissatisfied in their life as they know they are giving their best in whatever they are doing.
It not only helps you achieve your target and be focused in your life but also help you to maintain discipline in your life. It helps you to achieve all those things in life which seems to be very difficult. In order to develop competitive spirit in your child you need to first understand him, his weaknesses, his strength and then work on them accordingly.
Steps to cultivate competitive spirit in your child
Here are few lessons which will help you cultivate competitive sense in your child as parents:

  • Planning:

First and the most important thing as a beginner is to understand your child and form a structure as to how to start with your child. Just moving on without a planning will make your child confused and he will lose his confidence. There are three important things which your child requires to build up a strong foundation in him. They are:

  • Be friendly with your child by communicating with her in a friendly way. Help her to build a positive thinking towards you and towards everything she does. This will help her survive in difficult situations as well. Until and unless you are not open with your child and encourage her to think positively, she will never be confident on what she is doing. This will lead to her failure.
  • Win the confidence of your child that you are there with her in whatever she is doing. Give her assurance that your support is always there with her. Trust is the most important and valuable thing you can give to your child which will help her go a long way in her life.
  • Lastly be the best coach for your child because it is the home from where the child starts to learn first. If she gets a healthy and helpful environment at home she will be more confident and determined in everything she does.
  • Give them freedom

Nowadays children love freedom and space in their life. Try to give them that space so that they can open up to you about their dreams and ideas. A child will always give her best in things which she loves and this will help her excel in that.
As a parent, you should allow your child to live their dreams and compete in what they want to do. They will always come out with flying colors and be successful in that. But if you force her do those things which he is not good at, it will always lead to failure.

  • Move slowly:

Handle your child carefully and move very slowly when it comes to building up your child’s confidence. When a child is small he will adapt to small things very quickly so a wrong step taken by you will destroy his future. Avoid teaching him unnecessary things which is not suitable to his age. If you try to teach him things very quickly it will be very difficult for him and he will tend to lose interest in it.

  • Know their potential:

Not all children are same. They differ in their ability and potentials in some thing or the other. As parents you need to understand the potential of your child and help him compete in those things in which he is good at. This will also help him to develop his own unique personality. Things done forcefully without your child’s wish will always lead to his failure as he will not enjoy what he is doing.
These are some of the tips which you should keep in mind while guiding your child in developing competitive spirit in him.
What are the Benefits of competitive behavior?
There are many pros of having a competitive nature in you other than only success. Some of them are as follows:

  • Firstly it gives you the right motivation to make yourself ready for everything. People having competitive behavior never sit back and think. They love to take challenges and fight for everything. Motivation is the first step to success because if you are not motivated you will never like doing things.
  • Secondly it helps them to cross all kinds of barriers in life and reach their target. If you are competitive your main target will be to achieve your goal and be successful in it. Winning will the first aim of your life in everything you do.
  • Thirdly it gives you courage and strength to compete against the best people in every field. People with this behavior love to come out best by competing with the best. Winning is not only their main target but to win with pride is the main aim. On the same hand you they also like to play a healthy game and do not follow any wrong tricks.
  • Fourthly, these people also prove to be a great team player where they can win collective. A true nature of a hero is to win with all his team members if they are playing collectively.

These are few benefits of having a strong competitive spirit in you. But along with this they should also accept their losses in a healthy way. If parents know how to react to the poor grades of your child’s grades, it will become easy for the child to tackle his loss. This will not only help them to be successful but also a great human being.

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