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How to Get over with Your High School Assignments Fast and Easily?

by Sep 17, 2016Assignments

Doing homework is a touch task. Homework and assignments not only consume a whole lot of time but also are very boring things and are also so very frustrating. Moreover, there are always mistakes which keep on creeping into your work. This leads into some very embarrassing moments in class the next day.
So how would you get your assignment done efficiently, within stipulated time, without errors and without making it a frustrating job? The answer is simple. Read on and find out. Top 8 tips to enhance your IQ level will also help you to motivate you for doing your high school assignments. Yes there will be enough time from now onwards to dedicate towards your hobbies.
Step by step instructions for tackling assignments:
Here are four steps which have been designed specifically in order to enable young students complete their assignments on time and with a high efficiency. One simply should pay a lot of attention to these steps and make it a habit to follow these simple instructions:
Step One – Preparation:

  1. Gather your equipment and necessary items and bring them together in a peaceful room. Try to procure a desk or table and avoid bedrooms. Bed will attract the laziness inside you. So do not even think of going there. Work space should be neat and tidy and well-organized. It will help to keep things together. Make sure lighting conditions are adequate and all your equipment is close at hand.
  2. Get some peace. Ask your family members and your siblings to give you some space and serene time for you to complete your assignment easily. Privacy can help you a lot if you find it impossible to concentrate in noisy surroundings.
  3. Get rid of all those things which are sources of distraction. Cell phones are a menace while doing assignments. So are televisions and computers. Make sure to shut all these gadgets off before sitting down. If someone else is watching television, ask them to lower the volume and then shut the door.
  4. Organization is a major factor. Get the supplies near at hand. Keep them organized so that it becomes easy for you to find them without searching everywhere. This will also help to save time.
  5. Being at ease is a must in order to focus on your work and assignments. Make sure your seat is comfortable enough so that you will not get tired or have a back ache. Also consider wearing comfortable clothing that has loose fittings and are light. This will help you to focus on your work.

Step Two – Planning:

  1. Plan your time table well before hand. Make sure that there is enough time to complete it. Refrain from wasting time as time once wasted will never come back. Make your mind ready to complete things within time without procrastinating. You will never regret it later on.
  2. Organization is a big step in planning. Estimate the approximate duration of time you need to spend on each single assignment. Take out a list to help things become organized. This will make the situation easier to handle when there is a lot of work to be done. To boost motivation, first do the things that are easier to be done. This will help to boost your energy. Also, start doing computer assignments first.
  3. Prefer to work during the day. Daytime means that there is still time left in the evening. So you will panic less. Also, during daytime, your body and will be fresh which tends to become tired and sleepy at night. Daytime is also a source of ample lighting in good condition. So there will be no problem of your eyes getting tired.

Step Three – Studying:

  1. Make sure that the portion from which you are doing the assignment or homework is within your grip strongly. Make sure that you are doing by understanding what you are supposed to do. In case you have any kind of doubts lingering in your mind, be sure to ask your teacher in school or your tutor or your online tutor to clear it out. Otherwise whatever you are doing is going in vain and time is simply being wasted over nothing.
  2. Time yourself. Try to complete your stipulated amount of assignments within a specific time period which you should allot to yourself. It would be even better if you aim to complete the assignment well before time. In this way, it would become extremely easier for you in order to learn and utilize the benefits of time management.

From further onwards, good time management will not only enable you to do your assignments well before time but it will also help you in two other ways – learning up the text will become more fluent and you will also be able to complete your exams with enough time in your hand to do a thorough revision.

  1. If distractions affect you, try these things:
    1. Turn all your focus and attention to one particular job at hand and shut yourself out from the world. You will find it easier to concentrate on your studies
    2. Getting annoyed and protesting or asking to keep shut will only waste your time. Instead focus your energy in your work and you will feel that it will be easier to focus.
    3. Sometimes it happens that your attention and focus starts wandering on its own. This may be due to some crooked questions which you are struggling to understand. Best option would be to keep them aside after noting them down. Get your doubts clarified later on positively.
  2. Avoid procrastinating. Last minute rushes always lead to drastic circumstances. Mistakes are highly likely to creep in. completing the assignment become a big doubt. So do not ever wait until the eleventh hour to get the job done.
  3. Remember to take short breaks in between your assignments to keep yourself refreshed and energized. This also helps to focus and direct your concentration towards your assignments.

Step Four – Stay Motivated:

  1. Eating while you work on your assignment is a good idea. Good and healthy food can keep your mind up and running. Try chocolates and fruits like bananas, oranges, guava, etc. These foods help to sharpen your wits and increase retention power.
  2. Never forget to congratulate yourself upon completion of one set of assignment. This short message to your own self will help keep motivational spirits high.
  3. This may sound stupid but has been psychologically proven to be an effective tool in hastening up work rates. You can motivate yourself to complete your assignments by thinking of the time you will get free after you have completed your work.