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How to React to the Poor Grades of Your Child’s Grades

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Help

Grades and marks is the most important thing in a student’s life as it is a kind of reward they get for their hard work. But when a student gets bad grades it becomes a thing of great concern to the parents as it shows that they are failing to utilize their full potential. There can be many reasons behind their poor marks such as lack of attention, lack of hard work, lack of guidance, etc. first and the most important thing that you can do as a parent is to know the reason behind his bad grades.

If your child is getting poor grades it is necessary that you handle that carefully. Too much of aggression on your child will lead to more problems as teen nowadays become more stubborn if they are scolded. You will have to deal with the situation in a way that will motivate your child to do better in future. Scolding and getting angry with your child will not solve the problem at all.

In order to know the main problem that your child is facing it is very important that you become his friend first and then his parent. This will give your child an assurance that you will understand his problem so that he will share everything with you freely. Parents can be the best friend a child can have in his life. If you are not open to your child or if you are harsh to them regarding their marks they might tend to take wrong steps.

Basic Steps to be taken when your child gets poor grades

There are certain steps that the parents should keep in mind while handling the poor marks of their child. These tips will help them get a clear understanding of their child’s problem. Some of them are as follows:

  • Firstly, open up to your child and have a talk with him calmly. Before taking any steps know the reason behind his poor grades and what is the problem he is facing. Once you know the main reason it will be easy for you to move accordingly. Doing this will benefit you as well as your child.
  • Secondly, try to limit your expectation from your child. It is not always necessary that you child will score very good marks in all his examinations. Every child differ in their potentiality and knowing his capability will you set your expectation from him. Pressurizing your child to do things which he is not capable of will lead to his downfall.
  • Thirdly, don’t give very harsh punishment to your kid by taking away things which he likes. This will increase his problem more as he mind will be diverted to that thing. If he loves doing a thing and is best at doing it, let him improve his talents. Nowadays there are many fields and talent where your child can excel and be the best at it.
  • Fourthly, guide your child at home from the very beginning. Set a routine for him so that he can move accordingly and maintain a discipline in his life. A proper life structure will help him know when should he study and when should he do other things. Thus your child will develop a habit of completing his work in time within that fixed period.
  • Fifthly, understand the needs of your child and give him space for other things as well. Along with studies other activities are also important such as take him for a vacation during his summer and winter holidays. This will keep his mind fresh and he will be more focused in his work.

These are certain things a parent should keep in mind before dealing with your child. If these things don’t work then allow your child to fail and let him realize his own mistake. The day he will realize that he is lagging behind from his friends that day he will make an effort himself to improve his grades. Even though it will be a difficult step for the parents but in the long run it will benefit their child.

Punishment to your child for bad grades

Nowadays teenagers don’t like their parent’s intervention in their life. So it is necessary that you should handle your child in other ways in order to improve their grades. If the above few steps doesn’t work and your child is still performing badly then few punishments are required to make him realize his mistake.

But those punishments should not be innovative so that your child really values them. Some of them are as follows:

  • Supervise your child when he is his doing his homework. Teenagers tend to lie when it comes to doing homework and this affects their marks in a great way. So make it a point to check his homework after it is done or stand there when he is doing his homework. This will motivate him to finish their homework in time.
  • Talk to their school teacher from time to time. Drop in their school without even informing them and ask their teachers about their performance in class and whether they are attentive in class or not. This will create a threat in his mind and he will be more attentive and active in class.
  • Assign few fines for your child that your child has to if he performs bad in class. The fine should be zero if he excels in class and it should increase as the grades falls down. This will encourage your child to perform well in order to avoid these fines.
  • Other than assigning fines for your child’s performance you can also promise some kind of reward for your child if he excels in his class. Rewards can be anything he likes and is willing to get it. Your child will work very hard in order to achieve those rewards.
  • Force your child to do more and more homework regularly because practice makes a student perfect in whatever he does. You can purchase various workbooks and practice books where your child can practice. Internet is the best thing from where you can take help by downloading these workbooks online for free from online professional websites.

Along with these punishments and tips the most important thing is to develop a competitive spirit in your child from his childhood. There are several healthy tips to motivate the competitive spirit in your child and help them excel in every field he is into. Motivation and having a competitive behavior is the best thing you can build for your child’s personality.