Going through all the prior sections related to market imperfections, can you analyze the company types that will benefit from it? If you are considering about huge publicly traded corporations, imperfect markets are just mild terminologies. Interest rate spreads related to such company types are modest which you can see between risky lending and borrowing rates.

In most cases, especially in this instance, the rate of interest for promised borrowings is relatively higher in comparison to the money that is invested in Treasury bonds. There are chances that at some point in time such corporation can face bankruptcy. So, these companies look for expected borrowing capital costs that are closer to expected return rate. Because of such assumption, you will find such companies think and continue their business considering themselves to dwell in a perfect market situation. Taking this as a primary aspect, such considerations give then the freedom to expand their projects without worrying about financial requirements.

Again in comparison to expected rate of savings interest, the plausible capital cost is found relatively higher where small companies, entrepreneurs and individuals trade. A prominent variation that can be seen between entrepreneurial finance and ordinary corporate finance is the perfection related to the capital market. It is a tough procedure where a majority of entrepreneurs find intent credibility and loan back a tough nut to crack. Even if they receive any credit, there are chances of it not to be in liquid format. In certain situations when they are in need of cash, such entrepreneurs face difficulty in fund conversion.

To avoid such situations, they also ask for spreads with higher liquidity. Another of the resorts that most entrepreneurs go for is using credit cards for project financing. Even if it costs them a minimum of 1000 basis points from the Treasury, they are ready to bear the consequences.

Coming to consider the rates between expected lending and borrowing rates, extremely large differential points can be seen in small companies. These companies could have undertaken profitable and large projects if not for the large companies whose borrowing costs are quite high. As they already have a ready amount in their hand, the chances slip from the hands of small companies.

It is to be kept in mind that all claims made by entrepreneurs are not to be trusted in the real world. In most cases, certain entrepreneurs do become overoptimistic when it comes to their prospects. When we talk about financing vehicles, venture capitalists come to the forefront. This can be mainly seen in entrepreneurial ventures that are high-tech. Yearly return rate for their advertisement is somewhere near 30%. This rate is few notches higher than the risk free rates that you can calculate for 30 years. Precise default rate adjustment does not mean expected borrowing cost (high), rather it means promised borrowing costs (high). So via the details on spreads between lending and borrowing rates it is clear that the issue is related to credit risk and not for information disagreements. In market based courts you will find problems that small company’s state about market imperfections. It is mostly on entrepreneurial enterprise value calculation where calculations for capital cost estimate are necessary. 2 of the instances that you can see this scenario are:

  1. Dispute settlement amongst business partners
  2. Evaluation of inheritance tax

Consulting companies and finance professors do rely on such valuation services from where they can get more information on their revenue businesses. In the present scenario, it has become mandatory; both on a legal and customary level that publicly traded business or equivalent to that has to calculate the value 1st. Only after this can you apply nearly 10 to 30% of private discounts on the total company value. This, when completed, will give you limited access to your firm’s capital.This surely is a mandatory process to comply and no doubt a better option than not following it at all.

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