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Effective Tips to Succeed in Your Chemistry Assignments

by Feb 6, 2017Chemistry

Solving assignments is one of the top problems of students these days. Almost all subjects have got assignments that need to be done. This is the new style of education and it is systematic too since students get to learn a lot by doing assignments. If your subject is chemistry, you must be freaking out by now. Well, do not worry since I am a chemistry student too and I have figured out the effective tips to succeed in your chemistry assignments.

Estimate the total time required

First and foremost, you need to realize how much time you require to do this particular assignment. If you are a chemistry student, you should have an idea by now how much time your assignment will require. In order to complete your assignment by deadline, you have to reschedule your daily work. This can be done by dividing the time required by number of days left before deadline. This result is the number of hours you require to spend every day for this assignment. Accordingly you have to reschedule by introducing this amount of time on daily basis.

Collect all information

Next thing you need to do is collect all necessary information required for this chemistry assignment. This can be of many forms. One of the most effective ways at present is obviously internet. Google has got almost all information required. Still there are few topics which might not be given clearly on the internet or you might not have found somehow. In that case, you can refer to the text book given by your institution. For more reference, you can take help from any library which keeps study books.

One thing you must remember and which I have realized over the time- teachers can be impressed a lot if you take help from different sources for your assignment. This way they understand that you have really spent a lot of time on this work and did a research on the topic. So they will have an idea that you have gained more knowledge on the topic than others, thereby fetching you more marks.

Realize the purpose of the assignment

One thing I want to tell you which are a form of advice for everyone out there. Do not do your assignments only for the sake of marks. Realize the purpose of doing this work. Why would teachers assign you with assignments that will take up so much time which otherwise could have been used in doing something else? They also know that you might have other work. But this is important and that is why assignments are given. One assignment can fetch you lots and lots of knowledge if you really perform a research on it. Sometimes one assignment covers about three four chapters of your syllabus, thus it will help you prepare for your exams too.

Makes a habit of following deadline

Another contribution of assignments is that it helps you make a habit of completing work by deadline. This habit will be very beneficial for you in future when you will be working in an office. Whether you work in a team or individually, you will always have to complete work by deadline in your office. All office work on no-mercy system, hence if you cannot complete your work by deadline, gets ready for a heavy session of your boss.

Why written assignment?

Assignments are a good practice of writing. Oratory and writing skills are not exactly the same things. Oration is a different style of expression and writing is different. Oration is mostly non-formal and it is more about interacting with people. Oration always involves other people and so it is about direct connection with people. While speaking, you can exaggerate a particular topic to explain your audience properly.

With writing, it is more formal where your subject needs to be concise and to the point and also in a way which almost everyone can comprehend. It will require use of better vocabulary. There needs to be a flow of sentence. While orating, people often skip something purposely or by mistake and cover it up later.

But while you are doing an assignment, you cannot break the flow of sentence. One topic needs to be explained properly in one place and then move to the next topic. Last but the not the least, doing assignment will help you to improve your handwriting better.

Make an exclusive chemistry assignment

Since this is your chemistry assignment, providing as many chemical equations as possible is necessary. Provide chemical formulae for different compounds. In short, you have to make this assignment exclusive for a chemical student and not for any student in general. Whenever you are providing chemical equations, do remember to provide balanced chemical equations. An unbalanced chemical equation is not a complete equation. If the equations of have water of crystallization, you need to mention that as well.

Mathematics knowledge is necessary

Though the subject is chemistry, it requires mathematics too. So you need to have a grip on basic mathematics. This will be needed when you need to solve many chemical numerical. If your assignment involves any practical experiment, seek help from your institution. Perform your experiment carefully and record your result which will be needed for your assignment. Look up for similar experiments online before practically doing it. This will give you an idea of the correct output.

This way you can tally whether your output is correct or not. Chemical outputs differ little bit with one another. But there will not be any drastic difference. Output will vary directly with the ratio of components used.

Essential necessities of chemistry assignment

Few essential things you must follow while doing chemistry assignment are:

  • Collect as many chemical equations as you can for your assignment.
  • Make sure that the equations are chemically balanced.
  • Provide chemical abbreviations of elements and compounds in your assignment.
  • Have a good practice of basic mathematics since it is necessary to solve numerical.
  • Perform your practical experiment, if any required, and record your result properly. Perform the experiment at least three times so that you can obtain the result from best two outputs.

In any case, you will have the option of taking help from online assignment help websites. Assignments will also help you to know how a personalized assignment helps in enhancing the quality of homework.