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What Makes Accountancy the Best Career Option After Studying Commerce in High School?

by Feb 6, 2017Assignment Help

There is a common misconception among middle school or high school students regarding the study of commerce. It is a prejudice to think that studying commerce in high school is not a viable career choice one should make. Does this prejudice actually bear any claim in real life?

No, there is no evidence which suggests that students who study commerce in high school have lower chances of getting a job or a degree in higher studies. Several studies made in the US suggest that a high school goer who studies commerce have quite a lot of interesting future prospects they can choose from.

What is the best choice for commerce students in high school?

The studies made by National Teachers Association that disproved the prejudicial notion surrounding commerce in high school, also highlighted an important fact regarding higher studies.

According to their research conducted in 925 public high schools across USA, they found out that most prospects for high school commerce students lie in Accountancy and Financing. Among those two choices, an Accountancy degree provides the most opportunities in higher education.

On a personal note, I have seen several of my commerce school mates ponder over their higher education during our high school years. After 15 years, my personal experience illustrates the same point as well. That is, most of school mates went for Accountancy graduation, and they are doing pretty well in their fields.

Accountancy as a Graduation Prospect

Opting for a subject for graduation in college is the next immediate step after high school. So, in this section, we are going to take a look at how accountancy bears a significant advantage among all subjects for a commerce student.

  • Accountancy is a structural subject in the graduate level of studies. It means that it has a proper definition and includes a range of other options for post-graduation level.
  • It is a very commercially viable subject for high school commerce graduates. There are plenty of colleges or universities which have a host of subject combinations associated with Accountancy.
  • Early professional engagement is yet another advantage that this subject offers. While many subjects bear a strong professional background, accountancy tops them all when it comes to professional prospects after college graduation.
  • Career progression is another factor students have to think about when it comes to choosing their graduation subject. It is needless to say that Accountancy fares pretty well in this category due to its defined structure.

Professional Aspirations of this subject

Due to globalization, all professional finance markets around the world are becoming relevant each and every day. In addition to that, job opportunities at several finance and business firms have increased significantly over the past 20 years.

This is the reason as to why choosing Accountancy can work wonders for any student who wishes to pursue a career in international business markets. These firms have a very good training programme for new recruits, and they also set benchmarks for future career progress.

Other similar advantages of taking up accountancy as a professional aspiration include:

  • Flexibility in choosing your career is an important aspect. Accountancy is a subject that deals with all the financial information of any business or enterprise. This means that you can apply to any sector of business, or any field of enterprise, and you would not be irrelevant.
  • Working on a contractual basis opens up more avenues in your professional career. Accountancy offers that ability because as an accountant, you can work on a number of different industries.
  • The longevity associated with this profession is very good, to say the least. The world will not run without money, so it will always need its accountants to manage that money. Obviously, accountants have to stay updated with the changing infrastructure of this profession, but it does not have any expiry date.

Prospects for Higher Education and Career in Academia

Accountancy is one of those subjects that fall under the broad umbrella of business studies and administration. This is the reason as to why many universities across USA offer joint honours in Accountancy. There are plenty of online universities which offer diploma courses on it. If you want to find out more about the viability of such courses, take a look at which one is more effective e-learning or traditional mode of education?

This opens up new opportunities for students who wish to pursue it as a higher education subject, in the post-graduation level. You can certainly become a business person and work in the global business enterprise industry if you add other viable subjects with your primary one.

This subject also provides a diverse community when it comes to international studies and year abroad opportunities. It bears a very unique and diverse cohort when it comes to students in the US, since many international students come here to study. There are a few advantages to this as well:

  • It will expose you to a rich global platform with a deeper understanding of the global economy.
  • It will provide a proper outlook in your personal space by exposing you to people from different places in the world, and their culture.
  • It can certainly help you to establish various international contacts which can be beneficial for your professional career.
  • Language and communication skills take a huge boost by mixing with people from other parts of the world since US students primarily speak only one language.

Useful in Real Life Applications

Finally, what good is it to study a subject which doesn’t have in any real life applications? Well, accountancy is not one of those. As a simple graduate level course, a student can learn so many applications of this subject.

No matter which profession they take an accountancy graduate student will be able to manage his or her business record flawlessly without any help. In addition to that, they can do their taxes pretty well, and manage additional financial accounts without leaving a sweat.

How to research more on this?

There are many professional websiteswhich offer help when it comes to additional research. They provide important insight on such courses, and help you to make up your mind. Take a look at those if you are thinking about researching more on the viability of accountancy as a subject and/or career option.