How Personalized Assignments Helps in Enhancing the Quality of Homework

There are several things that can help a student to enhance the quality of homework given by schools and colleges. But one of the most effective ways in this post which says how personalized assignments help in enhancing the quality of homework.

Are homework and assignment same?

First of all, you need to understand the difference between assignment and homework. Both have little bit similarities considering the facts that both are written work and work that are given to students to be done by themselves at home. But there are lots of differences between these two things. Homework is more of a regular basis thing that is assigned by school and colleges.

Generally something is taught in the respective institution and based on that, few homework is given that will help a student to go through the things that have been done in class on that very day. Homework needs lesser research and the amount of homework is quite less and so is the deadline.

Homework on a large scale can be termed as an assignment. It requires lot of research and deadline is much longer than that of homework. An assignment in general covers around five six topics minimum. It can also be called as a project. Sometimes assignments are given as group work where few students form a group and each one contributes little bit to complete the assignment.

Break the mainstream system

Whenever an assignment is given to students to be done on their own, the general tendency is to take advantage of Google and surf few sites where there is matters related to his or her assignment. This is followed by straight forward copy of stuffs from internet. This involves almost no brain work since the least brain work that needs to be done is that searching of appropriate content online. Rest of the work is just copying article from sites straight to the copy or file.

What is the good practice?

If you want to get good marks for your assignment and also make a part of exam revision, trust me and personalize your assignment. First try to break down your assignment into several parts. Check the topic and see how many branches can be drawn from it.

Suppose your topic for say Computer assignment is Java. Instead of simply copying few details about Java from Wikipedia, what you can do is first list down how many questions can be extracted simply from this word ‘Java’. For example: What is Java? Who invented Java? How did Java evolve? What are are the advantages and disadvantages of Java? In what purposes is Java used in today’s world? Then you can provide few short Java programs and explain the basic syntax and functioning of the programs.

Why should you break mainstream system?

This way you will have to do more research on the topic and you will gain more knowledge too. You might also gain more knowledge than other students of your class that are outside text book. Now the obvious question you might ask me is why should you do your assignment this way? Well, I will give you two good reasons for this answer:

  • Firstly, if you do this way, you can and in all probability, you will need lots of references including internet, reference books, help from teachers, YouTube videos, etc. Whenever you will research more on a subject, you will gain more and more knowledge. While looking for this topic, you will come across many user comments in different sites from which you can get many interesting facts and suggestions.

This way, you will be ahead of your friends in terms of knowledge, who will take help only from a single website or simply text book. But the most important thing is that you will be partly prepared for your school or college exams since more and more research will give you a better grip on the topics given for assignment. You will not have to put extra effort to memorize your topics. Your brain will automatically store information while researching on the topic.

  • Second best reason is that whenever your teacher will find out that you have better knowledge than others due to more research, your teacher will be impressed. He or she will know that you have understood and studied the topics given for assignment. Hence you will get more marks and you might be chosen to speak on this topic later on in your institution.

Personalized assignments are beneficial for better homework

Personalized assignments help you in doing your homework since you will adopt a habit of researching better and doing homework will be easier for you. Also you will have a habit of writing better with a proper introduction and details in the body and conclusion. Assignments teach you all these things which automatically improve the quality of your homework. Sometimes you can even share information from your assignments with homework if both the topics match.

More and more research is required

Researching on a topic encourages a student to study that particular subject which otherwise might seem boring. For example a subject such as chemistry might be boring if you are simply staring at chemical equations and memorize them. but if you study those equations understanding how chemicals reach to give that output, learn many interesting chemical facts, perform practical experiments, etc., you will find more interest studying chemistry. You need to learn the effective tips to succeed in your chemistry assignment. You might even want to do higher studies on that subject later on which has been the case for many students.

Secret for getting more marks

From now onwards, adopt the habit of researching more and more on your assignment topics. Try to personalize your assignments; teachers always like that way. This is a secret that I revealed today you can say. There are no as such tricks to get better marks but these are the secrets. It is all about how much you devote yourself in your studies. You will not have to study forcefully if you take little interest in studying.

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