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Can Algebra Be More Than X-Y-Z?

by Feb 6, 2017Mathematics

Most of the students find algebra or mathematics very tricky and sometime difficult. But in real sense it is more than that and very useful also. One can also understand the meaning and concept of algebra when he/she will start working on the same. This post specifically deals with the fact, whether algebra can be more than X-Y-Z?

What is algebra?

This is a very broad vast part of mathematics. Algebra includes symbols and numbers to form a formulae or equation. These equations are used to solve number system, geometry and analysis problems.


It is a common phobia among the students. It is referred as phobia from numbers.

Why this phobia arises in the mind of students: –

  1. The way of teaching –

Teacher plays an important role in shaping the foundation of any subject in the mind of a student. Many times you have seen that teachers are just completing their syllabus. They do not even try to understand whether student’s able to understand it or not. This causes many problems in student’s life. This phobia increase with life as thestudent does have to solve more complex math question as they go up in their classes.

  1. The scoring system in the exam –

Maths is a subject which has one answer but amethod to obtain the result may differ. If theemphasis is given for one method to find asolution and neglecting other may lead to chaos in the mind of thestudent. If ateacherwants to suppress the doubt arises in the mind of thestudent, it will further hamper growth of brain cell.

  1. The intelligence level of student –

IQ of every student is not same. They may require adifferent technique to learn concept. Sometimes parent contact tutor so that individual attention can be given to student. Online homework help is one such tuition providing agent. They provide tuition facility from Ph.D. and master degree holders. They will help thestudent to complete their homework and assignments.

  1. Parent’s contribution –

Parents have to take initiative in the study of their child. They should keep the child’s study under surveillance. Proper guidance is the better foundation of child’s future. If apparent is neglecting their responsibility towards the child, then child have to suffer a lot. It will create chaos in child’s life. Parents have to understand that homework is for their child’s benefit. It is not a burden. They shouldn’t fight over homework responsibility of child

  1. Tough subject –

You may have heard from many students that algebra is just X, Y, and Z. They do not know practical implication of this subject. They think it is very tough to understand so they start making excuses about not studying them.

How to tackle the situation?

  1. Teachers need to change their way to deliver the lecture. They are very experienced but they should like their subject. They need to think about students. They are building the student’s foundation. Based on foundation, their further study will depend on. They should tryinnovative technique to make every student understand the subject.
  2. Parent’s and teacher’s contribution – both should try to break the myth in mind of astudent about the topic. They should give practical implementation example of algebra based on daily usage things. It will help thestudent understand the important of atopic.
  3. It is not just X, Y, and Z – it is a vast topic. It is not just the symbol and variables. Through this, you can solve much geometry, number system problems. If you understand algebra, you can easily solve problems on geometry and number system.
  4. A technique to solve the problem – there can be more than one way to solve the problem. You can achieve thesame answer through adifferent The teacherneeds to praise all method.
  5. The numbering system in exam – numbers should not show the IQ of the student. The teacher should not give the numbers based on thefinal It should be given based on the method’s accuracy.
  6. Appointing tutor – if aparentfinds that their child needs special attention, they can contact online homework help. They will provide many renounced professor for each topic. They will help them in their homework
  7. Parent’s involvement – parent’s are the first person who makes the child’s foundation for study. They should work together to take anactive involvement in child’s homework. They should not think it as aburden. They should make aproper routine for homework so thechild can play, go to school, learn, follow his/her passion and do their homework also. They should try to turn boring homework task into thepersonal achievement of thechild.
  8. Myth breaker – student think maths is tough because their friends think it is. In their age, thediscussion they heard hamper their brain. Both parentand teacher should work together to break this myth.

Practical application of algebra in our day to day life

  • Probability –

Probability is the chance of winning. It is every important for our life decision. For example, you are about to select college among a group of good colleges. Based on parameters you will give ascore to the college. But how to solve the equation, you need algebra. A casino player uses probability very frequently. They need to have adeep understanding of thebasic and advanced version of algebra. The stock market also behaves on probability.

  • Handling bank account details –

For knowledge of saving account details and credit card details, you should have proper knowledge of algebra. It will help you to calculate the interest rate as per the principle amount and time you have invested. Similarly, for acredit card, it will help you to find the interest rate based on money spent and time period. Thus algebra helps you to manage your money.