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Is There Any Substitute to Assignments?

by Feb 6, 2017Assignment Help

From decades, many arguments related to educational system are going on worldwide. One of the main topics of this discussion is about homework. Many points are taken into considerations like, is it important to do homework or assignment? Why assignments are important and many more. One of the highly focused topic in recent years is, is there any substitute to assignments?

These are a few points that are being discussed for decades but still there is no conclusion found yet. There are many people in favors as well as against it. They all have their valid reasons for finding substitutes of the homework assignment or rejecting this approach. The following discussion is going to check out all the various aspects that are supporting the approach for homework substitute as well as the aspect of it.

Before getting started, let’s try and find out what are the various aspects and go through them in details.  Firstly let’s see why teachers and parents find homework assignments necessary for students and their children.

Why are assignments important?

All around the world most children hate class assignments and would like to play outside or attending other after school activities. However, in the view of many parents and teachers, it is important as it reinforces what students have learned in the school. It also helps students in learning on working on their own as well as assists them in developing their critical thinking skills and memory.

It is also a way to help them in preparing for their exams and test.  Here are the reasons why teachers and students find it crucial for the improvement of student’s academic skills.

  • This helps in improving the memory and thinking of the students.
  • It helps in developing positive habits and study skills in students that will help them lifelong.
  • Assignments encourage students to use their time wisely.
  • It teaches them to work independently.
  • An assignment teaches students to take responsibilities for their work.
  • It allows students to practice and review what they have covered in classes that day.
  • It helps students to get prepare for the next day’s class.
  • It helps students learns to use resources like references materials, libraries and the Internet for finding information.
  • It encourages students to explore subjects more fully than the classroom.
  • It allows students in extending their learning skills by applying to new situations.
  • Assignments help in encouraging communication between parents and students.

Why there is a need for the substitute?

People having a view that class assignments are important must have the question like why people need to substitute it. This is one of the crucial questions when the discussion is going on. People opposing homework have their view and reasons that they find valid for finding a substitute for homework. Here are a few reasons according to people who want to abolish or get rid or homework or assignments. Before moving towards the conclusion let’s find out what are these reasons and are they valid or not.

  • Children are busy

Younger children need to play where grownups need to attend other extracurricular activities or after school activities. After six hours of straight studies in school it will be very hectic for children to study more because playing or attending after school activities are equally important for a child’s growth just like studying. Since they get tons of homework, they don’t get enough time for doing anything else.

  • Students are in the inequitable situation

Some students have to help their parents after school or to take care of their younger siblings so that their parents can go to work. At the same time, some students don’t have adequate lighting or have electricity issues on a regular basis. It is unjust for them to make assignments mandatory.

  • Students get demoralized

This is a common issue because of tons of homework sometimes students feel discouraged or lack in motivation. They find it too much to handle, and they start looking for online professional help, and eventually they start avoiding it as well as avoiding studies too. All of this impacts highly on their academic life and achievements.

  • Students don’t find it helpful

Many reports have proved that completing assignments is useful for the student. At the same time, many reports have published stating that it does not help in raising a student’s achievements.

After knowing the reasons why there is the need for substitute just read on to find out details about some alternative activities for homework. Check out whether these activities are as effective as assignments.

Substitute activities for class assignments

Here are a few activities that can be used for substituting homework or class assignments. Just read on and find out what are these.

  • If the teacher is willing to introduce new material to their students in the class, they can assign a question set so that students will remember that content.
  • If the teacher wants their students to read an article before a class discussion, they can make them answer some question that can prove that they have finished reading that article.
  • If the teacher wants to see whether their students have understood a key concept, then they can make students to complete a worksheet.
  • If the teacher has demonstrated any mathematical procedure and wants to check whether students have understood it or not, they can assign a few problems that involve the same process.
  • If the teacher wants students to memories some facts, they can hand out a list of which they will have to give test later on.
  • If the teacher wants to check whether students remember what they learned last month, they can assign a review sheet to their students at the end of every unit.

Even though the debate is ongoing but still there are no results found yet. People are still looking for the answer for is there any substitute to assignments? Both the sides, whether they are the supporters or protestors they have their valid points, yet it is very hard to find the answer whether students need to work on their assignments or not.