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Easy Ways to Write Comparison Essay Topics

by Aug 30, 2018Essay

Janet, what is going on? You have ransacked my entire library. What are you looking for?
Mom, I have an assignment to complete and guess what, I got to write three comparison essays. The worst part is I don’t know how to go about these comparison essay topics?
If the above conversation has sounded familiar to you, go ahead to get stressed-free from the load of writing comparison essay topics.
Recently I had been on students’ forum. Apart from several other problems, one of them was the execution part of writing comparison essays. So here is a small effort from my end for many students who have landed on this page.
Firstly Understand What Is A Comparison Essay?
Comparison essays are critical analysis essay where students are expected to analyze any two subject topics, giving their points of similarities as well as differences. It is basically an open pitch for students where students can elaborate their point of views.
These kinds of essays provide enough space for creativity. The idea behind giving such topics is to make sure students explore their side of creativity and express their thoughts on contradictive issues.
There it goes as great men say, ‘ In theory there is hardly any difference between theory and practice, while in practice there is a huge difference’ How is one supposed to get the apt comparison essay topics?
So the idea is to practice more on writing comparison essays than learning about the theory aspect of it. Here is a list of topics that you can choose and nail them.
List of Comparison Essays Topics
The comparison essay topics are spread over several themes-

  • Academics based-

These themes are spread over the life of students, taking care of the daily problems and thought processes. There is a wide scope to find varied topics. Some of the topics can be created by yourself keeping in mind the kind of things you are going through in your college life. Just take those things into mind and come up with unique topic that can help you fetch higher marks and grades.

  1. School life vs. college life: the better one?
  2. Earn while you study or study while you work, who gets the best of the world
  3. Difference between American and British curriculum
  4. Homework submission or self-study hours: what is more responsible
  5. Discipline or education: Are they different or the same
  • Technology based-

This theme on technology can take recent topics into consideration. The professors get massively impressed when a comparison essay is written on the recent updates. Make sure you have all the materials ready before you begin to jot down the points.

  1. Postman vs. email: the better employment generator
  2. Traditional social gathering vs. social media gathering: which vibe gives the best
  3. Real playground football vs. reel playground football on Smartphone.
  4. The league of traditional story telling vs. online advertising and story- telling: the better way of narrating story
  5. Digital learning vs. traditional blackboard sessions
  • Life based themes:

These kinds of comparison essay topics can take any kind of topic under consideration that is related to life. You can explore your genre of writing skills. It is like seeing the glass as half full and half empty. To begin with the thought process, some of the topics could be-

  1. Blood relations matter or best friends: in your worst times
  2. Virtual reality vs. real life: views on it
  3. Life before death and life after death: Which one defines a man better?
  4. Should religion and racism be the core point of seeking admissions to good colleges?
  5. If err is human, then forgive is to divine: which describes the human better.
  • Music and movie related topics:

The topics under this theme vary from writing about how music instruments to music to singers and musicians. It is a delicate theme as it may involve certain personality names and their work of honor. You are thereby expected to put the things in a subtle way so as not to disrespect any kind of music religion.

  1. Pop music vs. rock music: the taste of this generation
  2. Is 4D cinema taking the cinema to next big step?
  3. Justin Bieber show tickets vs. Shawn Mendez ticket rates: who is doing the justice?
  4. Contemporary music is getting the newer generation pepped up: Can this be the recent traditional form of music?
  5. Oscar cinema screening vs. Cannes cinema screening: the better cinema screening abilities.
  • Topics for middle school students:

Taking into account the topics for students in the middle school, this could be anything from their primary education curriculum to their middle school. You can inculcate any topic under this section and have a variety of Comparison essay topics.

  1. E-books vs. traditional books: the real knowledge seeking journal
  2. Existence of aliens, truth or myth?
  3. US today and yesteryears: the better today.
  4. Living in a mansion vs. living in an apartment: the perks of both
  5. Uniforms in middle school must be cancelled. Can it benefit at large?

While taking comparison essay topics make sure of the sources you get are right in nature. It needs tremendous amount of study and sources collection. Comparison essays mainly stand on facts and factual numbers. This means you ought to have the sources ready to get your factual rights. Quoting evidence against every allegation and counter point becomes necessary hence. You must get hold of sources that are not more than five years old. Some of the great sources are textbooks, Books, Documentaries, Academic journals, scientific magazines, Newspapers, Official reports, and the internet of course.
How to Begin Writing Comparison Essay Topics
Begin with introduction. It must start with something interesting so as to make the reader hook to your points. Make it clear in the first paragraph itself about the argument of the essay.
The middle paragraph will show the researched points and the evidences you think of putting forth. Ideally it is recommended that every argument should be supported with three supporting points. This is the developing phase of the argument.
You must also put an angle for refuting opponent’s arguments. You must also prepare facts about contradict to support your thesis.
And finally restate your thesis statement and keep the arguments to your side.
If this blog has helped you gaining knowledge, do comment and share amongst your friends. Keep looking for this space for more information.