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Ways to Go Ahead with Good Topics for a Persuasive Speech

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

Alan Monroe’s method of persuasive speech hasn’t gone in vain.  It is his Monroe’s motivated sequence that is in use till date. The technique for organizing a good persuasive speech is still followed blindly.
One of the best ways to improve your speech is getting into debates and hold persuasive speech. You must have observed that often there are competitions held towards oration and extempore, there are several good topics for a persuasive speech that are expected from students to be done.
Persuasive speech is said to the best form of motivated speech where the speaker and the audience can take actions accordingly. So basically, through the specific topic of the speech the speaker’s aim is to convince the audience with his points on the argument. It is therefore important to select good topics for a persuasive speech.
Today, we are going to have a base talk about how good topics for a persuasive speech can fetch you higher marks. However, we go ahead with the topics zone, let us understand the types of persuasive speech.
There are typically three kinds of persuasive speech-

  • Factual persuasive speech-

These are the topics based and backed by concrete proof and evidence. The base of the speech is to prove whether there is a certain existence of the matter or not. For instance, BurjKhalifa is the tallest building in the world. This can be supported with a number of documentaries, documentations, infographics, etc.

  • Value persuasive speech-

Under this theme, the speech is all about values that are right or wrong. It typically speaks for the betterment of the society. It talks about moral and ethical views. For instance, cyber-crime should be given the strictest punishment, can be a topic for value persuasive speech.

  • Policy persuasive speech-

This kind of speech is to convince the listeners of supporting or rejecting a certain policy, rule or a candidate. This kind of persuasive speech is best heard during election polls. However, when it comes to selecting good topics for a persuasive speech, policy speeches are regarded the toughest. The speaker is expected to put forth the idea of the policy and how it can change the life of the audience or how a candidate if selected as a chairman of the students’ council can bring a lot of change.
All this and much more coming up in the next forum!
How to develop good topics for a Persuasive speech?
The lesson on how to develop a good persuasive speech can be best learnt from Monroe’s motivated sequence that sums up in five simple steps-

  1. Get attention of the listeners

“Rome was built in a day!”
Did you just read the above line again? If yes, I have managed to seek your attention. This is exactly what a persuasive speech beginning should be like. It should be able to shock the audience and the audience must feel like listening to you. This is the core base of storytelling is humor, shocking and surprise element. No matter how enduring good topics for a persuasive speech you have chosen, but if you haven’t been able to grab the attention of the audience at the first sight, you have lost the battle.

  1. Show the need of the topic

To make the audience support you and understand you, you must be able to put the thoughts together and show the need of the situation. There is no point in dragging a point; you must be crisp enough to make the audience understand your view points at one go.  Let the audience know why is there a need to listen to you? What is the benefit they are going to get?

  1. Provide the solution

After you have put forth the problem, do provide with a scope of solution. Every persuasive essay must be backed by solutions. It must be able to satisfy the need of the audience at large.

  1. Predict the future

From your speech, the solutions must be clear and should be in a position to predict the future. Show them the situation if the audience does not pay heed to it.

  1. Conclusion

Leave the audience with solutions and a vision to look forward to. There is no need to put over the edge solutions but keep it simple and thinkable.
Now let’s take a look at some of the good topics for a persuasive speech
Economy based persuasive speech

  • Importing products for USA can harm the economy.
  • Benefits of taxation to the economy
  • Visa violations must be strictly punished.
  • Strict clauses for free trade agreement will benefit the GDP
  • Solar energy to increase the utility bill savings for the mass

Education based persuasive speech

  • How cell phones are the root causes of distraction amongst the students
  • Extra-curricular activities must be a part of every curriculum.
  • Homework and assignments are a sheer burden
  • Teachers and professors must undergo regular training sessions to be at par with the recent education developments.
  • No secret lockers must be allowed for students in the school.

Environment based persuasive speech

  • Why plastics should be banned?
  • The effect of green house.
  • Public transport the best way of transportation to reduce pollution and global warming.
  • Every house must have 10 plants.
  • Hybrid cars are the recent boon to the environment.

Fashion based persuasive speech

  • This day less is more
  • Why should boys have all the fun?
  • Best out of waste- the new fashion statement
  • Fashion shows- is a fad
  • Platinum is the new Gold.

Food based persuasive speech

  • Let go the era of junk
  • Organic vegetables in vogue
  • Diets are fad.
  • Fresh juices and salads must be inculcated in every day diet.
  • Wasting food in restaurants must be penalized

There are several good topics for a persuasive speech that one can think beyond the horizon.