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Does Physics as a Subject Bore You? Steps to Make It Easier!

by Jun 23, 2016Physics

If this article has caught your eye and you are reading this line now then either

  • You are scared of physics and the exams are coming up.
  • Or you are bored of studying Physics but still are forced to study because the exams are coming up.
  • You failed a test and now you have to study all over again but still finding it uninteresting.
  • Or it is the beginning of the school and another year with Physics lectures/ assignments that you have to study and complete because someday for sure the big tests will be coming up.

Whatever be the case, you dislike physics as a subject and want to get over with it soon.
But what could be the possible reasons as to why you get bored/ terrified of the subject.

  • Is your classroom environment not stimulating enough like – is it just minutes of monotonous rambling lecture?
  • Or are you having a hard time in understanding the fundamentals of Physics.
  • Or do you feel everyone is way smarter than you when they understand things before you?
  • You are unable to grasp over the math equations?

How to make Physics interesting?

  1. Embrace the boredom/ Panic.

You know you have to study Physics anyway at least till a stage like in college when you can voluntarily give the subject up and choose a field of your choice. The more bored or panicky you feel the more boring or terrifying will the subject look. That’s because your brain refuses to take in any new information. You feel either restless/sleepy. So next time when you are about to study Physics, say ‘I can do this’ with deep breaths.

  1. Watch the Science channels

Physics is all around us. Only when you see it will you understand it. So for starters, switch to watching the science channels like the discovery channel or national geographic etc. No! You do not have to watch documentaries (unless you want to). Instead try watching shows that Science of stupid, Street Genius or how things work etc. that practically teaches the principles of science in the most entertaining form ever. They are 30minute shows so you won’t be wasting too much time on TV.

  1. Strengthen the fundamentals

It is possible that you are weak in the basics, which is why you are unable to understand the subject. So first we need to strengthen the basics. Try putting the internet to use.

  • There are a number of videos on YouTube that you can take help from.
  • There are plenty websites too that explain even the hardest of the laws in terms so simple that even a baby can understand.
  • Or if you can, ask someone say a physics graduate to tutor you and a couple of other friends for a fee. Most grads are looking ways to repay off their loans and so will be happy to help you out.
  • Study together in groups to discuss difficult topics and solve the problems.
  1. Learn the basic math skills

This is one main reason why students begin to resent the subject physics. Fair shares of students have poor math skills or suffer from math anxiety. As a result of which they turn anxious too on seeing applications of math tools like calculus, differential equations etc in physics.
Try to join some extra math class. Sometimes there are math camps organized at various schools during summer months. Or try approaching a math graduate if you can. Most important of all, whatever methods you employ to learn, do not forget to practice.
That way you master two of your worst fears – Physics and Mathematics.

  1. Class Participation

How can you expect to find Physics interesting if you just sit for the entire length of the class just by staring at the blackboard?

  • Begin by taking notes. Jot down whatever your teacher writes down on the blackboard. And any extra information that comes along them.
  • Underline the words that you don’t understand and leave some space. Look them over when you sit to study at home. Write then the information in your own words in the space you left in the notes.
  • Read the text book and add in other extra information that is not covered in the notes.

You begin to get a grasp of what is being covered in class and slowly the boredom begins to go away.

  1. Online/Offline Tutorials

One way to get further help is by enrolling yourself in online/offline tutorials.

  • They provide classes specific to your grade level unlike in YouTube where videos are scattered and are covered in a general way.
  • Not only that you can also access to those topics you have difficulty in because you missed a specific physics class when you were in lower grade.
  • The classes online are recorded videos which you watch again and again as per your choice. Plus they have a separate section to handle your doubts and queries.
  • Offline classes are similar to that of being in a class. They have specifically designed classes to help all students. But they can be expensive as compared to the online classes.
  1. Keep a fixed time for Physics everyday

Keep a fixed timing to study the subject every day say at 6 in the morning or 10’o clock at night. Make it as a habit. It may seem difficult at first, you may feel restless and bored and sleepy, so start small. Start with just 30minutes in which you read your notes, add in extra information and revise the last class. After doing so for a week, increase the time to 45minutes. Slowly increase it to 60minutes. This will have many benefits:

  • Your brain will get accustomed to the schedule. So at the appointed time –6am or 10pm you brain will automatically gear itself (by habit) to study physics.
  • Since you are studying physics each day, you begin understanding them; you remember facts for a longer period of time. In fact you will begin to enjoy Physics lectures.
  • Your homework gets over faster and studying for tests become way easier.
  • You also work over improving your math tools.

A great piece of advice by a guru that holds true in all the aspects of life – Whether circumstances are going along with you or going against you we need to remember this:

  • Do not get too worried or too happy on a situation because this will surely pass.
  • Keep working, stay on course.
  • Be resolved and do not lose sight of your goals.