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Five Tricks That Come to Salvage When One Is Troubled with Assignments

by Jun 23, 2016Homework Help

Assignments are very common for students of this educational world. The academic jobs given to a student by their teachers or institutes are termed as ‘assignments’. It improves your writing skills, solving abilities, strengthens your concepts and ideas, prepares you for the exams and of course helps you to be ready to face challenges later in your career.Assignments are mainly of two types, viz. class assignments and home assignments. For lab-based subjects they can be further subdivided to theory assignments and lab assignments. It is crucial that the students carry out their assignments seriously and sincerely as it is very important for their academic careers.
Though very commonly given to them, students often face several troubles regarding assignments.These troubles make them lose all interests in solving their assignment and thus it becomes a burden on them. Such a situation is not at all rare nowadays, although it can be harmful for a student’s education.Thankfully, there are ways to salvage this situation which may not be very easy but are effective if followed. For the sake of those troubled students burdened with tough tricky assignments, we can discuss five useful tricks to solve their problems and turn them into the so-called ‘good student’ of their class.
Before we talk aboutthe tricks to solve your troubles, put this in your mind very well that you must have the urge to do the assignments otherwise no trick or way can solve your assignment problems.
Class assignments
Class assignments are the classwork assigned to a student during their class and they have to finish it within their class hours. It is often very challenging to finish such works in the limited period oftime.So, a student must take several stepsfor effective preparations beforehandandfor doing their class assignments in a better way.

  1. Prepare well

The first and foremost way to do any good in your class assignments is to learn the necessary chapters thoroughly before going to class. Usually, class assignments are not declared beforehand. It comes more like a surprise class test but is definitely based on whatever is being taught in the class.

  • Try to attend classes everyday and pay attention, otherwise, you will miss the teacher’s lectures and explanations.
  • You must keep onpracticingthe chapters that have been taught each day, regularly.
  • Try not to postpone or keep aside any part of this study as it will leave you lagging behind.

If you can maintain your studies along with the progress of your classes and lectures, itwill allow you to be ready to face a surprise assignmentany day in the class.
Speed is usually very crucial for class assignments, as you have to finish it within the class period. You do not have endlesstime to finish them, nor can the time period be made flexible or adjustable.

  • Try to improve writing speedby practicing according to clock.
  • Practice writing long answers and solving tricky sums in reasonably limited time spans.
  • Try to keep on reducing the time taken for you to write.Timers and stopwatches become handy in such cases.

This practice will improve your speed of writing enough to face challenges of assignments with constraints of the class hours.

  1. Take help when needed

During your class hours, you have access to many others like your friends, classmates and teachers. If you are provided with some last minute revision time before your assignment it will be a good idea to revise in groups.

  • It can be a really beneficial revision for every student of your group including yourself.
  • If there are common doubts, your teachers might be brought in this discussion, if available.
  • Remember, an assignment is not an examination. If you seek help from your classmates during an assignment, it is usually not considered as an unfair mean.
  • If an assignment is solved altogether by the students in a group then it can be finished a lot more quickly and effectively.
  • Discuss all the problems and doubts that you are facing while doing your assignment. You will find that many of those doubts are being clarified by others and you too can help your friends with their queries.

While doing your assignment in a group, always keep this in your mind: Do not let others do all of your work and never yourself do so for anybody else. The main purpose of solving an assignment is to learn and if a student leaves out all of his or her work forthe classmates to do, then that student will not learn anything at all.

  1. Emphasize on lab works

Practical assignments, more popularly known aslab assignments are of special terror for students of laboratory-based subjects, like biology, physics, chemistry, statistics, etc. Incase of such assignments, it is not justwriting down answers to questions or solving sums, you have to perform complicated experiments and that tooaccurately. Such an assignment is hence not a piece of cake.

  • Study the theoryand lab manuals for allthepractical experiments thoroughly.
  • Duringusual lab classes, try to understand your experiments deeply and with reasons. Ask the teacher to help if you have any query.
  • The atmosphere of a laboratory is very eerie during assignments and tests. Do not panic during assignments. Stay calm and carefully carry out your experiments.

Home assignments
Home assignments or homework are not so much challenging and terrifying as a student have to do this at home. Their time at home is flexible and they can adjust it as they please to do their homework. However, some students still find other troubles while doing homework and for them here are some ways to deal with.

  • Emphasize on concepts

True education lies in learningthe concepts and ideas and not just memorizing facts.You must remember this whenever you study yourself.Emphasize on understanding all concepts deeply. Follow the textbook thoroughly. Consult several reference books to get more ideas.Try to study in a more interesting and active way like by sorting out real life examples and thus enhance your understanding skills.If you get tricky homework then only your bold ideas and concepts can get you through it.

  • Raise questions

It is evident that initially while studying or solving your homework, you will face many problems and queries. Do not hesitate to bring them up to your friend circle, study-group and teachers.Remember, questions are never stupid.It may so happen that whatever doubt is in your mind is the same which your friends are pondering on. Your teachers will always be happy to help you with your doubts and problems.Apart from that, there is also the Net, the most powerful tool for learning. You can pose your questions there and get good answers.
These above-mentioned ways are some of the useful tricks to overcome most problemsregardingclass and home assignments. If you are having troubles with your assignments then you can happily follow these ways and try to deal with them.I can assure, you can get rid of assignment trauma, very soon!